Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My dear friend Delisa over at Dances With Yarn just gave me an award. I'm so thrilled.. Thank you Delisa. I'm suppose to pick five blogger friends and pass it on to them. After I choose them. I'm to go to their blog to let them know and they can come and pick it up. Copy and Paste it to their blog and pick five of their friends to send it to., so on and so forth..
I'm not suppose to break the rules but if you don't know me by now, you're fixing to....Here goes.. I can't pick just five to save my life..I love you all dearly and I just can't do it, so this is the way I'll do it...The first five to visit my blog, pick up this award and leave me a comment that you picked it up and place it on yours and then you can do the above..
I'm so sorry Delisa that I broke the rules..I'm good at breaking rules, always have and always will.. But thank you so much my friend it means the world to me...And all of you as well..
P.S. If you can't copy and Paste like old dumb me, just "Save As " to your Computer, like I did....Blessings, Susie


  1. Hello Fellow Award Winner.... Lovely to 'meet' you! Just popped over from Delisa's... isn't she a sweetheart!!

    I note in your profile that we share a love for the Bible. And mysteries.... I'm a cozy mystery girl myself... the old British variety especially.

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places....

    BTW, I think I'm going to follow your lead in how the award gets passed along!

  2. Hello to you Brenda, nice to meet you too.. Thank you and just grab it and go and I'll follow you over to yours and camp out.. I'm going to get run off here. Have to close down the shop. Everybody's dodging my post but you...hehehehe

  3. Congrats, Susie... I used to participate in awards and giveaways--but realized that people do get their feelings hurt. I decided not to participate anymore --and am pleased that I made that decision. It is horribly hard to pick and choose.. I just couldn't do it...

    BUT--congrats on your award.

  4. How sweet an award, Susie.

    TY for your sweet notes & wishes.

    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~