Friday, December 31, 2010

Just A Country Girl

I've walked down country roadsand through winding trails. Built a playhouse in the woods and became tough as nails. Ate fresh vegetables from a garden as fast a they could grow. Canned food in mason jars enough to last the winter snow.Oh the patience of wash day became the whole day at the most. Clotheslines were hung a plenty and even on the fence posts. Picked blackberries in the summer, jelly and jam making began. The itching was so unpopular when the chiggers settled in.Pieced quilt scrapes together and learned from the very best. Patched holes in the knees of britcheswas the worse job, I do confess. Milking time with the cow was an experience by far. But that good homemade buttermilk was the best from the churn jar.Carried in the night's wood and buckets of water from the spring. Being raised in a big family water and wood was a popular thing. Playing hop-scotch in the yard after the yard was swept clean. Never did have any grass, no need for a mowing machine. Counting stars and lieing in a field on a country moon-light night.Or watching the clouds form every imaginary shape in sight. Talking country is my way and I may stand apart. But I'm proud of my country roots and my big country heart. I'm just a country girl that's all I've ever known. Cut from a country pattern born, bred and grown.     Susie Swanson