Thursday, September 2, 2021

Hello Everyone

I guess you all think I've flown the coop since it's been long time no see. I just wanted to update you all and let you know I've missed everyone. I'm on a hard journey right now fighting a disease that has a mind of its own. We never know how strong we are till we face hard battles in life. Addison's is suppose to be a rare disease that not even the doctors know much about. It's basically called Adrenal Failure. When the Adrenal Glands go down we are in a bad place cause they produce so many of our hormones that our body lives on like Cortisol which is our stress hormone. All they can give us to live on is steroids to replace it. Cortisol is a very important hormone and living without it can lead to death because it goes to every organ in our body and without it one can go into an Adrenal Crisis and die within a few minutes. I've been bedridden since the first of May but I'm doing a little better since I had some in home Rehab for a while. I was to weak for much Rehab .

Ok, I don't want to bore you all with my ailments but want to let you all know that I will try to do more and check in as often as I can with your posts. It seems time is flying so fast and is gone before we know it. There's alot going on in the world today and all we can do is pray. God is our only hope.

 I pray that all of you are well and have enjoyed your summer. We are starting to see signs of Fall here in Western N.C. I'm hoping I can get back to my writing soon cause I've missed it so much. I had to stop my quilting a long time ago and all the other things that I loved to do. But my husband is such a Blessing as he's been by my side every step of the way even with a bad back. One Blessing is having a Home Health Aid coming in four hours daily to help me with my personal care and help him with some house chores. Through this journey I've come to find out that the little things are the most important . I've grown even more close to God and he knows our needs even when we don't know ourselves. He is so good. 

I'll close for now and will check back soon. You all take care and God Bless.. ~Susie~