Monday, November 14, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

My old hometown looks the same, so many memories still remain. Through all my yesterdays I'm walking down memory lane.

There's the old L&N Depot sitting oh so quiet. I just wish I could see that train coming in sight. And hear the whistle blow  one more time, running those tracks and moving on down the line.

I want to see the old Marble Courthouse, sitting so grand on the square. With that little time clock ticking high in the air.

And the jailhouse behind it, oh no where did it go? A town without a jailhouse, how could a place change so.

I can't believe my eyes where's Lay's Five and Dime, and that old creaking floor, I wanted to walk it one more time.

I'm going to visit the place where I was born, Providence Hospital upon the hill. The Catholic Nuns owned it and I can see them still.

Walking down the hallways with their habits waving so. Gosh, when did Ivie's Funeral Home move there, that's a place I sure don't want to go.

What happened to the little hospital down below where Dr. Whitfield was at? He was my grandma's favorite doctor, if another was mentioned she'd go crazy as a bat.

Even the postoffice has moved, nothing ever stays on track. I wouldn't know where to find it, it'd be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Changes and more changes, what's the town coming to. They don't even have a jewelry store, Davis Jewelry Store is gone too.

And why so many banks, did someone strick it rich? Maybe to many goldmines and Citizens Bank they decided to ditch.

Oh there's a familiar place, Parker's Drugstore is still here. I'll stop in for a soda pop at the little snack bar in the rear.

Maybe I'll see a familiar face and we can reminisce about the past. They might be able to explain to me why nothing ever lasts.

Then I'll shop at those old department stores down the street a little ways. Jableys and Collins and Crains, like I did in the good old days.

I can see those dry goods now, laid out so tidy and neat. And the downstairs toys at Super D , what a Christmas time treat.

And that little shop called Maggie Bells and the beautiful window display. That's where I bought my wedding dress and had my hair done on my wedding day.

But first I'll say hello to Mr. Hembree at Hembree's Store. I want to thank him for the many times I couldn't pay, he gave me credit galore.

Oh my goodness where has he gone, Mr. Hembree's not even there. He was truly a good man with a kind heart to share.

There's that stately Methodist Church standing graceful and tall. It's a landmark to the town and so easy to recall.

Through out history it's presence will always be, in every picture and postcard for everyone to see.

And then I look across the street and no Western Auto do I see. I'll never forget that little red wagon, my son's second Christmas under the tree.

Mauney's Drug beside it must have closed down. I guess one drugstore is all they need to supply the whole town.

And the Chevrolet Place too, I can't think of its name. I always called it the Chevrolet Place because chevrolets was its game.

Oh what a beautiful memorial across the street on the square. All those veterans names placed upon it, it didn't used to be there.

Their families must be so proud to know they can see, how the town honors their loved ones who fought and died with dignity.

I think I'll take in a movie at least the Henn Theater is still around. Maybe Gone With The Wind is still playing, the best movie at the best theater in town.

Well it seems Gone With The Wind is not playing but I'll go in and sit for a spell. To much walking I'm tired and to many changes to dwell.

Maybe I'll wait until dark and run into someone I know. We'll cruise town like we used to and hope time goes by really slow.

Every Friday and Saturday night it was the place to be. With gas twenty cents a gallon, we worked for it tremendously.

Sitting on top of car hoods and the tailgate of trucks. Boys checking out girls, girls checking out boys, hoping to have some luck.

What time we weren't cruising we were over at the football game. Most every Friday night it was much the same.

While the big dogs were playing the little dogs were known, to hang out with their friends and rough house and roam.

We never did get arrested, we were out to have some fun.Kicking up our heels all part of being young.

And when we got hungry over to the Buzy Burger we'd go. It had the best food around and today I miss it so.

Everytime I pass by, I can still catch a smell, of those good old hamburgers and tater tots, man they were swell.

Each year when the fair came to town, we'd get out a half day of school. We rode every ride and walked the fairgrounds out, we really thought it was cool.

Then after a week or so when it finally packed up and closed down, we'd go back and pick up change and dollar bills laying all around.

Today there's a big, beautiful park there with plenty of green grass. Ballfields and Walkways and something for everyone, it sure has class.

I'll never forget the first big grocery store the town ever had. It was called the A&P and oh my did it make me look bad.

The first time those big doors opened on their own, I thought my heart was gonna stop and man I was gone.

This walk down memory lane is stuck in my mind. I know I'm leaving alot out but I'm not leaving it behind.

Like those pretty, little flowers on the corner in town. A beautiful memorial in place of the old Regal Hotel that burned down.

And some changes are for the better they enhance my view. They make a simple hometown girl's memories look brand new.

There's the Hiwassee River still a running on through, with that old train tressel from a bird's eye view.

So many times that old train traveled those tracks, beside Brumby's Textile Mill loaded with big stacks.

And that old mill provided jobs for so many folks so long. It seems so sad today to see it closed down and gone.

Yes there is sadness and a lot of joy in between and this path I've traveled, so many changes I've seen.

But with all the world in turmoil and days like endless nights, I can always go back to my roots and see those hometown lights.

No matter where I go or how far away I may be. My mind's blueprint will forever capture old familiar places and Memory Lane holds the key..

                                              Susie Swanson   2011

Whew..., to say it was long is an under statement and I know a lot of you local folks are saying, She left alot out. Well... I know in my heart I did but my mind is saying I'm tired. So all I can say is stay tuned for chapter two or maybe three..Someday.....Maybe,,.Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the Walk Down Memory Lane... Blessings, Susie


  1. Oh Susie I loved this post! Some of the things you mentioned I remember-others I didn't. But even in my lifetime-I agree there have been a lot of changes!

  2. I left out one of my favorite verses. My hands moved more fast than my mind. Between the Verse about The first Big Grocery Store, The A&P and the next verse about the big doors I wrote this........"And today when I look back, I truly do confess. It was an old country girl's first intrduction to a world of progress".....

  3. What I like about this is that it could be any of our hometowns. The five and dime, the car dealer, the hardware store, the creaky floors and church steeeples. The character and personality and charm. I think, if we're lucky, we all have a hometown memory like this one to cherish.

  4. Thanks Tipper, you must have sneaked your comment in before me...I figured you would remember it too..thanks for the visit..

    Thanks to you Joanne, Yes it can be any town. Everyone has their own memories of different places in their neck of the woods... Thank you for stopping by..

  5. Good memories, interesting postcards.

  6. Such great memories of your hometown. I have many memories growing up also. Little towns get bigger, but we will always remember the place that we grew up at. Your post brought back alot of special memories of childhood for me too. Thank you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. Oh, thanks so much for sharing such memories; isn't it fun? I love the old photos...

  8. Yes it is Tracy and thank you so much. And you also George and Sheri. I think we've all got our own share of hometown memories...

  9. Amazing :)
    Thanks for the trip!
    Blane, Jr

  10. Thanks Blane, Jr. for taking the trip with me..

  11. It's sad, but true, a lot of little towns lost their businesses when Wal Mart moved in. But I'm so glad to have memories of the Ben Franklin store, the drug store with a soda fountain, and the upstairs photo studio; many of the same things you remember. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  12. Loved it Susie..... I can read it ---and it brings back the same memories of my small town... So much of what you said is TRUE in my town.... Loved the old postcards too...

    Thanks so much.

  13. Wow, that was great, Susie. So many neat memories, and like others have said, I can relate to many of them from my own childhood town.

  14. Wonderful Photos and poem, I hate changes also, I enjoyed your trip down memory lane. Sorry I won't visit for a while. Thank you so much for all your kindness. Much love Crystal Mary

  15. I really enjoyed this , When I went to the place I grew up a few weeks ago much had been changed which was a shame but the memories lingerd on.


  16. Thank you to each one, glad you all enjoyed it and took the trip with me...May God Bless you all.

  17. Hi Susie, I am so sorry to hear about your great-nieces accident. Thank you for letting me know. I will keep you all in my heart and prayers. Your story-poem about your home town was so wonderful. I feel like I can close my eyes and see it too. How I would have love to have a time machine. I would have loved to be able to go back in time and visit you there. We could have lunch together at the Buzy Burger! I can just taste those tater tots. I bet they had good milkshakes too, most of those old places did! I hope that you have a restful evening tonight Susie and that you get good news soon regarding your nieces condition. Delisa :)

  18. Thank you Delisa and for the prayers. She has a long road ahead.. I wish we could travel back in time and eat at that old Buzy Burger.. It's gone now, along with so much more but still remains in my heart.. I believe everyone has their own memories and memory lane paths to travel on...

  19. My husband sometimes says that he wishes he could go back in time, if just for a day. So do I. Times they are a changing.

  20. Thank you Janet, that it is...

    I want to clarify some more boo boo's in this write.. Buzy Burger is supposed to be Bizzy Burger.. lol.. Sorry, my mind has flown out the window.. Oh well so much for that little Spelling Medal I got in Elementary School.

  21. Hi Susie, I just thought I would pop by this morning and say hello. I hope that you are having a nice morning. I have been praying for your niece and I'm so sorry that she has so many surgeries ahead. It sounds like she is being taken good care of and that the doctor's have a plan. That is half the battle right there.

    I had to smile when I read Janet's comment, my husband and I often say we would like to take a vacation back in time too, because there is no where in the present that would be as much fun. :) If I could take you somewhere in my past, I think it would be for an afternoon at Seal Beach Pier, in California about 1975.

    We would have a wonderful lunch at the Fidler's Three resturant and then we could walk down the old wooden pier that stretched out over the ocean. We would go to the railing and watch the people fishing or look down at the teenage boys as they try to surf in the waves, standing for a few seconds on their boards only to tumble and fall and then pop up again through the water, laughing and brushing away the hair from their eyes.

    The Beach Boys music would be playing through loud speakers and the air would be filled with the salty scent of the sea and the smell of sizzling Churros being sold from push cart stands. Churros are long sticks kind of like donuts that are dipped in cinnamon and sugar. A wonderful snack to eat as you walk along! I hope you have a nice saturday ahead! Delisa :)