Friday, August 24, 2012

Why Walk Without Faith

                                                              Lord it is dark
                                                              the road is rough to go
                                                              my burdens are heavy
                                                              to carry they grow

                                                              The brightness of my candle
                                                              once there grew dim
                                                              if I could only touch
                                                              your precious garment's hem

                                                              This unlit candle Lord
                                                              my faith without a spark
                                                              please light my candle
                                                              to take away the dark

                                                             Then the road I travel
                                                             will never be the same
                                                             my steps will be swift
                                                             quick as a lifting flame

                                                             I shall live lighthearted
                                                             through all of my days
                                                             my faith restoreth new
                                                             in joyful, countless ways

                                                            Why walk without faith
                                                            with a candle in the wind
                                                            when your precious blood Lord
                                                            from heaven did descend

                                                            It covers all of mankind
                                                            with feathers of a white dove
                                                            let the candles burn brightly
                                                            with faith, walk with love

                                                            Susie Swanson, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Old Swimming Hole

                                                An old familiar place comes to mind
                                                deep as the water so cold
                                                a place where summers were well spent
                                                in that big, old swimming hole

                                                The cow pasture path was worn bare
                                                with feet scarcely hitting the ground
                                                from late spring until early October
                                                the old swimming hole we were bound

                                                Covered by the shade of big maples
                                                the sun was forbidden to shine
                                                with plenty of shaking and shivering
                                                and losing all track of time

                                                Oh the splashing, playing and climbing
                                                we jumped from every limb
                                                that big, old swimming hole
                                                was surely a summertime gem

                                                Susie Swanson, 2012

I'm sure everyone can relate to this poem in one way or another.. We all remember a place like this where we could kick off our shoes and jump in on a hot summer's day.. Mine was an old pond we called The Maple Hole and you talk about cold, that water would freeze you to death .. It was surrounded by big maple trees and the sun never did shine through.. It didn't bother us at all, we were to busy playing to care how cold it was.. The whole community of kids gathered in on a hot day.  We never knew when to go home and sometimes we got ourselves into trouble for staying so long, with chores waiting on us at home.. What time we wasn't at The Maple Hole we were playing in the creek that ran adjacent to our house.. What fun times those were for  kids enjoying their summers.. I miss those days more now than ever before..Hope this brought back fond memories for you..
Just a quick update..My son and his new wife, made it back safely today.. Thank you all for your congrats.. May God Bless, Susie


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On A Sunset Shore

                                                So lovely and straight with the sand by her side
                                                her hand trembles with joy, this beautiful bride

                                               She stands like a flower with a flower's grace
                                               dressed in white satin and fragile lace

                                               He waits on the threshold near the ocean so blue
                                               with a smile so tender for the one he loves true

                                               Then he reaches out his hand against a wind song breeze
                                               as the sun glistens on time marked memories

                                               Unfailing love lifts to last forever more
                                               when two hearts join together on a sunset shore

                                               Susie Swanson, 2012

May I introduce to you my handsome son and new daughter in law.. They were married yesterday, Aug. 14th at sunset on the sand and shore of Key West Florida.. My wish for you both is that God direct you and guide your path wherever you may go and the most Happiness this world has to offer and then some..I am very proud and honored to have a son like Chris and a Daughter in law like Stephanie.. May God Bless You Both..

Thursday, August 9, 2012

When I Think Of Summer

                                                  When I think of summer
                                                  it comes to mind so clear
                                                  my childhood summers from yesterday
                                                  oh how I loved them dear

                                                  When school days were at end
                                                  and the ringing of the last bell
                                                  my feet hit the ground running
                                                  down every road and trail

                                                  Riding an old, rusted bicycle
                                                  over the hills I did leap
                                                  building a playhouse in the woods
                                                  or playing in the cold, icy creek

                                                  Picking blackberries in early morning
                                                  more chigger scratching to do
                                                  wading through big mud puddles
                                                  oh that dreadful toe itch too

                                                  Playing outside after dark
                                                  catching lightning bugs in a jar
                                                  lying on a blanket covered ground
                                                  gazing at the sky, counting every star

                                                  Playing ball on a Sunday afternoon
                                                  in a big meadow, tall and green
                                                  rolling down the hills in the tall grass
                                                  the most fun I've ever seen

                                                  Eating high on the hog
                                                  until the gardens were through
                                                  helping mama with the canning
                                                  with anticipation of winter too

                                                  My list could go on and on
                                                  so many reminders and so real
                                                  some things never do change
                                                  like the sound of a whopper will

                                                  Free as a bird in the wind
                                                  with so many things to do
                                                  those wonderful, childhood summers
                                                  were the best I ever knew

                                                  Susie Swanson, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

There's Nothing Worth Losing

                                                  There's a road I call remembrance
                                                  I travel down each day
                                                  my yearning heart overflows
                                                  with memories of yesterday

                                                  Many years I have lived
                                                  many things I have seen
                                                  the future rushes towards me
                                                  on the past I still lean

                                                  Perhaps I shall find it
                                                  lying in the distant blue
                                                  some thing that I have missed
                                                  it's never far from view

                                                  I might hear it in the wind
                                                  the direction from which it came
                                                  or through the falling snow
                                                  it whispers softly my name

                                                  I can see it in my mind
                                                  the picture is so clear
                                                  fresh and new in  the fields of time
                                                  waiting for many a year

                                                  There's nothing ever worth losing
                                                  everything has its own place
                                                  having served its purpose well
                                                  with pride, dignity and grace

                                                  Time can't destroy the beauty
                                                  for as long as memory lives
                                                  years can't erase the pleasure
                                                  to a grateful heart it gives

                                                 I'll leave it all behind me
                                                 old yet fresh as the dawn
                                                 cheerful and warm for many a soul
                                                 long after I'm gone

                                                 Susie Swanson,2012

   Just want to give you all an update on the accident that happened the 3rd of Aug..Those men are hanging in there..The families of the decesed are really having a rough time, to be expected.. It was a life changing event for many souls.. My brother is not talking now, just walking around like a zombie.. He and the other three are to meet with counselors tomorrow (and we are so glad). The D.O.T. has to do their thing also.. They have already sent a Reconstructive Team from Raleigh.. The usual prodigal.. They were in the right on their behalf.. One of the guys will be laid to rest Tuesday and I haven't heard about the other yet.. My brother was asked to be a Casketberer for one but he had to turn it down.. That's hurting him too, having to turn the family down..Thank you all for your Prayers, they are much appreciated.. God is the only one to help them get through this.. They'll never forget but maybe time will heal.. God Bless..Susie

Friday, August 3, 2012


 I know most of you are used to seeing a poem posted , but not today.. No poem comes to mind and no poem can make the feelings and hurt go away that I have in my heart tonight.. Something very tragic happened in my little neck of the woods today.. My brother the one that's had so many health issues that I've been asking for prayers witnessed something today that no one would ever be expecting to see in their lifetime.. He was on the job working when he witnessed two of his coworkers get killed before his eyes.. He works for the North Carolina Department Of Transportation and they were just finishing up a job and walking back to their trucks to head back into the office.. It was near quitting time..When a car came from out of the blue crossed the centerline and hit the two workers.. They never had a chance.. There were six of them and my brother said that he turned his head slightly to the right in time to holler CAR.. Four men went one way and the other two went into the path of the car.. They were instantly killed.. He and the other three are having an awful time right now.. I can't even imagine what the families of the two men are feeling tonight.. I know you've heard the old saying "I come within an inch of my life". That's what my brother said today.. It missed them by an inch, one said it brushed his arm.. My brother walked over to where they wer laying and he knew in his heart they were gone.. Yes There's a reason for everything and Only God knows what that may be.. Yes my brother was spared and I'm crying joyful and sad  tears and I've been down on my knees quite a bit this evening.. When I think about how short life is, it's overwhelming .. May God  Comfort and heal their broken hearts and wrap his arms around them... Thank you God for Sparing my brother.. I know this might sound selfish to some but we all need to hug our families, friends and love ones now.. We may never have another chance..I know there's lots of people going through so much in this world but all we can do is pray and lift our voices up in praise for every breath we take.. Please help me to pray for all involved and rest assured I'm praying for each one of you.. Blessings, Susie

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Corn Shucking Racoons

                                                   The pillar of the community
                                                   is the racoons around here
                                                   they seem to have taken over
                                                   in the cornfield it does appear

                                                   Poor little corn patch
                                                   it was an awful sight to see
                                                   my brother pulled a fast one
                                                   on the critters it seem to be

                                                   He hung a transistor radio
                                                   in the middle of the corn
                                                   hoping to scare them away
                                                   and regret the day they were born

                                                   It's just a wait and see game
                                                   with racoons it's hard to tell
                                                   they may bring the whole country in
                                                   and there'll never be a smell

                                                   They'll probably throw a party
                                                   and dance through out the night
                                                   and carry off every ear
                                                   before morning's early light

                                                   So far it seems to be working
                                                   they haven't stole another ear
                                                   I sure hope that transistor radio
                                                   is good for another year

                                                     Susie Swanson, 2012

My brother actually did this a couple of years ago and it really worked.. Just a little transistor radio from The Dollar Store.. I laughed so hard at him I though I was gonna bust a gut.. You have to know him, he finds fun in everything that comes along..The corn patch was located not to far from my house and across the little creek that runs at the back of the house.. Every evening I'd see him crossing the creek just before dark. I knew he was going to turn his radio on. He went back every morning and turned it off so he wouldn't have to buy so many batteries..He kept a plastic bag over it to keep it dry. I ask him one paticular day if it was working and he said it was  to a certain extent.. Then he told me the night before he couldn't get it to pick up anything and he tried and tried until he finally found some gospel music, he figured when they heard that they'd lay down the corn and confess their sins and move on down the road... I know alot of folks have heard of doing this and lots more stuff to keep the critters away.. But I have the most fun out of my brother that's ever been.. The things he can come up with to say in a minute it would take me a year to think up.. He's a pistol, as the old sayin goes.. Anyways, Thought you all would enjoy.. Hope you have a nice Wednesday...Susie