Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring's Parade

                                                    The sun arose this morning
                                                    against a clear, blue sky
                                                    The birds sing a new song
                                                    a sign that spring is nigh

                                                    Trees awaken from their sleep
                                                    and long winter's rest
                                                    Tulips raise their little heads
                                                    all fancy, frilly and dressed

                                                    Meadows are green and lush
                                                    sparkling with morning dew
                                                    Daffodils join the parade
                                                    of spring's march brand new

                                                    Dogwoods will soon reign
                                                    in snow covered bloom
                                                    Honeysuckle will cast a spell
                                                    of sweet, fragrant perfume

                                                    A fresh and welcome breeze
                                                    spring is such a thrill
                                                    Winter's last whimsical stroll
                                                     bows down to kneel

                                                     Susie Swanson, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

She Wore Pink Ribbons

                                                  She wore pretty, pink ribbons in her hair
                                                  her clothes were tattered and often threadbare

                                                  Her smile was bright as the midday sun
                                                  playful and happy, running and having fun

                                                  Each morning she was early, never late
                                                  school was her favorite place to create
                                                  To live and learn in a grown-up world
                                                   and do the things as a little girl

                                                  A place to eat and forget about the bad
                                                  somewhere to escape the tears of sad

                                                  No one knew the pain she held within
                                                  she hid it well again and again

                                                  The warmth of the day kept her going inside
                                                   to face the darkness, she often cried

                                                   She wore pretty, pink ribbons in her hair
                                                   with rays of sunshine and plenty to spare

                                                   Each night at bedtime she gazed upon a star
                                                   praying for a home instead of a car

                                                     Susie Swanson, 2012

Just a quick update on all the happenings in my family. My brother had By Pass Heart Surgery Friday and is doing great. They said he is ahead of everything with his recovery and may be coming home soon.. My brother in law is still in the hospital undergoing procedures and Dialysis.. He is better than he was..
I want to thank each one of you for your prayers and sweet words of concern and encouragement.
God is in the prayer answering business and he surely has answered a lot of prayers this week.. I am praying for all that is going through tough times.. when we're in the valley, he will carry us ..
And I might add that this poem is dedicated to the less fortunate.. may they find rest in God's arms.. May God Bless Each One...Susie

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Morning Prayer

                                                       In the still of the morning air
                                                       a calm peace does descend
                                                       I find myself renewed in strength
                                                       to greet my day again

                                                       And no day is unmeetable
                                                       if on rising my first thought
                                                       is to Thank God for his blessings
                                                       and loving, care he has brought

                                                       Susie Swanson,2012

I want to say Happy Valentine's Day to all of my loyal, and wonderful friends. I also want to tell everyone that I will be gone from Blogger for a little while as there is sickness in my family. My brother is in the hospital with a possible heart attack, (don't know for sure yet) and my brother in law is in another hospital with kidney failure and they are starting him on Dialysis..It has been an ongoing thing for him since last summer..He has Diabetics..My brother was admitted  with very severe pain in his stomach and chest. They are doing the Catherization today ..On top of all this, I've been sick with  cold/flu like symptons for over a week..Nothing out of the ordinary there, as everyone already knows that stuff is going around..I just need some time right now to take of everything and hopefully will be back soon. Please be praying for my family and I'm already praying for yours.. we all need prayers.. there are so many in worse shape and I thank God each day for letting me get out of bed..Be back soon and May God Bless Each One of you...Blessings, Susie

Saturday, February 11, 2012


                                                      Everyday is very special
                                                      in my life it seems to be
                                                      rising in the morning
                                                      is a blessing just for me

                                                      Each day that I am given
                                                      with my health and even more
                                                      is more than I was promised
                                                      the day I lived before

                                                      My wonderful, loving family
                                                      surrounds me each day
                                                      God's great treasured gift
                                                      sent from heaven my way

                                                      A home filled with happiness
                                                      and joy abides within
                                                      sewn with the thread of love
                                                      on that I can depend

                                                      When I'm in the valley
                                                       my friends are always there
                                                       to lift me up and carry me
                                                       because they truly care

                                                      The beauty of a sunrise
                                                      sparkles on the morning dew
                                                      awakens my soul
                                                      and warms me through and through

                                                      A picture-perfect blessing
                                                      of a night time sky
                                                      with the stars shining brightly
                                                      is a blessing from on high

                                                      My little flower garden
                                                      means so much to me
                                                      I planted it there
                                                      God grew it for me

                                                      Even the little birds
                                                      singing in the trees
                                                      warms my heart
                                                      with their sweet melodies

                                                      The days of my youth
                                                      are no longer here
                                                      I'm more thankful for each blessing
                                                      now that older days are here

                                                      So every morning when I awake
                                                      and my feet hit the floor
                                                      I thank God so very kindly
                                                      for giving me one more

                                                       Susie Swanson, 2010

This is a Repost from April, 2010. I though my new followers that haven't read it yet would enjoy..and the old followers as well..
Thank you all so much for your sweet and nice comments on my posts.They mean the world to me.
All of you are awesome friends and I enjoy your posts and look forward to them..May God Bless You All, Susie

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Well I've Done It Again"

Several years ago an old gentleman passed through by way of the telephone and a beautiful friendship grew.

The first time he called he'd dialed the number wrong. I could tell he was an older gentleman by his soft, spoken tone.

"I was trying to call my friend" he said, but I dialed you instead. I probably dialed one number wrong can't keep nothing straight in my head.

I told him that was ok and we talked for quite a while. When I hung up the phone there was joy in my heart and on my face a big smile.

A week or so passed before he called again. I knew who it was when I heard his voice and he said "Well I've done it again".

We talked quite a bit and he told me about his wife, a lot about his family and he said "I've lived ninety-six years and been blessed with a good life."

Then he went on to say, his wife had died several years before and he lived by himself and things weren't the same anymore.

He told me they'd been married for over fifty years and the more he talked the more I wiped away the tears.

The he said he needed to call his friend and he was sorry to have bothered me. I told him it was no bother at all., to call anytime and always feel free.

Quite a bit of time passed and I got worried about my friend, when out of the blue the phone rung and I heard those famous words, "Well I've done it again".

I tried to hold back my excitement and asked him how he'd been. He said he hadn't been doing to good and been staying with some of his kin.

"But I got tired of that ", he said "there's no place like home". "I needed to check on my friends, I've been gone to long".

"And I missed my church family and singing in the choir, I don't like letting the Lord down he's always been there".

"Through thick and thin we can always count on him, I don't know how people make it, hiding their light under a bushel and letting it grow dim".

Then he asked me how my garden was doing, I told him it was growing fine and maybe some evening we could come and get it about suppertime.

"That sounds good " he said "I'll take you up on it someday, I don't do much cooking anymore, I wind up throwing a lot away".

Then he said ",I better go and try to get a hold of my friend, he's probably worried about me to and wondering where I've been".

I hung up the phone and for some reason my heart laid heavy that day, but I went on about my business and pushed it away.

Then a strange thing happened, the most strange I've ever known, my brother knew him and he came in one morning and told me that Mr. Wade had passed on.

You could have knocked me over with a feather and my heart was broken inside. I could not for the life of me believe that Mr. Wade had died.

I walked the floor all morning, my tears continued to flow, my old friend was gone, no more phone calls would I know.

I was talking to God and thanking him for my good friend when the phone rung at ten o'clock that morning and I heard the words "Well I've done it again".

I was flabergasted and didn't know what to say, he said it instead "It sure is a pretty spring day".

I finally stopped trembling and asked him what was on my mind, "I heard someone passed away that lives close to you", I wanted it to sound kind.

He told me that was one of his neighbors that lived down the road and  the old feller had been sick for a while and then Mr's Wade's tears overflowed.

He said , "that could have easily been me you know, but when the Lord gets ready to call me home I'm ready to go".

We talked for a while and a lot of things we did share.That was a very special phone call from heaven and God answering a prayer.

After that the phone calls kept coming, wrong numbers and all and those wrong numbers were blessings from God , not small.

But all good things must come to an end, I got really worried and started calling, I figured he was staying with his kin.

But the Lord sent me an answer in his own special way, in the form of a newspaper that came one day.

I opened it up and was looking through when I came to the obituaries and there was Mr. Wade in plain view.

They'd even put a picture for me to see but I couldn't look at it much for the tears were flowing constantly.

My heart was broken, this time my friend was really gone. No more wrong numbers would I receive, and somehow I had to carry on.

Now each day I sit here waiting for the phone to ring, knowing fully well in heaven's angel choir, Mr. Wade loves to sing.

And he and his wife are walking hand and hand in that glorious place he called the promised land.

Those wonderful, cherished words "Well I've done it again" will sustain me through the ages---all truths to transcend. Friendship has no barriers---Love has no end..
                                        Susie Swanson, 2012

In Memory of my Beloved Friend Mr. Wade Bryant.....1909--2005


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jesus Was A Poet

                                                          Jesus was a poet----
                                                          He spoke in signing words
                                                          Of gold, wheat and its sowing,
                                                          Of little feathered birds
                                                          He told of one repentant
                                                          Who had set himself to roam,
                                                          And many a pilgrim harking
                                                          Has wept and turned toward home.

                                                          He sing of vine and fig tree
                                                          Of water and of bread
                                                          Of sheep and a good shepherd
                                                          And every word he said
                                                          Is pregnant with deep meaning
                                                          To piece the listener through
                                                           Strong words that live forever
                                                           As great poetry should do.
                                                           And though no single stanza
                                                           Has balanced form or rhyme
                                                           Yet Jesus is the greatest
                                                            Poet of all time

                                                            Grace Noll Crowell, Copyright 1965

This is one of my favorite poets..It was included in her book of "Poems Of Inspiration And Courage" 1965..
I love to read poetry of all types but inspirational is my favorite and this lady published thirty-six books and she wrote over 5,000 poems. She was named the 1965 Honorary Chanceellor of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, only four other poets had ever been thus honored at that time..She is now gone from our midst, but her poems linger on in our minds and in her books..Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do....Blessings, Susie

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank You Note

                                               I tried to make a total list
                                               of all God's gifts to me
                                               but I soon stopped because I saw
                                               it went on endlessly

                                               The gifts he gives are many more
                                                than I could ever say
                                                his love as well can not be bound
                                                and guides me every day

                                                I also know that blessings come
                                                not just with joy and gain
                                                at times quite unexpectedly
                                                they're part of trial and pain

                                                I need to have an open heart
                                                whatever life may bring
                                                oh let me magnify the Lord
                                                and let my praises sing

                                                I did not write a litany
                                                to this I have confessed
                                                but I give thanks to Jesus Christ
                                                and know that I am blest

                                                 Amy C. Ellis
I had to post this one, it's one of my favorites.... I love it and hope you enjoy as well...Blessings, Susie