Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Old Homeplace

I went back to visit my old homeplace today and oh what a wonderful sight. All of my memories came rushing back to me, much to my heart's delight.

There the old house still stood, although it looked as if it would fall. Memories still lingered everywhere I looked of a place so easy to recall.

In the yard there stands the old maple, it was always our favorite spot to be. We use to hide up in its branches and whisper "I bet they'll never find me".

The little branch of water is still running, oh how I remember it so well.We caught spring lizards in that little branch, in hopes we could take them somewhere to sell.

I couldn't believe my eyes, there the old barn stood, my daddy built it many years ago. The old cows made themselves at home there, how many in my mind I do not know.

There's the little apple tree still standing, oh my how good those apples used to be. I picked one from its branches, it tasted as good as they always did to me.

I went around to the back of the house and to my surprise there was the little spring. The many buckets of water we carried from it, I thought long ago it would have been a dried up spring.

I looked up and oh my what I did see, the old smokehouse where we hung our meat. In that old building we took many a bath and the wash tub was our seat.

I started to leave and found myself at the front door step, when an echo from the past surely did hit. I heard my mama's voice as she was saying ,"it's getting dark kids come on in you're gonna get snake bit".

And then as I walked back out the road I turned and looked back one more time. I heard the old house calling to me, to never ever leave it behind.

                                             Susie Swanson   Published, 2010

Today the old house is in a sad state of decay. I can't even walk around it let alone walk through the door. My dad and mom sold it many years ago. The roof has fallen in and shrubery has grown up around it so bad I can't even see it. But since it's in walking distance of my house I can still visit anytime.And like the song says......:They say you can't go home again", .....But I do all the time, in my mind is a picture and I'll never leave it behind..


  1. Very beautiful poem, Susie. Thankfully, you have your precious memories to remember how "home" used to be. Have a great week. Happy Halloween!

  2. "Time changes things," my great aunt used to say. It's good that we have our memories. Bless you.

  3. So many great memories you have there, Susie. Lovely poem. It's nice that you can still visit there even if it has changed over the years.

  4. Susie, you have transported me back to my childhood...except for the snakes lol! I love the photo you chose. My childhood home is no longer standing, but my memories have preserved it's blueprint in my minds eye. Thank you for this Susie. You have awakened my muse so that I too may write about my childhood home ❤

    ☀ _______
    | 門.|_.♥門♥**

  5. Thank you all, glad you enjoyed it. They say home is where the heart is, I can honestly say that's right. Each one of us has our own blueprint of memories that keeps us going.. Thanks for the wonderful comments and visits..

  6. You have written about my old homeplace, Susie!! The old house is long gone though, the white oak tree has died, the barn is gone; however, in my memory, the branch must still be filled with crawdads, the playhouses made of rocks must still be on the hillside, and the rock must still be at the back door. This was wonderful!

  7. I wish our house and Grandma's old house were still around. I would love to go back and reminiscence. Guess I'll just have to do it in my mind. Thanks for the memories.

  8. Thank you lil red hen, glad you can relate, sometimes it only takes a little spark to ignite those wonderful memories.

    Thanks Janet, would love to read what you come up with..

  9. Oh, I loved the story about your house. It sounds like you have alot of fun memories from it. I loved the part about the apple tree. I think about the house that I grew up in too, especially around the holidays. I remember alot of the traditions that my mom and dad had, and how they passed them down to us. Every time I drive by the old house, I always smile as it was filled with love.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. Great post!
    I love visiting places of my childhood. Sitting and reminiscing is so peaceful.
    Blane, Jr

  11. You are a great poet. Your words take the reader and place them right there in your poem.
    I can just see the big ol' tree, kids playing and a mother on the porch step.

  12. So lovely...a walk down memory lane through verse. Well done. Crystal Mary

  13. Hi Susie, what lovely poem, I especially like the part about climbing the maple tree. I had a tree like that when I was young too. We live on the other side of the country now and it was very hard for me to sell my childhood home. Like you, I have the memories but I can't help but get a little teary eyed and wonder if my old house misses the family it kept sheltered for almost 50 years? It was a wonderful and beautiful poem Susie. Have a lovely afternoon! Delisa :)

  14. Thanks to all, I'm overwhelmed sometimes with your wonderful comments. It warms my heart so much to know that each one of you take the time to read and visit my posts. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it.. Come again..

  15. Reading this makes me think of going to my grandparents home. The old house no longer exist but the memories still remain.

  16. Susie,
    What a lovely poem. It's heart-warming about the memories of your childhood home. I can just see the old home, the spring, the barn, and the smokehouse. This is one of your best poems, Susie.

  17. Thank you Wanda,those memories are treasures we can hold for a lifetime.

    Thanks Brenda, so happy you liked it..

  18. Bless you honey for writing such a beautiful post today. Oh the memories it brought back to my days at home.
    I loved how your mother called you in at night. Very similar to the way we were called inside.
    Aren't we lucky to have these memories.
    Lovely writing and as always I love my visits here

  19. Oh what a beautiful story. There truly is nothing like going home, even if it's in our dreams.

  20. Hi Susie, how are you today? I hope that you are having a nice afternoon. I just took Barkley outside and we sat underneath our favorite little ornamental pear tree. The leaves are turning a deep maroon red. I watched our neighbors horses while Barkley tore apart a big stick! :) It sure is pretty out there today, windy and brisk. After we sat down on the grass a few minutes later three red hawks flew from out of the woods and started circling and swooping overhead. They do this every time Barkley lays down on the grass. I could set my watch by it! :) The grass is drying up, it is till pretty green, but it will all be the color of wheat in a couple of weeks. Especially once the first hard frost arrives. We have been putting on sweaters and extra blankets but will probably have to get the heater fired up soon. I wish we had a fire place. It is the one thing I miss about our old house. But I am so thankful for the extra space. I have been so busy this past week, my schedule kind of feels off kilter. I haven't even picked up my knitting in several days. I just thought I would pop by and say hello, I hope you are having a real nice afternoon! Delisa ;)

  21. Thank you Maggie, and bless you too..

    That is so true floweringmama.I know you've heard the old saying "You can go home when you can't go anywhere else." Thanks for the comments..

    Aww, thank you Delisa for the visit. I was there with you in spirit, sitting on the grass with you and lovable Barkley. This beautiful Fall weather has got us off kilter. We'll be housebound soon and I'm sure we'll pick it all back up and start again, meanwhile we'll enjoy it while we can..