Sunday, October 28, 2012


                                                      This life is a journey
                                                      we all must take
                                                      the path that we travel
                                                      is the choice that we make

                                                      Happiness is a virtue
                                                      that sits by our side
                                                      ready for the taking
                                                      and happily does abide

                                                      Burdens we may carry
                                                      for long hours of time
                                                      burdens are forgotten
                                                      when peace we do find

                                                      The path may be less traveled
                                                      and become long and rough
                                                      with a rekindled spirit
                                                      the body grows tough

                                                      The promise of perfect
                                                      was never a promise made
                                                      take what is given
                                                      before it starts to fade

                                                     This world can be a challenge
                                                     never falter or sleep
                                                     keep your eyes upon the pathway
                                                     and the journey will be complete

                                                     Susie Swanso, 2012

It's a cold, rainy and raw day here today.. Suppose to be a chance of snow for Halloween.. But this is nothing compared to what the people in the path of the hurricane are going through now or will have to go through.. I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God wrap his arms of protection around you and comfort you as only he can..Blessings, Susie

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Gift Of Friendship

                                                      Friendship is a priceless gift
                                                      that can not be bought or sold
                                                      but its value is far greater than
                                                      a mountain of pure gold

                                                      For gold is cold and lifeless
                                                      it can neither see nor hear
                                                      and in the time of trouble
                                                      it is powerless to cheer

                                                      It has no ears to listen
                                                      no heart to understand
                                                      it can not bring you comfort
                                                      or reach out a helping hand

                                                      So when you ask God for a gift
                                                      be thankful if he sends
                                                      not diamonds, pearls or riches
                                                      but the love of real true friends

                                                      Helen Steiner Rice

This is for all of you and each one is a real, true friend.. May God Bless, Susie

Saturday, October 20, 2012


                                                I'm free to live my life in peace
                                                My burdens and sorrows, I gladly release

                                                The darkness that shadowed my empty soul
                                                Is now gone, I've been made whole
                                                The time I've wasted is gone and no more
                                                The solace I've found, is like nothing before

                                                Peace has erased the sadness and tears
                                                From all of my yesterdays, all of my years

                                               My heart is overflowing, in a joyful place
                                               Sent from heaven above and God's tender grace

                                               God's peace will linger until my life's end
                                               He'll always be there as my dearest friend

                                                    Susie Swanson, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

As Only Autumn Can

                                                        What magic does appear
                                                         upon the branches of the trees
                                                         colors all aglow
                                                         with beautiful treasuries

                                                         The golden rod is blooming
                                                         as pretty as can be
                                                         it spreads a yellow blanket
                                                         for autunm's tapestry

                                                         The bright orange pumpkins
                                                          are waiting patiently
                                                          to be carved for Halloween
                                                          or a Thanksgiving pie maybe

                                                       A splash of this and that
                                                       in every nook and cran
                                                       a beautiful, painted picture
                                                       as only autumn can

                                                     The beauty of this one season
                                                      continues to grow and grow
                                                      it takes my breath away
                                                      with its magnificent show

                                                       Susie Swanson, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Little Worker

                                              The hardest little worker I ever did see
                                               is in my front yard and works harder than me

                                               I've watched it for a week climb up and down the tree
                                               he's making a good home for his family

                                               Poor little fellow, he's cute as can be
                                               he sure has intrigued my curiosity
                                               he's carrying everything in sight so patiently

                                               Whoops, what's that big thing I did see
                                               he's stolen from my clothesline, it appears to me

                                               Oh well, one thing's for certain with a guarantee
                                               when winter gets here he'll be in better shape than me

                                                              Susie Swanson, 2012

The squirrels have plenty to eat this year with so many Walnuts, Acorns and such. My daddy always said when there's plenty of Acorns it will be a bad winter.. If this is the case I dread it... A few years ago we had to have eleven poplar trees cut in our front yard..They were all lined up in a row and tall as the sky it seemed.. They were beside the highway that goes up by our house..There was just a few feet between them and the road. If they had fell towards our house they would have split it down the middle. We'd had some bad winds to come through and it became quite scary. We knew we had to get them down and with the Electric lines running in a straight line up the road supplying the whole neighborhood , We called the Electric Co. and they came and looked at them and said they'd have to get in with the D.O.T. to help clean up the debris and control traffic. The day they came, I went.. I said adious and took off with my sister to town. When we got back, they had them cut and the Electric Co. was gone and the D.O.T. was cleaning up the road.. They had to climb them and cut them from the top and come down with them.. We had a rather large Walnut tree that stood in among them but it wasn't exactly in the front yard. For years we'd had trouble keeping the walnuts out of the road and cars running over them all the time. Even at night when we went to bed, all we could hear was snap, crackle, pop.. Well, I looked around and the walnut tree was gone to. I asked my hubby and he said he told them to get it too.. Needless to say, I was upset for a split second and worried about what me and the squirrels would do.. He told me there was plenty of Walnut trees over the country and the neighbors would be willing to share.. And they have, if the squirrels don't get them first..
They've not went hungry, that's for sure. With all the Dogwood trees in the back yard, all they do is sit and hull out the berries and make a mess on the back door steps..

This is not one of mine but it could be.. They are fine as snuff and not nearly as dusty.. Blessings, Susie







Monday, October 8, 2012

Seasons Of Our Love

                                                       He came to me in the summer
                                                       when meadows were lush and green
                                                       my heart melted in his hands
                                                       a young woman, turned eighteen

                                                       Our love shined like the stars
                                                       under a clear, August sky
                                                       held captive by its presence
                                                       so beautiful, we couldn't deny

                                                       We walked together in September
                                                       when wild Asters were in bloom
                                                       a perfect show of Golden Rod
                                                       for an October bride and groom

                                                       Two hearts joined as one
                                                       I now carried his name
                                                       as October leaves were falling
                                                       before the first frost came

                                                       Through the cold, winter season
                                                       with wings against the wind
                                                       the radiance of love's embers
                                                       warmed our hearts once again

                                                       In the spring time of our love
                                                       the dawn washed it with crystal dew
                                                       it blossomed in rare form
                                                       like the flowers, it grew and grew

                                                       God surely did design it all
                                                       with his love, and us in mind
                                                       the seasons of our love
                                                       will continue to forever shine

                                                        Susie Swanson,2012

I wrote this one for my husband for our Anniversary.  42 years on the 10th.. Seems like a lifetime but then again it has.. We were so young and didn't know much but we knew we loved each other and that's all that mattered.. Today as we look back on it all, we ask ourselves what was it like before then.. We can't answer that  because it seems like a lifetime ago..A lot of things have changed a long the way, a few wrinkles, well maybe more than a few. A Loving Son and a beautiful Daughter in law. Three Granchildren and one Great Grandson. A wonderful Home filled with love and happiness..What more could we ask for. And our Love is more strong than ever before..God surely has blessed us and for that we are truly grateful.. Meanwhile, we'll continue to grow old together and face what comes our way.. Blessings, Susie

Friday, October 5, 2012

With Floors That Shine

                                                  Their footsteps have become lighter
                                                  more slow with age and time
                                                  they cling to each the other
                                                  down hallways with floors that shine

                                                 A temporary place to call home
                                                 unlike the memories they see
                                                 of an old homeplace sitting alone
                                                 in the shade of a big, maple tree

                                                And the happy sounds of laughter
                                                still echoes across the years
                                                the yearning for yesterdays stir
                                                bringing sweet memories and tears

                                                The children are now grown
                                                with no time to visit or call
                                                every night and waking dawn
                                                is passing since they were small

                                                Someone's mom and dad of gray
                                                is wrinkled, tired and worn
                                                waiting so patiently for the day
                                                to be with family they raised and born

                                               Time has gone its swift, sure way
                                               the floors bring no comfort to shine
                                               soon they'll walk another day
                                               in a home of a far lasting kind

                                                Susie Swanson, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Broken Dream

                                                         When she was a little girl
                                                          she had a beautiful dream
                                                          to live in a grown up world                                     
                                                          and wake up feeling like a queen

                                                         She dreamed of a happy home
                                                         with a family by her side
                                                         a wonderful, loving family
                                                         to fill her heart with pride

                                                         She never dreamed of the bad
                                                         as a child she never knew
                                                         of the black and blue bruises
                                                         each day she carried that grew

                                                         Somewhere in her confused mind
                                                         she knew something was very wrong
                                                         but the loving, devoted wife
                                                         still dreamed of a happy home

                                                         Like the timid, little girl
                                                         she blamed herself in part
                                                         for not doing as she should
                                                         to please her husband's heart

                                                         She did everything he wanted
                                                         she folded his laundry just right
                                                         cooked his meals on time
                                                         hoping the flames wouldn't ignite

                                                         Each day the scars grew
                                                         and the secrets she held within
                                                         each time he said I love you
                                                         I promise it won't happen again
                                                         Her closet became a refuge
                                                         a sleeping, little girl in her bed
                                                         the mornings she awakened to
                                                         held nothing more than dread

                                                        A battle was constantly brewing
                                                        inside her troubled mind
                                                        she was so very tired
                                                        just wanting to leave it behind

                                                       A dream is not meant to be broken
                                                       but it shattered one dark day
                                                       she took that dreaded step
                                                       and did it anyway

                                                       Susie Swanson, 2011

This is a repost from October, 2011.. As some may already know, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I wrote this poem with this in mind and the many people that are afflicated by it in one way or another. I can honestly say, I'm one of the lucky ones and have never been a victim of Domestic Violence in any way, shape or form..I come from a loving family and I have been married to the most loving man I could have ever found for almost forty two years..
There's so many people out there that suffers some form of abuse in one way or another everyday.. It's a sad world we live in and it seems to be getting worse everyday.. So this is for them, May God Comfort you and keep you in his safe arms through out your days.. God Bless Each One, Susie