Monday, May 30, 2011

A Life Long Trail

                                                     To serve and protect
                                                     and sworn to uphold
                                                     the laws of the land
                                                     is a determined goal

                                                     The badge of honor
                                                      they wear so well
                                                      the pursuit of justice
                                                      is a life long trail

                                                     They stand for right
                                                      and against all wrong
                                                      steadfast and true
                                                      a line they have drawn

                                                     The call of duty
                                                      is day and night
                                                      so willing and ready
                                                      never knowing the plight

                                                     A pillar of strength
                                                     through good and bad
                                                     a show of kindness
                                                     so willing and glad

                                                     A handshake of gratitude
                                                      a job well done
                                                      plenty of respect
                                                      to often there's none

                                                      Some have fallen
                                                      some still stand
                                                      they take that chance
                                                      together they band
                                                      To each the same
                                                      close as a brother
                                                      my heart holds pride
                                                      I am a mother

                                         Susie Swanson     Copyright, 2011

I dedicate this to my son and all law enforcement officers with a great debt of gratitude in my heart.
Thank you for putting your lives on the line and keeping us safe..   May God hold you in his arms, as I hold you in my heart..  Blessings, Susie

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Country Side

                                   The Roses of time 
                                   bloom around me today
                                  The honeysuckle is prime
                                   in its sweet,fragrant way

                                  The wild rhododendron
                                   is putting on a show
                                   Soon the ivy will come
                                   the rhododendron will go
                                   He loves me, he loves me not
                                   the daisies are here
                                   Black-eyed Susie's hit the spot
                                   and make my heart cheer

                                   Blackberries are on track
                                   plenty of blooms in sight
                                   The whipper wills are back
                                   I here them every night

                                   The turtle doves are soothing
                                   to my heart there's no end
                                   The red cardinals are singing
                                   and being selfish again

                                   I've been watching the creek
                                   for wild ducks to swim
                                   Today I took a peek
                                   I saw a woodpecker on a limb

                                   My garden is green
                                   a summer's bounty will be
                                   Tall sunflowers in between
                                   the birds are waiting patiently

                                   Each day I look around
                                   there's so much to see
                                   I'm waiting for lightning bugs to abound
                                   it's a treasure to me

                                   Oh the beautiful country side
                                    so much living I've sown
                                    To live else where I've tried
                                    but there's no place like home

                                 Susie Swanson     Copyright, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tribute To A Soldier

                                   A brave and determined soldier
                                   in a lonely, distant land
                                   with his gear on his back
                                   and his weapon in his hand

                                   He follows his instincts
                                   although the elements are rough
                                   with a hunger in his stomach
                                   he's grown patient and tough

                                   He knows his job well
                                   and does it best as he can
                                   he hasn't slept in quite a while
                                   sleep's not part of the plan

                                   His mind wanders back
                                   to his home faraway
                                   those beautiful, smiling faces
                                   are the highlight of his day

                                   That sweet little baby
                                   he hasn't even seen it yet
                                   he longs to hold it so
                                   and knows its grown quite a bit

                                   Then back to work he goes
                                   with war there's no end
                                   he'll hold on to his thoughts
                                   until he sees them again

                                   The determination in his heart
                                   has become mighty strong
                                   to fight for what he believes in
                                   and everything he's known

                                   The price for freedom
                                   he's willing to give his all
                                   in the eyes of his country
                                   he's a man quite tall

                                   His reason for being there
                                   the old red, white and blue
                                   and that makes him a soldier
                                   through and through

                             Susie Swanson         Published  April 2010

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank You

                                          They walk among us
                                           in plain view
                                           lay in vast graves
                                           covered by dew

                                          The ultimate sacrifice
                                           willing to give all
                                           the stones a symbol
                                           of the battlefield call

                                          They walked into battle
                                           with head held high
                                           they fought for freedom
                                           some had to die

                                          They walk in heaven
                                           the battle is won
                                           mission accomplished
                                           the job is done

                                           Families are waiting
                                           for love ones to come
                                           walk through the door
                                           then there are some

                                           Respect and gratitude
                                           let it so be
                                           the price for freedom
                                           they hold the key

                                           One day of honor
                                            once every year
                                            the day of honor
                                            is already here

                                           They walk among us
                                            a chosen few
                                            let us be grateful
                                            with a Thank You

                                           Susie Swanson      Copyright 2011


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Decoration Day

                                                  Memories linger from yesterday
                                                  of the most anticipated occasion around
                                                  Homecoming and Decoration Day
                                                  and dinner on the ground

                                                  As the old church bells would chime
                                                  the people came together at last
                                                  it was such a joyous time
                                                  to worship and reminise about the past

                                                  The graves were decorated in beauty
                                                  such a splendid sight to behold
                                                  the tables were spread and ready
                                                  with more food than they could hold

                                                  Preaching and shouting were a plenty
                                                  it could be heard for miles around
                                                  as a child waiting so patiently
                                                  my hunger continued to abound

                                                 The chicken-n-dumplings were waiting
                                                 especially for grandma each year
                                                 if she would've stopped her shouting
                                                 I knew they would soon disappear

                                                When the food was finally gone
                                                and the decoration was over and done
                                                they continued to linger on
                                                as if the day had only began

                                                Although some lived faraway
                                                they stayed until the sun went down
                                                after all it was Decoration Day
                                                and dinner on the ground

                                               Susie Swanson


      The month of May holds such special memories for me and Decoration Day stands out so clear. The older generation really believed in decorating the graves and I went with my grandma each year.

It was such a special occasion that my mom bought me a dress or most of the time made it herself on an old pedal sewing machine.I looked so forward to that new dress for decoration day.

We either made the flowers out of crepe paper or we cut  fresh roses and placed them in vases. We knew they wouldn't  last long but my grandma always said"they'll last as long as they last".

The little home church where we went was built of rock and every rock was placed by hand. The church was built sometime in the 1800"s. Both my grandpas and my dad help build it. The cemetery sit on a little hill across from the front of the church.

Now grandma was a shouting woman and I came to expect the shouting everytime she entered the church or walked into the cemetery. As a child I just went on with my playing and never paid any attention to grandma or the other shouting women, unless it was Decoration Day, then my hunger pains would kick in early.

After all of this we would gather at the home of the preacher(which happened to be my grandma's brother) for dinner on the ground. I never could understand why they called it that, but by that time I was starving so I'd grab my plate and sit on the ground for lack of a better place to sit, since all the chairs were took up by the grown ups. I never heard such talking and reminesing in my life. We surely made the  day of it and when we finally did make it home that's all grandma talked about for weeks on end or until the next year.

Today I still make flowers. But I use silk flowers to make tombstone wreaths for my parents and father and mother in law. I make pots of flowers for the other graves. I guess I can say the tradition lives on.

I hope some of you will remember and relate to this, meanwhile I've got to get busy on those flowers. Decoration Day is just around the bend and I can only hope for the dinner on the ground.   Blessings, Susie


Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Prayers

                                         My mother prayed for me
                                         and I felt every prayer
                                         with a humble, loving heart
                                         she placed me in God's care

                                         She never ask for riches
                                         or material things and such
                                         to her those kind of things
                                         never did matter much

                                        She only ask for prosperity
                                        and happiness without end
                                        peace for my very soul
                                        and love as my true friend

                                        She ask God to walk with me
                                        and stay close by my side
                                        and shelter me from life's storms
                                        his presence always abide

                                        She prayed so earnestly
                                        as only a mother can do
                                        with a mother's faithful heart
                                        in the only way that she knew

                                       Even when her life was at end
                                       before her final breath
                                       she ask God to comfort me
                                       then closed her eyes in death

                                       Susie Swanson

                                      I post this today with sadness and tears.
                                      Happy Mother's Day everyone.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Days Of Old

                                        I miss days of old
                                        when simple times were here
                                        walking down a country road
                                        not a worry or a fear

                                        Playing outside all day
                                        losing track of time
                                        rushing in to mama's cooking
                                        not a bite left behind

                                        When prayer was in school
                                        and the freedom to say
                                        going outside for recess
                                        learning mixed with play

                                        Neighbors helping neighbors
                                        through good times and bad
                                        the most loyal friends
                                        so willing and glad

                                        Looking forward to church
                                        spirit-filled revivals too
                                        fried chicken Sunday dinner
                                        and banana pudding menu

                                        Walking to the store
                                         a few pennies in hand
                                         buying penny candy
                                         thinking it was grand

                                        Wearing hand me down clothes
                                         feeling they were new
                                         getting a new pair of shoes
                                         to last the school year through

                                         The joy of Christmas time
                                          and waiting so patiently
                                          for that apple and orange
                                          under the Christmas tree

                                          Each night at bedtime
                                          saying a kneeling prayer
                                          thanking God for his blessings
                                          and tender, loving care

                                          Susie Swanson