Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Vietnam Veteran

I see him standing there
So very large and tall
My Vietnam veteran
Beside the Vietnam Wall

A wall so very long
With names placed upon
An astonishing sight to see
Just trying to be strong

I slowly shed a tear
As I gaze upon his face
And for all the heroes there
Placed with dignity and grace

War carried them away
To that faraway land
War returned their names
Only memories left to stand

Being one of the honorable few
His tears are shed inside
For all of his fallen comrades
That fought so hard and died

The scars of war's wounds
He secretly locks away
And together hand and hand
We walk another day

Susie Swanson

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Old Barn

There's an old barn
Sitting all silent and still
What a story it could tell
Out there in that big open field

Back when times were different
There were a lot of things going on
To look at the old barn today
No one would never have known

It was very fond of the cows
 That once all gathered in
When it came milking time
And the milk they were willing to lend

Oh those pesky chickens
They were always running around
Looking to build their nests
For then they were homeward bound

It could never forget the horses
That each evening had to be fed
Especially during the winter
Before they were put to bed

Oh how it loved the children
When they used to come and play
Up in that big old hayloft
Each and everyday

There the old rope is still hanging
They used to swing on that old thing
With all their child-like noise
What joy it did bring

The old barn surely did feel needed
In that other place and time
It seems so sad today
Just to walk away and leave it behind

In my mind I'll hold on to the picture
When I walk through that big, old door
Then It'll stay with me forever
And It'll never be forgotten anymore

Susie Swanson

Monday, January 17, 2011

God's Love And Mercy

I may walk the dark hills of sadness
My mind may be torn in disarray
God sees and answers the call
And puts sunshine back in my day

My heart may be heavy burdened
Tears of sorrow are life's bittersong
He reaches out his hand to me
And the tears and burdens are gone

Life is full of trials and tribulations
And the clouds do over-shadow the sun
But God's love and mercy is forever
Until my life on earth is done

Susie Swanson

Friday, January 14, 2011

Breath Of Fresh Air

She blew in like a fresh breeze
In the summer-time air
A beautiful, little princess
With a birthday to share

Such a sweet, tiny thing
Capturing hearts is her game
She does it so well
Little A is her name

With a smile on her face
And a twinkle in her eyes
What a wonderful gift
And a joyous surprise

Oh how she stole the show
As quickly as she came
And for Big A and Big E
They'll never be the same

Life is so grand
Since that hot, July day
Like a breath of fresh air
With the presence of Little A

Susie Swanson

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Small Miracle "In honor of my great grandson born Dec.5th 2010"

A baby so very small
A remarkable miracle is he
Giving to it his all
Breathing his way to be

A strong and loving child
That plays in a child's way
With a sweet and tender smile
But not this very day

He clutches her finger tight
As if to say I'm here
The bond is a cherished sight
It slowly brings a tear

No other arms can hold
Except her loving embrace
A longing touch is his goal
And it shows upon his face

Against all odds he came
In a world he's yet to know
A mother's heart is never the same
 In her arms he'll continue to grow

Into a fine, young man
And he'll never remember at all
The part of God's master plan
From which he came so small

Susie Swanson