Sunday, November 20, 2011


                                                     A clothesline was a news forecast
                                                     to neighbors passing by
                                                     there were no secrets you could keep
                                                     when clothes were hung out to dry

                                                     It also was a friendly link
                                                     for neighbors always knew
                                                     if company had stopped on by
                                                     to spend a day or two

                                                     For then you'd see the "fancy sheets"
                                                     and towels upon the line
                                                     you'd see the "company table cloths"
                                                     with intricate designs

                                                     The line announced a baby's birth
                                                      from folks who lived inside
                                                      as brand new infant clothes were hung
                                                      so carefully with pride

                                                     The ages of the children could
                                                     so readily be known
                                                     by watching how the sizes changed
                                                     you'd know how much they'd grown

                                                     It also told when sickness struck
                                                     as extra sheets were hung
                                                     the nightclothes and a bathrobe too
                                                     haphazardly were hung

                                                   It also said "Gone on Vacation"
                                                   when lines hung limp and bare
                                                   it told "We're Back" when full lines sagged
                                                   with not an inch to spare

                                                   New folks in town were scorned upon
                                                   if wash was dingy and gray
                                                   as neighbors carefully raised their brows
                                                   and looked the other way

                                                   But clotheslines now are of the past
                                                   for dryers make work much less
                                                   now what goes on inside a house
                                                   is anybody's guess

                                                   I really miss that way of life
                                                   it was a friendly sign
                                                   when neighbors knew each other best
                                                   by what hung on the line

                                                   Author Unknown

I wish I could take credit for this one but I can't. It was given to me by a dear friend, Malinda Wiggins. We both agreed that others would enjoy it as much as we did.
I can honestly say that clotheslines are not gone for me. In the warm months, I still hang my clothes on the line. I start when the weather warms up in early spring through late fall. The main reason,is, I love to smell the freshness of clothes that's blown all day in the wind, especially the bed linens. The second reason,is how much it really saves on the electric bill.. Of course there's always more ironing to do, (not my favorite job).  I just wonder what the neighbors say, one thing's for certain, they won't see any undies, they're hidden behind the sheets.... Blessings, susie



  1. Enjoyed the poem. We live in the edge of the woods with the birds, so there's no clothesline for us. As for the undies, maybe they just figure that you don't wear any!

  2. Thanks George, I guess you're right, hadn't thought of it that way. We live on a busy road, at least I hope they think that...

  3. That was a fun poem! I used to hang things on a clothesline when we lived at our former house out in the country, but I don't do it where we are now. We don't even have a clothesline or a good place to put one here unfortunately. I do love the smell of sheets dried outside, though.

  4. Hello Susie, A great poem, even if your friend wrote it and not you. I had never thought how the clothes line really do tell so much about you. We still use them over here and it was one thing I missed sorely in TN. There is nothing like the sun and fresh air on your clothes, so healthy. Its also so much cheaper on power. My hubby is surprised at our power bill. We get it every three months and its about what it cost in one month in TN. We hardly use our aircon either. Every morning I throw open the doors and more wondows. We do use ceiling fans alot. O2 is invaluable for good health. Love ya. xx

  5. Hi Susie, I love this poem too. I used to love to hang my clothes on the line. I am not able to do it anymore since I fractured my back and I miss that fresh sunshine smell! No fabric softener can replace it. :) Tony and I once lived in Switzerland for a year. The washing machines there are very small compared to what we are used to. So people do not wash their bedding as frequently as we might. Instead, in our little village every Monday morning you would see comforters and duvets hanging out of people's windows. It was so pretty and colorful. They never did it any other day of the week, only on Monday! It was a nice way to freshen things up. It was a happy sight that always makes me smile when I think of it. Have a lovely evening! Delisa :)

  6. I have fond memories of helping mama hang clothes on the line. I really enjoyed this, Susie. Happy Thanksgiving week to you and yours.

  7. I have a clothesline too, Susie, and love using it. There's something about the whole process of hanging the wet clothes, and taking in the dried items, that's so comforting the way it just slows the day a little. And there's nothing like that smell of clothes brought in from a day outside in the fresh air.

  8. LOL My undies would have to be hidden under the sheets too.
    Girlfriend I am still laughing about the comment about it being colder than a frogs hind end that you wrote me describing your weather.
    I know you don't want to here the weather we had today.
    So I will save that for another time.
    I do want to thank you sweet friend for the sweet comments you have been leaving me for my tough times with my Christi.
    Can not tell you how much your comments are appreciated. I do think if it were not for all the blessing I have received from friends like you I would not be as far along as I am now.
    May God Bless you too and send you warmer weather and a beautiful Thanksgiving

  9. Susie this is awesome! Im so glad you shared this piece. WOW! It does bring back some memories of my grandmas and mosm clothes line. I did hang on the line for a time as well. I think i miss that old clothes line after reading this piece. Blessings
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Thanks for posting this poem; I had seen it but it's always so fun to read. I use my clothesline every week for jeans and work clothes especially. My daughter uses hers too, otherwise, I see no clothes hanging out anymore. I'd hate to live where clotheslines were not allowed!

  11. Loved this one don't see many clotheslines now, but I remember having them.(Showing my age.)
    This made wonderful reading, Thanks for sharing.


  12. Thank you all so much. I knew you'd enjoy it as much as me.. There's a lot to say about clotheslines. They're not so far in the past that we can't have our wonderful memories and clotheslines, you didn't have to send all the warm weather our way.. Just back and forth here.. You all take care and thanks for the visits..

  13. Growing up, we didn't have a dryer so all laundry was hung on the clothesline which ran across the driveway. It wasn't until I moved into my own apt that I first used a dryer and had to go to the laundromat. Thos post brought back memories for me.

  14. Dearest Susie, I have prayed for total healing for your niece. I also pray that the elders of the church go and anoint her with oil, asking God for forgiveness of their sins and hers. Then individually praying for her, before finishing to pray a prayer of blessing over her.
    If they won't do this? for any reason? Then gather some believers together and place some oil into a small jar and ask God to bless it. Then you go and anoint her, asking God to forgive your sins and out the healing scripture, first saying it is written (this was what Jesus himself did to defeat the devil). The scripture is James 5:14-16. Please keep me informed about how she is...May God Bless and protect you all. xx
    God is in the healing business and nothing is impossible. While I was ill I learned a lot of compassion and humility. Much love Crystal Mary... XXXXX

  15. I love this little poem...thanks for sharing it with us.
    I still hang my laundry out. There is nothing better than crawling into a bed with fresh sheets that have been hung out to dry.

  16. That is so cute, Susie! Whoever wrote that knew what they were talking about.
    I remember when we would come back from vacation and Mom wouldn't have enough clothesline for all the laundry to hang on! *hehe*

  17. I like that poem. I have a clothes line, but don't use it as much as I should. It was always relaxing to take the time to walk down to the line and hang the clothes out and watch them sway in the breeze.

  18. Thank you to all, so happy you enjoyed it. Sorry I've been neglecting my blog lately and everyone else.. It has been a little hectic this week to say the least.. Thanks for your prayers for my niece. She has had three surgerys in the last week and still got a long road ahead.. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving..