Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Pray In The Morning

                                                   I seek my God in the morning
                                                   when the day is new and still
                                                   inspiration comes with the sunrise
                                                   and I pray to do his will

                                                   I seek my God in the evening
                                                   wearied of labor and strife
                                                   and hope that I have been a blessing
                                                   to someone else's life

                                                   Susie Swanson, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Look Out Rabbits

                                                 There's an old dog in my neighborhood
                                                  he runs quite fast and runs when he should

                                                 And every evening about sundown
                                                 he starts to barking when he smells the ground

                                                 He chases that rabbit through the brambles and brairs
                                                 through the tall, green grass and fences of bob wires

                                                 Up and over the mountain and across the creek
                                                  both he and the rabbit surely can leap

                                                  I was standing in the yard listening to the sound
                                                  of the barking and commotion when I nearly hit the ground

                                                 That poor little rabbit was a sight to see
                                                 as it came through the yard hopping constantly

                                                 Then came the dog fast as he could run
                                                  there wasn't much time but I thought I saw his tongue

                                                 Then the tired, little rabbit finally got away
                                                 and the old, rabbit dog decided to call it a day

                                                 And for all he's worth, he sleeps most of the time
                                                 some folks would say "he ain't worth a dime"
                                                 But the very next evening he starts over again
                                                 with that rabbit's brother, his uncle or best friend

                                                 It seems those rabbits surely have him pegged
                                                 they could out run him if they were only three legged

                                                 But that doesn't stop him, no sir-ree
                                                 he was born to run and rabbits is his specialty

                                                 And every evening he wakes up and comes alive
                                                 look out rabbits, that ain't no jive

                                                 Susie Swanson, 2012

Yep you're probably thinking.."She's scraping the bottom of the barrel".. well I'm here to tell you this is TRUE.. Candy is her name and she's my brother's dog.. she runs every evening and sometimes after dark. The other evening I was standing on my porch just listening to her bark when that big rabbit came hopping down across the road that goes by in front of my house.. it was just past my house a little ways and Candy was just behind it.. It's like they made two leaps across that road..
I love to hear her run and bark, even though I feel sorry for the rabbits.. It's a rabbit beagle's nature to run rabbits at a certain time of day.. of course there's those bunny hunters out there that when they turn the dogs lose they hit the ground a running..
Well anyway I hope you enjoy my little version of a country girl's poem . Come Back Ya'll and don't be a stranger...Susie


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Give Me The Little Things

                                                      A curtain blowing in the breeze
                                                      a bird singing in the trees

                                                      A star shining in the night
                                                      the sun rising at morning's light

                                                      A flower blooming in the spring
                                                      walking in a summer's rain

                                                      The glowing light of a firefly
                                                       the bright, blue of an autumn sky

                                                      A cold and windy, winter's day
                                                      a snowflake slowly melts away

                                                      A spoken prayer to God above
                                                      a heart full of gratitude and love

                                                       Susie Swanson, 2010

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Old Barns And Old People


I found this on Facebook and Youtube, thought you all would enjoy it..
It has such a beautiful and inspiring message......Blessings, Susie

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thank You For The Flowers

                                               Thank you for the flowers
                                               you give to me each day
                                               a blanket of warm sunshine
                                               a smile's brightest ray

                                               A few kind words, I cherish
                                               worth more than any gold
                                               given when much needed
                                               feeds my weary soul

                                              A simple handshake or nod
                                              spreads the fragrance around
                                              lifts my daunting spirits
                                              when I'm low and quite down

                                              A much needed prayer
                                              a rose of elegance and grace
                                              really touches my heart
                                              I humbly accept and embrace

                                              Ever close beside me
                                              beautiful flowers does grow
                                              or many gardens away
                                              by some I hardly know

                                              Thank you for the flowers
                                              you give to me each day
                                              each petal is worth more
                                              than words can ever say

                                              Susie Swanson, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012


                                                      They were the best of brothers
                                                      a mother's pride and joy
                                                      only fourteen months apart
                                                      between each little boy

                                                      They sat upon her lap
                                                      when both were very small
                                                      before she could turn around
                                                      they each began to crawl

                                                      They grew so close together
                                                      a thousand ways and more
                                                      inseparable paths they traveled
                                                      little boys ready to explore

                                                      A world of lizards and toads
                                                      they blew with the changing wind
                                                      playing in the dirt all day
                                                      every minute they did spend

                                                      Riding a pieced together bike
                                                      or climbing high in a tree
                                                      the things that brothers do
                                                      they were into constantly

                                                      The day they went to school
                                                      a mother's heart cried tears
                                                      for the little boys she knew
                                                      were growing up in years

                                                      When young men they became
                                                       her tears of pride fell more
                                                       with the changing of the times
                                                       they were placed on a different shore

                                                       One went to fight a war
                                                       the other was left behind
                                                       to serve his country at home
                                                       as they both were so inclined

                                                       A soldier and a law officer
                                                       they each stood proud and tall
                                                       different paths they did travel
                                                       to each they gave their all

                                                       A brother's heart was broken
                                                       one dark and saddened day
                                                       his little brother was gone
                                                       to heaven with the angels to play

                                                       But distance is never a barrier
                                                       to a brother's love so strong
                                                       and memories help to sustain him
                                                       enough to carry on

                                                       Susie Swanson, 2012

I dedicate this poem to my husband Kenneth. He lost his little brother, at the age of 51 on May 25,2002. He died suddenly of a heart attack.. They were and still the best of brothers. When they were growing up, they were inseparable, even after they went their separate ways.. They always supported each other in all aspects of their life.. Kenneth spent his time in the Army, having served one tour in Vietnam and Bill became a Highway Patrolman.,retiring with 20 years of service.. Kenneth played Football in High School, Bill liked driving fast cars and they both liked girls..They saved their money and bought their first car together..They shared their whole life through.. Bill got married first to his high school sweetheart..Kenneth got married two years later ( to the most beautiful girl,, sorry Gail).. And even though they lived miles apart they still leaned on each other..They were the best of brothers....To My Husband In Memory Of His Brother..... Love Susie

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Walking His Way Through

                                                     He walked down country roads
                                                     with a faded Bible in hand
                                                     ragged as his old shoes
                                                     this old time preacher man

                                                     He had a message to deliver
                                                     to every church around
                                                     a different one every week
                                                     he covered a lot of ground
                                                     In the winter time cold
                                                     his coat was thread bare
                                                     he'd brace against the wind
                                                     with no regrets or despair

                                                     When the hot summer's heat
                                                      beat down upon his brow
                                                      he'd wipe away the sweat
                                                      holding on to his vow

                                                      A few pennies in hand
                                                      were all they could give
                                                      he never asked for money
                                                      modest was the way he lived

                                                      And he never once failed
                                                      on any given day
                                                      he'd take his small earnings
                                                      and give them all away

                                                      To some needy family
                                                       living by the roadside
                                                       it filled his heart with joy
                                                       and a sense of great pride

                                                       If one hungry child
                                                       he could have fed
                                                       he'd thank his father above
                                                       and go hungry instead

                                                       Just an old preacher man
                                                       walking his way through
                                                       doing the Lord's work
                                                       in the only way he knew

                                                       When he laid down his work
                                                        his body and life's goal
                                                        heaven's gates opened wide
                                                        it was a sight to behold

                                                       Susie Swanson, 2011

This one came as an inspiration  from one of the many stories my dad told me.. Back then one preacher would cover alot of churches.. This one particular man, my dad talked about, went from one church to another preaching. He went where the Lord led  him to go and deliver the message.
Daddy said the old fellow's shoes were falling off of his feet, but he kept on walking. Back then people didn't have any money and the offering was sure to be small, but he always gave it away before he got home.. What a homecoming it must have been when he reached Heaven.. Blessings, Susie

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Staue Of Time

                                            How long have you been there
                                            ever close to the sky
                                            gazing out across the land
                                            with your big, open eye

                                            How many weary travelers
                                            have passed by your way
                                            enchanted by your presence
                                            and picture perfect display

                                            How many eagles have landed
                                            upon your shoulders abreast
                                            to share your wondrous eye
                                            while taking time to rest

                                            How many rays of sunshine
                                            as a prism shining through
                                            have you graciously cast out
                                            in a rainbow's colored hue

                                            How many storms of peril
                                            have threatened your domain
                                            yet not wavered your position
                                            with blurry visions of rain

                                            How much time of contentment
                                            have you gazed upon the land
                                            an age old statue
                                            with your eye so grand

                                            Susie Swanson, 2011

For the ones that haven't seen or heard of the picture above, it's called "Eye Of The Needle".. It's located on Mt. Leconte, which is part of the Great Smokey Mountains..
My son recently hiked this mountain all the way to the top and back down.. It was around 13 to 14 miles and he did it in one day.. He took this picture along with several more..This one can be found on the web if you want to pull it up.. Just type in Mt. Leconte..Here are a few more that he took and I thank him for sharing with me..Just another example of God's beauty.. Happy New Year and May God's Blessings pour out upon you..Susie

                                           This is Stephanie, his Girlfriend she hiked it too.

                                           This is Chris, my son . He protects us from bad guys.
                                            He's been a law officer for nearly 15 years.

                                            They also have Lodging without electricity.

                                            Love this one, a big hole in the mountain.

                                            Yayyy, I made it.. Proud of you both

I'll stop with these, there's several more I could post but if anyone wants to look at more pictures or read about this mountain, just type in Mt. Leconte..Blessings, Susie