Monday, June 25, 2012


                                                      Reflections in the window
                                                      of the early morning sun
                                                      streaks of silver hair glow
                                                      another day has begun

                                                      Two chairs sit together
                                                      with hands clasped beside
                                                      another day is a treasure
                                                      God lovingly does provide

                                                      Youth has passed them by
                                                      youth was oh so sweet
                                                      as the oak tree facing the sky
                                                      from their window seat

                                                     A parent's bond is strong
                                                     father, mother and friend
                                                     the children are now grown
                                                     voices still linger in the wind

                                                    Loneliness may surround them
                                                    each day together they pray
                                                    the sunshine never grows dim
                                                    even upon a cloudy day

                                                   There's no regret or blame
                                                   when death comes to call
                                                   one heart they'll remain
                                                   in heaven standing tall

                                                   Reflections in the window
                                                   two empty chairs are there
                                                   sunshine from heaven's halo
                                                   streaks across silver hair

                                                   Susie Swanson, 2012

Hope everyone has a great week and stays cool..The Temps have really heated up here the last few days..We are in the 90's everyday...I think Summer has finally made it's way to our little neck of the woods..I can't say as I ever remember summers being this hot when I was young...It may have been and just didn't pay any attention , while out doing what kids loved to do..Building Playhouses, Playing in the Creek, Climbing Trees, Swinging on Grapevines, Picking Blackberries, (not my favorite due to the chiggers) but sure did love to eat them and those fresh Blackberry Cobblers were the best. Could hardly wait until suppertime with all those fresh garden veggies on the table and Blackberry Cobbler...Those were the good old days for sure.. I just wish the kids today could enjoy the simple pleasures we enjoyed ... Times have sure changed and they have to many things to keep them otherwise occupied ..I'm sure all of you have your own memories as well..  Blessings, Susie

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Treasured Old Friend

                                                     The chains squeak oh so loudly
                                                     moving slowly against the wind
                                                     hanging down from the rafters
                                                     a treasured old friend to the end

                                                     Two sweethearts would still a kiss
                                                     in the midst of clear moonlight
                                                     moving ever so gently there
                                                     love spoke volumes each night

                                                    A moment in time stood still
                                                    so happy was that old swing
                                                    he kneeled down beside her
                                                    with a shiny, golden ring

                                                   Then it moved to and fro
                                                   as they sat side by side
                                                   watching their children grow
                                                   the old swing felt joy and pride

                                                   So happy were the days
                                                   with grandchildren swinging high
                                                   like the grandparents before them
                                                   it had a twinkle in its eye

                                                  So many years were well spent
                                                  it gracefully passed its prime
                                                  for the first time in its life
                                                  the old swing has nothing but time

                                                 And those sweet, cherished memories
                                                 although now a rusted soul
                                                 against the wind it squeaks loudly
                                                 how a lifetime came to unfold

                                                 Susie Swanson, 2012

Hope all of you enjoy my little tribute to my grandparent's Old Swing..Far back as I can remember that old swing hung on their front porch and oh my how I love to swing... I always wondered how long it had been there and my mother told me when she was a little girl her dad made it and hung it there..We had one when I was young but it wasn't as old as Pa and Ma's..(That's what we called them). Pa also made handles for tools such as Hoes, Shovels, etc.. He made them until he got disabled and had to give it up..He had one son that kept up the tradition..He still makes them today... Pa and Ma had ten children and there's only four living..he's the oldest one still living and he's 86 .. People in the community take their tools to him and he puts handles in them..He's got to the point now that his memory is not as good, (of course one wouldn't expect it to be at that age) but now when someone brings them his wife puts their name on them for him or he would never remember who they belonged to..My husband has taken several of his tools over the years and the handles are still good as new..For the big stuff like Hoes, Shovels, Axes, etc. he makes them out of Oak or other wood..For the small handles such as Hammers and such he makes them out of Hickory.. My brother works for the County on the Road Department and they carry alot of their tools to him too... He's getting more feeble now and not in the best of health, I figured he would've given it up a long time ago..His wife has tried to get him to, especially when he cut his hand really bad one time but nope he wouldn't see to it...
I don't know why I got off on such but that should be another poem for another day... I just talked myself into it..Anyways , Hope all is well and staying cool., yes summer is finally here in our little neck of the woods.Suppose to be up in the 90's this week..You all take care.. Susie


Friday, June 15, 2012

Today He's Wearing Two

                                                   Two old shoes sit in the corner
                                                   one worn the other brand new
                                                   tells the story of an old fellow
                                                   one of the finest I ever knew

                                                   Two legs are better than one
                                                   with one leg he made do
                                                   he really learned how to get by
                                                   needing only the one shoe

                                                   He was an inspiration to all
                                                   as he hobbled on through
                                                   despite the pain and anguish
                                                   gray skies were always blue

                                                   For him, nothing ever came easy
                                                   his struggles were more than a few
                                                   he was a very special uncle
                                                   with a different kind of view

                                                   Having fun was his trademark
                                                   plenty of joking came easy too
                                                   especially come Christmas Time
                                                   the presents he already knew

                                                  Driving a car was his dream
                                                  just like he used to do
                                                  if it wasn't for one shoe
                                                  his dream would've come true

                                                 He tried to teach me to drive
                                                 in a big, open field we flew
                                                 one cow in the whole field
                                                 I almost ran over it too

                                                So many treasured yesterdays
                                                in his mind on them he drew
                                                the strength and determination
                                                to face what he entered into

                                                He never did have riches
                                                of worldly things that grew
                                                his heart contained the wealth
                                                a giant measure of his virtue

                                               He gave flowers to the living
                                               fresh as the morning dew
                                               no time was like the present
                                               from his flower garden hue
                                               Then one day he gladly bid
                                                a fond farewell and ado
                                                instead of wearing one shoe
                                                today he's wearing two

                                               Susie Swanson, 2012

In Loving Memory Of  My One Legged  Uncle, Otis Tanner...1914--1975..

Monday, June 11, 2012

This Place I Call Home

                                                When I look around me each day I see
                                                 beautiful mountains of quiet serenity

                                                My whole life I've never known
                                                a place of beauty quite so strong

                                                Days of my youth are planted here
                                                in days of old they are even more dear
                                                Why should I long for other lands
                                                when I have the world in my hands
                                                Why should I look for other skies
                                                 when the most beauty in this life
                                                         is before my eyes

                                                Why should I care to ever roam
                                                 these mountains are a part of me
                                                       This Place I Call Home

                                                        Susie Swanson, 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

Graduation Day

                                                             Graduation Day-------
                                                             An accomplishment of dreams
                                                             that opens the door
                                                             to so many things

                                                             The power of wisdom
                                                             feeds the young mind
                                                             gives life a new meaning
                                                             and like a star does shine

                                                             With a heart full of pride
                                                              and so many years
                                                              so much growing inside
                                                              to the eyes it brings tears

                                                             A time for reflection
                                                             to many days of old
                                                             a time to march forward
                                                             and reach for the goal

                                                            A time to be brave
                                                            and reach for the sky
                                                            no matter how hard
                                                            the mission is to try

                                                            The best treasure of all
                                                            this world does gain
                                                            is from graduation day
                                                            and a young mind's domain

                                                            The power of knowledge
                                                            can be a close friend
                                                            when the world opens up
                                                            and young feet walk in

                                                            Susie Swanson,2012

 Some graduations have come and gone and some is yet to be, here's to all the graduates and all their family.
I wish you all the sucess and happiness the world has to offer and then some..Blessings, Susie

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Long Line Of Memories

I remember an old dial up telephone hanging on the wall, a most useful asset back when we were small.

The first time we got one oh what a joy and delight, the first time it rung what an awful sight.

So many hands reaching for it at the same time, I thought to my soul we were gonna break the corded line.

That went on for quite a while, like a bunch of kids in a toy store, we'd look at each other and smile.

Something had to give and mama knew it quite well. She had to break up a fight everytime she heard the ringing of the bell.

She told us you gotta take turns and stop sitting around the phone, get outside and play it's not like it's each your own.

Then occasionally mama would answer it a time or two, but the first time daddy answered we all came unglued.

He picked up the receiver and said "YEAH" instead of hello. We all fell over laughing, after that "YEAH "was his motto.

Then one day mama said, what if the president calls here someday, and daddy said , he's not apt to I voted the other way.

We didn't have Caller ID back then, everybody knew each other and everybody was a neighbor or friend.

But after a few years things progressed quite a bit. We got what was called "The Party Line" and we had to sit and sit.

And wait until other people on line got their business over and done. Now that's when it really started, I'm talking about the fun.

Since more than one household was on the same line, we had to jump fast or waste alot of time.

Quietly we'd ease the receiver up close to our ear, if we heard the dial tone we'd jump into high gear.

But more often than not so and so was already on, talking about their aches and pains and then they'd start to moan and groan.

About how many nosey people there were now days and how they like to listen in on other people's business, believe me there was no praise.

Then sometimes we'd pick it up and hear "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND WAIT YOUR TURN". Now you talk about biting your tongue and getting a face sunburn.

The few times we finally did get through somehow, we didn't talk long before someone spoke up and said, "I NEED THE PHONE NOW"

I guarantee it was the same two people all the time, on that we could always bet our last bottom dime.

These same people when we met up with somewhere, they'd act like the best people in the world and so unaware.

By now you get the point of what I'm trying to tell. In other words I can honestly say "The Party Line" wasn't so swell.

Until one day daddy came through the door, wanting us to call his old buddy that he talked to galore.

Daddy never knew how to dial the numbers right, we always did it for him but on this day it was one more sight.

I was in a hurry and quickly dialed the phone and never took the time to listen for a dial tone.

He put it up to his ear and said "YEAH" then after a few seconds passed  he said ," MERCY ME , YOU CAN'T EVEN USE THIS PHONE IN AN EMERGENCY".

Needless to say when I picked up again, I heard a dial tone and daddy talked for quite a while to his old friend.

After that we learned a new trick to having fun, we'd get daddy to pick up the receiver and all business was done.

To think we had to go through all of that back in the day. Telephones sure have come a long ways I can honestly say.

As for that old dial up telephone with the corded line, it sure did leave a long line of good and Patient memories behind.

                                            Susie Swanson, 2012

 Hope you enjoyed my memories, now let's hear about yours!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sacred Ground

                                                     Today I hear the echoes
                                                     so many ways and more
                                                     this place where I live
                                                     my mind goes back to explore

                                                     The ground was not barren
                                                     it was trod upon each day
                                                     the busy sound of a gristmill
                                                     I still hear the old time way

                                                     Wagon tracks were plenty
                                                      back and forth, to and fro
                                                      hauling corn to make bread
                                                      from the fields where they'd grow

                                                     The grinding noise still lingers
                                                     I can hear it so plain
                                                     turning corn into cornmeal
                                                     for everyone that came

                                                    A clear picture I cling to
                                                    as I go on my way
                                                    I see my dear grandpa
                                                    with hair and beard of gray

                                                    The door was always open
                                                    he was everybody's friend
                                                    his goal was to make sure
                                                    they had bread once again

                                                    Oh what a wonderful, place
                                                    and a privilege so much to be
                                                    this cherished, simple time
                                                    in my mind each day I see

                                                    This ground where I live
                                                    nestled away with each sound
                                                    it's an honor to walk upon
                                                    I call it sacred ground

                                                    Susie Swanson,2012

 Music or no music, that is the question...Well it looks like Playlist has flew the coop, just like Blogger, Facebook and all the rest..Playlist has changed to a new look and now tells me the only way me, you or anybody else can listen to music on my Blog is start it up ourselves.. That's why I moved it up to the top on the right hand side , underneath Networked Followers..If you want to listen to music go to it and click on it, there will be a Pop Up at the top of the page, allow the Pop Up and then click again..It should take you straight to it..Of course alot of you are like me and don't have the time to mess with the foolishness of it all..
I will try it that way for awhile and may just delete the whole kit and kabodle..I'm sick to death of changes, everytime we turn around we're having to get use to something else..Sorry Folks, I guess I'm just in a bad mood today..Don't mean to take it out on no one particular just the aggravation of it all..Some may be satisfied without music, it may have been an aggravation to the ears while trying to listen. Sometimes I've had to turn it down to read and I truly understand..
Ok, now with that said, I know you all are probably getting tired of reading poems about gristmills, barns and all that stuff.. But I couldn't help myself on this one,it happens to be true to a certain extent..The very place where my house sits today is where that old Gristmill sit so many years ago with my Grandpa at the rein.. I envision it everyday and wonders never seize..Hope you enjoy..Blessings, Susie