Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Broken Dream

                                                  When she was a little girl
                                                  she had a beautiful dream
                                                  to live in a grown up world
                                                  and wake up feeling like a queen

                                                  She dreamed of a happy home
                                                  with a family by her side
                                                  a wonderful, loving husband
                                                  to fill her heart with pride

                                                  She never dreamed of the bad
                                                  as a child she never knew
                                                  of the black and blue bruises
                                                  each day she carried that grew

                                                  Somewhere in her confused mind
                                                  she knew something was very wrong
                                                  but the loving, devoted wife
                                                  still dreamed of a happy home

                                                  Like the timid, little girl
                                                  she blamed herself in part
                                                  for not doing as she should
                                                  to please her husband's heart

                                                  She did everything he wanted
                                                  she folded his laundry just right
                                                  cooked his meals on time
                                                  hoping the flames wouldn't ignite

                                                  Each day the scars grew
                                                  and the secrets she held within
                                                  each time he said I love you
                                                  I promise it won't happen again

                                                  Her closet became a refuge
                                                  a sleeping, little girl in her bed
                                                  the mornings she awakened to
                                                  held nothing more than dread

                                                  A battle was constantly brewing
                                                  inside her troubled mind
                                                  she was so very tired
                                                  just wanting to leave it behind

                                                  A dream is not meant to be broken
                                                  but it shattered one dark day
                                                  she took that dreaded step
                                                  and did it anyway

                                               Susie Swanson

Sorry folks, no happy ending for this one. I tried to find one,but it just wouldn't come. I searched for days to no avail. Sadly, there are not many happy endings for Domestic Violence and Abuse, all we can do is pray.
I want to say that I'm not a victim of Abuse in any form or fashion, and never have been. I have the most wonderful, loving husband in the world. God  blessed me tremendously and for that I'm so grateful and blessed.
I also would like to tell my blogger friends that I'm having trouble getting comments to go through and hope it gets worked out soon. So please be patient with me if I don't comment on your posts. I read them everyday and hate it so bad when I can't comment. To my good friend Delisa, I'm sorry I haven't replyed back..But I'm thinking of you so much and the rest of the gang as well..
To all of my wonderful  friends I miss you and will be back soon..Blessings, Susie

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let's Start Over Again

                                                       A little boy walked to school
                                                       ready to face the day
                                                       just like the morning before
                                                       in his chest a heavy heart lay

                                                       His clothes were worn and tattered
                                                       ragged shoes upon his feet
                                                       he walked quietly through the door
                                                       and slowly took his seat

                                                       With all eyes upon him
                                                        the children snarled and grinned
                                                        it was the usual daily routine
                                                        each morning they started again

                                                        He was the black sheep of the class, he knew
                                                        because he was less fortunate to be
                                                        wearing new clothes and shiny shoes
                                                        for all their eyes to see

                                                        This day was a lot different though
                                                         he could feel it in his heart
                                                         he raised his hand to speak
                                                         it was tearing him apart

                                                         The teacher gave her permission
                                                         and he walked to the front of the class
                                                         ready to take on the world
                                                         each one looked as he passed

                                                         I know that you don't like me
                                                         my clothes are worn not new
                                                         you see my mom don't have the money
                                                         to buy things she needs and wants to

                                                         I haven't told my mom yet
                                                         because it would make her so sad
                                                         she works hard everyday to feed us
                                                         she's the best mom I could've ever had

                                                          My dad is not with us anymore
                                                          he lives very faraway
                                                          I can't see or touch him
                                                          but in my heart he'll forever stay

                                                          He died several years ago
                                                          while fighting in the war
                                                          and each day that he's gone
                                                          I miss him more and more

                                                          But heaven is his new home now
                                                          although he would've liked to stay
                                                          a little longer with us both
                                                          to watch me grow up and play

                                                          I talk to him everyday
                                                          and each night when I say my prayer
                                                          he tells me not to worry
                                                          that he'll always be there

                                                          He tells me to hold on
                                                          and he'll never leave my side
                                                          I know he's here with me now
                                                          I can feel him deep inside

                                                          He looked across the classroom
                                                          and saw tears in every eye
                                                          he said , don't be sad for me
                                                          someday we're all going to die

                                                          You see I'm not different than you
                                                           I just want to be your friend
                                                           my dad taught me to love everyone
                                                           now let's all start over again

                                                        Susie Swanson

This one was hard for me folks, it took alot out of me to say the least. I tried my very best to do it justice. When I started writing it I can honestly say I didn't know which direction I was going, but this is what it turned out to be.. Hope you Enjoy.. Blessings, Susie

Thursday, September 22, 2011

From A Quilter's Soul

                                            Quilting is the life's blood of a quilter's soul
                                            passed down through the generations of time
                                            Knowledge is worth a mountain of gold
                                            to a quilter that's patiently waiting behind

                                            Each piece is linked with joy and pride
                                            and each stitch sown by a determined hand
                                            the patience for creation sits closely beside
                                            as only a quilter can understand

                                            The pattern can become so bright and bold
                                            and it doesn't matter the color or size
                                            it's there for the next generation to behold
                                            and becomes a beautiful and cherished prize

                                           To the heart of a quilter, it's such a joyous pleasure
                                           from the beginning until the very end
                                           it's an honor to make such a lasting treasure
                                           and a quilter is willing to do it all again

                                          But when a quilter's job is finally done
                                          and they lay their stitching down
                                          the quilting song has only begun
                                          to a future quilter, what a glorious crown

                                        Susie Swanson

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best Friends

                                                        He was a special dog
                                                        and Toby was his name
                                                        from the very first day
                                                        things were never the same

                                                        He was daddy's best friend
                                                        he'd go everywhere he went
                                                        daddy would grab the walking stick
                                                        and Toby would grab the hint

                                                    When I saw Toby coming
                                                     I knew daddy was behind
                                                     always bringing up the rear
                                                     while Toby was on time

                                                    He could tree a squirrel
                                                    the best I've ever seen
                                                    chase it straight up a tree
                                                    and my cats in between

                                                    When it came meal time
                                                     a crown he did earn
                                                     for laying on the ground
                                                     and waiting on his turn

                                                  Every morning at sunrise
                                                  he could be found on the hill
                                                  curled up in the sun
                                                  warming up the morning"s chill

                                                 Old Toby is gone now
                                                 and his best friend too
                                                 sometimes I still see them
                                                 as they walk on through

                                                 Daddy finally became first
                                                 with Toby bringing up the rear
                                                 they're both together again
                                                 I can see the walking stick clear

                                                             Susie Swanson
I would like to dedicate this poem to two very special people, my neighbors and good friends, Marvin and Helen Lowery. After daddy died Toby seem so lost and  didn't know what to do. He wasn't satisfied at my house or anybody's for that matter until Marvin and Helen came along with their three wonderful dogs, Goldie, Molly and Bear. Toby and his sidekick Skunky started  visiting them quite often until the day came they just decided to move in . They were happy to have them and we sure didn't care. Toby seem so much happier and he even started gaining weight, something he hadn't done since daddy died.
So that became his home until he died a year or so ago.
I want to thank the Lowerys on behalf of all my family for the tender, loving care they gave to daddy's best friend . I know Daddy thanks you too.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome Back

                                                  Welcome back beautiful fall
                                                  so nice to see you again
                                                  with all your splendid glory
                                                  you are my best season friend

                                                 I love your beautiful dress
                                                 it covers everything in sight
                                                 spread out across the land
                                                 so elegant, colorful and bright

                                               And that lovely hat you wear
                                               of clear, blue skies each day
                                               a mix of cool, crisp nights
                                               are a welcome season display

                                               Those shoes are such a delight
                                               you place upon the ground
                                               the squirrels love them dearly
                                               frolicking in yellow, orange and brown

                                          Even the birds changed their tune
                                          and whistle now even more
                                          your fancy clad attire
                                          they simply love and adore

                                         Welcome back beautiful fall
                                         with your picture perfect glow
                                         you sure know how to dress up
                                         in a magnificent, landscape show

                                        Susie Swanson

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Night The Barn Burned Down

When I was a youngun kids found things to do, even if it meant getting into meanace a time or two.

My brothers were no exception, I can attest to that. Like my pap used to say " they could pull meanace out of a hat".

We had a cousin Ralph that stayed at out house alot and it seem when cousin Ralph paid a visit, trouble got more hot.

"Meaner than a stripped snake", is what my mama always said. "You put them younguns together and you're the same as dead".

Back then people loved to visit come Saturday night. Shoot the bull awhile and some stayed all night.

My brothers and cousin Ralph like to take advantage when the grownups were otherwise occupied. They'd sneak off somewhere and get into something and hide.

My mama always kept them big kitchen matches that she used to start a fire in the cookstove hidden away, for fear that somebody would burn the house down someday.

One particular Saturday night I'll never forget. One of them boys slipped in and stole mama's kitchen matches and we still don't know which one did it yet.

They slipped up above the house where the barn stood. They'd decided to build a campfire in the barn, roast marshmallows and get into more meanace if they could.

They got the biggest fire going you ever did see. With all that hay it wasn't hard, just one match did it real quickly.

The fire got bigger and they began to get scared. The bigger it got the more commotion you could have heard.

Cousin Ralph grabbed something over in the corner, which happened to be a feed sack. They took turns fanning that fire, never once thinking of old Bessie our cow that ran out the back.

About that time down at the house someone glanced up and hollored "fire in the hole". I was scared to death, for some reason pap grabbed a pole.

It took pap and them men the rest of the night, by the time they got that big fire out the barn was gone and it was close to daylight.

When they all walked through the door all we could see was the whites of their eyes. Mama said "where's them younguns at and I ain't gonna stand for no lies".

Pap said "you'll have to wait ur turn, when I get through with em like the barn their hind-ends are gonna burn".

They'd run into the woods and hid out in strife afraid to come out for fear of their life.

As far as old Bessie our cow was concerned, she was found in the pasture chewing her cud disconcerned.

They stayed in their hiding place until after dark the very next night. They drug in starved to death looking for a bite.

They eat their belly full and fell into bed, thinking they were in the clear in their pea-brain head.

Midnight came and sleep became their best friend. Well wouldn't you know it, that's when it all begin.

Well you can figure out the rest of the story yourself. By the time pap and mama got through tanning their hides there was hardly anything left.

From that time on when cousin Ralph stayed at our house and they decided to get into meanace they were quiet as a mouse.

                                    Susie Swanson

Oh well I know what you're thinking, "man she sure is a country hick". Folks I couldn't help myself on this one, I agree I got a little carried away. Yeah, some of it's true and some of its not, I'll let you figure that part out. One thing's for certain I do have a cousin Ralph and they did catch the barn on fire with a big campfire. And I'll admit I did use words that you won't find in the dictionary, I checked it out. Mercy me what kids won't do is tore out of the book as my mama used to say. I sure do hope my brothers don't ever read this one or I'm a dead duck...Oh well hope you enjoy...Blessings, Susie

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eternal Treasures

                                                  Treasures of this world
                                                  of diamonds and gold
                                                  are just old dazzle
                                                  for eyes to behold

                                                 A temporary dwelling
                                                 was never meant to last
                                                 like the hours of time
                                                 it too shall pass

                                                The measure of wealth
                                                is not much at all
                                                just a tiny morsel
                                               when God comes to call

                                           Heavenly treasures await us
                                           so beautiful and fine
                                           with eternal rest and peace
                                           of a far lasting kind

                                          No shadows of sorrow
                                          or heartache and pain
                                          only tears of happiness
                                          will fall like rain

                                         Love ones will greet us
                                         on heaven's golden shore
                                         oh what wonderful treasures
                                         how could we ask for more

                                      Beautiful prisms of sunlight
                                      will dance on the ground
                                      as we sit at the feet of Jesus
                                      gazing upon his glorious crown

                                      Let the rivers clap hands
                                      and the mountains sing
                                      eternal treasures are waiting
                                      in heaven with the king

                                   Susie Swanson