Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grandma's Quilting Side

                                                         There's an old patchwork memory
                                                          that lingers in my mind
                                                          and some old quilting frames
                                                          long since left behind

                                                          I see her quilting there
                                                          with her needle in hand
                                                          sewing every little stitch
                                                          so meticulous and grand

                                                          Moving this way and that
                                                          quilting the whole day through
                                                          creating a quilter's masterpiece
                                                          as only grandma could do

                                                          And those old quilting scraps
                                                          she never threw any away
                                                          she always made use of them
                                                          in the quilts she put on display

                                                       Each one became a symbol
                                                       of my grandma's quilting side
                                                       left behind for her family
                                                       to admire with love and pride

                                                       I miss walking in the door
                                                       and seeing her still there
                                                       over behind grandpa's chair
                                                       stitching every little square

                                                       My beautiful keepsake memories
                                                       today continues to thrive
                                                       when I look at grandma's quilt
                                                       they surely do come alive

                                                       Susie Swanson


  1. A lovely and heartwarming poem, Susie. I visit a little lady who is 89 and she has a quilt that her mama made out of her little girl dresses. Such sweet memories and a labor of love.

  2. I gather your grandmother did all the stitching by hand. What a long task and how beautiful the finished garment. I love quilts and your grandmother was much loved by you as a very special person. I am bulding that same sort of relationships with my own grandchildren.Family love and security. WONSDERFUL!

  3. Thank you Maple Lane. I bet that quilt is beautiful and I would love to gaze upon it. So much love and work were put into them. They made them out of anything they could get their hands on.

    Thank you Crystal Mary, yes she did stitch them all by hand. I have one that I cherish so much. It's so wonderful to have granchildren, like you I hope I can leave something for them to treasure..

  4. I used to have a lot of quilts that were either made for me or inherited, and each had a story. Unfortunately, storage space, poverty and an unappreciative wife caused me to sell all but three or so.

  5. What wonderful memories of your grandmother! Quilts are heirloom pieces of art.

  6. Your grandma sewed love into every one of those quilts, Susie. My grandma did the same thing. Sweet poem with lovely memories. :)

  7. Wonderful memories of your grandmother, I love quilts, thankfully I've collected a few family heirlooms over the years.
    Love your poem !

  8. Being a quilter myself, I truly enjoyed this poem. I have quilts waiting for all the grandchildren and hope they have memories of me as sweet as those you have of your grandmother. And -- I'm still waiting to see the quilts you've made.

  9. Sorry to hear that George, I bet it made you sick to have to give them p.

    They surely are Mama-bug, quilting is a keepsake that passes down from one generation to another..

    @Daisy, they sure did, they put their heart and soul into it..

    Thanks Jo, I would love to see your heirlooms, bet they are beautiful..

    lil red hen, I knew you would enjoy it. I will post pics as soon as I get a digital camera that works.. Thank you all for the lovely comments and visits..

  10. Loved the post, most enjoyable to read.


  11. Quilts are a wonderful family keepsake. Grandma used to make them and sell them for a couple of dollars a long, long time ago! Can you imagine selling them for such a small amount. They were made for warmth back then, not for show, though they were pretty.

  12. Thank you Yvonne, glad you enjoyed it..
    Those quilts were worth so much more than they got for them back then. A quilt is priceless, and they needed them for the beds to keep warm. So many big families back then.. Thanks for the visit and Comments..