Wednesday, July 23, 2014

God Is Near


                                           Looking back along the years
                                           I can see the hand of God
                                           Leading me down every path
                                           that my feet have trod

                                           I can see the long, steep hills
                                           that I dreaded so to climb
                                           Now I know he went with me
                                           up them everytime

                                           And I think he walked with me
                                           when I thought I walked alone
                                           Through those far away shadows, dark
                                           valleys I have known

                                           And the times I could not walk
                                           he carried me on through
                                           The sorrows and heartaches
                                           he lessened them too

                                           Though I am only human
                                           he knows me very well
                                           Without him by my side
                                           I would be nothing but a shell

                                           So today why should I doubt
                                           and today why should I fear
                                           Sometimes I shall look and see
                                           even now, God is near

                                          © Susie Swanson, 2014

For several months now I have been in a battle with Health Issues. For reasons I don't care to go into I can not give any details at this time.. I'm now under three Specialists and still have a long ways to travel. Even though my journey has been a long one there's lots of folks out there in far worse shapes and I'm praying for all of them and ya'll as well. I know ya'll have been praying for me and that's what's kept me going. The power of Prayer is an awesome thing and we serve an awesome Father that loves us and sticks by us through thick and thin. What can I say, God is Good All The Time. I want to thank each one of you for your prayers,. Because of my Sickness I'm taking a break from my Blog until my health improves. It has become increasingly difficult for me to keep up with anything these days. I miss all of you and visiting your posts. I have always looked forward to all of them but since I got sick it's been very hard to keep in touch. I'll be back as soon as I can and until then ya'll hold down the fort and May God Bless each one. ~ Susie

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Old Barn

                                                 There's an old barn
                                                 sitting all silent and still
                                                 what a story it could tell
                                                 out there in that big, open field

                                                 Back when times were different
                                                 there were alot of things going on
                                                 to look at the old barn today
                                                 no one would never have known

                                                 It was very fond of the cows
                                                 that used to all gather in
                                                 when it came milking time
                                                 and the milk they were willing to lend

                                                 Oh those pesky chickens
                                                 they were always running around
                                                 looking to build their nests
                                                 for then they were homeward bound

                                                 It could never forget the horses
                                                 that each evening had to be fed
                                                 especially during the winter
                                                 before they were put to bed

                                                 Oh how it loved the children
                                                 when they used to come and play
                                                 up in that big, old hayloft
                                                 each and everyday

                                                 There the old rope is still hanging
                                                  they used to swing on that old thing
                                                  with all their child-like noise
                                                  what joy it did bring

                                                  The old barn surely did feel needed
                                                   in that other place and time
                                                   it seems so sad today
                                                   just to walk away and leave it behind
                                                   In my mind I'll hold on to the picture
                                                   when I walk through that big, old door
                                                   then it'll stay with me forever
                                                   and never be forgotten anymore

                                                  © Susie Swanson, 2014

Hope all is well with ya'll. We've had a rainy few days but that's fixing to change. Cool weather coming in. Practically unheard of this time of year. Canning season is in full swing and I haven't been able to do much this year. Mostly freezing alot of stuff. But like the old sayin, "It'll beat a snowball anyday" Ya'll take care and don't work to hard. Blessings, Suse

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

That Ole Toe Sack

It hangs on a nail in the old smokehouse
An ole toe sack that’s tattered and worn
Placed there for a reason and it's held up well
Especially, during the days of carrying corn 

I can still see him in his overalls and cap
And that ole toe sack slung on his back
Loaded for barrel, heading for the gristmill
 Fresh cornbread for supper, nothing did we lack

When it came time for the harvest to begin
It carried everything that was put there to grow
There was nothing left behind or forgotten
Walking ever slowly back and forth, to and fro

It carried many big taters dug from the patch
Straight to the tater hole and buried in the ground
There was many a sack full of cabbage each year
 The uses for that ole toe sack continued to mound

When the cold, wind blew, it carried in the kindling
That started the fires to knock off the cold
Hued from the pine knots on the side of a tree
He’d turn it wrong side out and use it twofold

It seems some things are never meant to last
Awe, it so often brings a big smile and a sad tear
Knowing fully well those little apples on the tree
Would surely be picked and used every year

Today that ole toe sack is still hanging on a nail
Left behind as a reminder to all that opens the door
In my mind I still hold on to that cherished picture
And it’s slung over his back like always before

© Susie Swanson, 2014

Happy Wednesday to Ya'll. It's a rainy day in our little neck of the woods but can't complain. We've had beautiful weather for the past week.  I haven't been on here much lately and haven't been writing to much either. This is all I could come up with this morning. I'm still ailin some but hoping for some news soon. Many thanks for all of your prayers. They have surely been felt in more ways than one. God Bless each of ya. Blessings, Susie

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Let Us Not Forget

                                                   Let us not forget the ancient wisdom
                                                   With which our ancestors walked their days
                                                   Let us carry on with great determination
                                                   With a grateful heart, to God we give the praise

                                                   Let us not forget the mountains they climbed
                                                   In the darkest valleys where they found light
                                                   Footprints are abundant down every path
                                                   All of their yesterdays can be found in plain sight

                                                   Let us not forget the sound of their voice
                                                   In the distance they are still calling us home
                                                   The place where many a prayer was heard
                                                   Shaping our tomorrows until we were grown

                                                   Let us not forget the love that was given
                                                   All under the same roof, each night at bed
                                                   The teachings of God's word, the Bible
                                                   Food for our body and soul, we were always fed

                                                   Let us not forget the many sacrifices made
                                                   Working from sun up until sun down
                                                   The love of family, there's no boundaries
                                                   How proud we must be of them, so profound

                                                   Let us not forget the place from which we came
                                                   May our hearts stay humble and proud
                                                   And listen to the wisdom of all the ages
                                                   Can you hear, the echoes are calling so loud

                                                   © Susie Swanson, 2014

I hope all of my Blogging friends have had a nice 4th. As for me it was just another day this year. I'm still ailing  and hopefully they're getting closer to finding the root of the problem. Strangest thing I've ever went through and that's sayin alot. But, there's people in far worse shapes and I remind myself everyday. Still praying for ya'll and will get around to visit soon I hope. Blessings, Susie