Sunday, July 31, 2011


                                               Today I saw an old house
                                               just sitting there all alone
                                               once filled with joy and laughter
                                               and the things that make a home

                                               It hungers for familiar voices
                                               that echoes in every room
                                               and all the beautiful flowers
                                               that covered the yard in bloom

                                               The tasty smell of meal time
                                               drifting through the kitchen door
                                               and those hungry, cheerful voices
                                               today it longs for even more

                                               There's that warming, old fireplace
                                               with the embers burning red
                                               at night while everyone lay sleeping
                                               tucked away upstairs in bed

                                               And that little mantle clock
                                               that ticked away the night
                                               such a soothing, peaceful sound
                                               and a welcome kind of quiet

                                               It loved to hear the rooster crow
                                               each morning at the break of dawn
                                               and the stairway that became so busy
                                               with the creaking sound that's now gone

                                               Oh those long ago busy days
                                                its useful heart loved so
                                                so much time for work and play
                                                the old house continued to grow

                                                So many wonderful, cherished memories
                                                a home it was determined to be
                                                its warmth always flowing and stirring
                                                like the smoke ascending from its chimney

                                                Today the old house looks lonely
                                                just waiting for someone to walk in
                                                it seems someone is already there
                                                nostalgia has become its best friend

                                               Susie Swanson

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

That Hot July Day

                                             On a hot July day
                                             a mother's love is clear
                                             she holds her little one
                                             and wipes away each tear

                                             Somewhere in the distance
                                             there's a small girl
                                             playing a child's game
                                             in her childhood world

                                             She jumps into teen years
                                             and puts on a show
                                             kicking up her heels
                                             knowing everything to know

                                             A young woman's dream
                                             soon comes her way
                                             a mother with child
                                             joy fills each day

                                             An old grandmother's heart
                                             is filled to overflow
                                             more time has come
                                             to watch them grow

                                             Her face has aged
                                             the mirror does say
                                             her heart's the same
                                             with grandchildren she'll play

                                             Many paths she's traveled
                                             since that hot July day
                                             when that precious, old mother
                                             wiped her tears away

                                             Susie Swanson

It will be 59 years tomorrow since my mother held me for the first time.The years has slipped away but not forgotten. Thank you God for another year, a wonderful family and a lifetime of memories. Blessings, Susie

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Beautiful Prize

A few weeks ago I entered a blog contest that one of my best friends were having  on her blog. Never really expecting in a million years I would win but secretly hoping with all of my heart that I would.

The entry was to leave a comment and come up with a name for her head form that she has for her beautiful crocheted hats that she makes. You've got to visit her blog to see what I'm talking about. They are breathtaking beautiful, along with her scarfs and socks and other things. She is so talented and beautiful inside and out. She has really been an inspiration to me in so many ways that I could never count them in a million years. Her blogspot is...Dances With Yarn.. Her name is so beautiful too..Delisa.. just beautiful in itself just like her.

 I forgot to say what my entry was for her headform.. Polly Ann.. And to Polly Ann I say Thank You as well..

Here are the pictures of my beautiful prize and please check out her wonderful blog , I promise you won't be sorry..Thank you Delisa my dear friend. I will cherish them forever..

Now are these just the most beautiful hat and scarf you've ever seen..
Oh I forgot to mention what a wonderful writer she is. She is so magical with words. Thank you Delisa for your beautiful friendship.  Blessings Susie

Monday, July 18, 2011

School Days

                                       I remember the old school house
                                       the place I used to go
                                       where I spent my childhood years
                                       and lived to learn and grow

                                       Those old familiar faces
                                       still linger in my mind
                                       each holds a piece of my heart
                                       we'll always be intertwined

                                       The classrooms set an example
                                       of what learning was about
                                       filling our minds with wisdom
                                       the things we couldn't do without

                                       Each morning from the Bible
                                       a verse the teacher would read
                                       we bowed our head and prayed
                                       a wonderful start indeed

                                       We said the pledge of allegiance
                                        while standing straight and tall
                                        although we were patiently waiting
                                        to go outside and play ball

                                        When the bell would ring
                                         and it came time to play
                                         we all called it recess
                                         our  favorite time of the day

                                         Then the day finally came
                                         but I knew in my mind
                                         that grand old school house
                                         I could never leave behind

                                         It shaped my tomorrows
                                         my dreams that were to come
                                         those long ago school days
                                         so much learning, growing and fun

                                        Susie Swanson

         The old school house where I went burned to the ground in 1993. It was a small school and I went from the first grade through eight. My mother went before me back in the 1930s and my son also attended it as well. When it burned my nephews and nieces were going there. It burned during the summer and it gave them time to pull in trailers until they could get a new one built. They built it not to far from the old one and the first day, they closed the road and all of the children walked to the new school to commerate it.     
 I have a lot of memories of that old school and I can still hear the echoes in the hallways and classrooms, They'll stay with me the rest of my life. Hope you enjoy..Blessings, Susie

Friday, July 15, 2011

I Remember When

                                               I threw a rock at my brother
                                               and I got there before it did
                                               and so did my mother

                                               We bought penny candy at the store
                                                now they're not worth a dime
                                                and you can't even flip them anymore

                                                I bite into a crab apple one time
                                                it took a whole week
                                                for my jaws to unwind

                                                We rode the back of daddy's truck
                                                 going five miles an hour
                                                 we felt like jumping off and running beside the truck

                                                 When it came hog killing time
                                                  the whole neighborhood gathered in
                                                  it seemed everybody was your neighbor or best friend

                                                 My brother milked the cow
                                                 until it went dry
                                                 we had to drink powered milk, thought I was gonna die

                                                 The neighbors stole our chickens from the roost
                                                  then one night with his shot gun
                                                  daddy decided to give them a boost

                                                  When company came
                                                   I had to sleep at the foot of the bed
                                                   with the smell, I'd much rather been at the head

                                                   I rode an old bicycle out the road
                                                   I didn't know what brakes were
                                                   until I plowed the garden that daddy just howed

                                                  We slid down the hill in the snow
                                                   on an old car hood
                                                   when we got to the bottom there daddy stood

                                                   When they said a man had landed on the moon
                                                    we ran outside and waved
                                                    thinking he'd wave back from the moon

                                                    Mama used to say during dog days snakes went blind
                                                    my brothers believed every word
                                                    they'd catch everyone they could find

                                                    We walked to the store to fill mama's list
                                                     she'd tell us to pick up some candy
                                                     we'd say ok if you insist
                                                     Susie Swanson

                                                     Well folks I'll stop while I'm ahead.
                                                      Some of this is fiction and some is true, I'll let you figure
                                                      it out. Hope you enjoy... Blessings, Susie




Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Me Again Lord

                                               It's me again Lord
                                               thanking you for another day
                                               being able to get out of bed
                                               is a blessing enough to pray

                                               Lord I sometimes wonder
                                               why I deserve anything at all
                                               I stumble and fall everyday
                                               and feel so unworthy and small

                                               But yet you are always there
                                               through the good and bad
                                               wiping away every tear
                                               such a comfort when I'm sad

                                               When I lay down at night
                                                I know I can count on you
                                                to keep me safe from harm
                                                just like you always do

                                                Lord I can never forget
                                                your son on that cross
                                                the pain he suffered and endured
                                                for sinners like me that was lost

                                                The pain you must have felt
                                                as he walked up Calvary's hill
                                                is plenty enough for me
                                                to cling to a promise so real

                                                With a loving father as you
                                                 how can anyone ever deny
                                                 without you I couldn't walk
                                                 there'd be no need to try

                                                 Well I'll go for now Lord
                                                  but I won't be gone very long
                                                  I'm just a talk and a prayer away
                                                  I could never make it for long

                                                Susie Swanson

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Most Aged

                                    They are a timeless treasure
                                    sitting in an old rocking chair
                                    no amount of time can measure
                                    the silver, gray in their hair

                                    Much knowledge fills their soul
                                    and flows from the most wise
                                    worth more than mountains of gold
                                    shining through crystal, clear eyes

                                    With a face that's wrinkled and worn
                                     joy still finds room to abide
                                     for lost years they've never mourned
                                     and happiness still sits by their side

                                     Their thoughts are never at end
                                      to a time long since past
                                      time has become their friend
                                      with much prayer it will surely last

                                      Burdens they have carried long
                                      in life they continue to steer
                                      embracing the world with a song
                                      refusing to make room for fear

                                     They've known hardships in life
                                     and worked their hands to the bone
                                     no stranger to struggles and strife
                                     just thankful for the light of dawn

                                     Advice may be to much for some
                                     and floats like the weight of a feather
                                     it should be taken as fast as it comes
                                     and hand and hand walk together

                                     Twice a child and once a man
                                      that's how the saying goes
                                      the most aged are priceless and grand
                                      the heart of a child surely grows

                                      When the curtain of time does fall
                                      as the body grows weary and tired
                                      the empty chair will be left for all
                                      and the path to follow will be hard

                              Susie Swanson       Published, 2010

Monday, July 4, 2011

Before We Had TV

                                         I remember with nostalgia
                                         before TV came along
                                         so many things to do
                                         boredom was never a song

                                         We listened to the music
                                          on an old radio
                                          fond melodies I treasure
                                          from days of long ago

                                          On hot summer days
                                          we splashed in the creek
                                          oh how I loved the darkness
                                          and playing hide and seek

                                          I miss those picnics
                                          we all took together
                                          spread out on a blanket
                                          the food tasted better

                                          And those Sunday afternoon trips
                                          on the back of daddy's truck
                                          we never knew our destination
                                          or where we might end up

                                          I loved gathering around the fire
                                          on a cold winter's night
                                          listening to mama read the Bible
                                          and daddy's stories were a delight

                                         Trying to stay occupied
                                         was never a hard chore
                                         back before we had TV
                                         we enjoyed life more

                                       Susie Swanson