Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Like To Go Back

                                            I like to go back to the place I belong
                                           Those grassy hills where I loved to roam

                                           Where life is simple and the trees grow tall
                                           With love,faith and family, nothing is small

                                           Where the wind blows fresh and the air is clean
                                           The sky is more blue than I have ever seen

                                           The fields are bountiful as harvest time begins
                                           Plenty of eating when the snow falls again

                                           Kicking up my heels, old memories so dear
                                           Supper's on the table, still echoes so clear

                                           Playing outside all day, we had a creative touch
                                           Imagination was encouraged, we never had much

                                           I like to go back where families stayed together
                                           Endured struggles and trials through stormy weather

                                           When parents set an example to live by and grow
                                            Instilled in us dreams to carry onward as we go

                                           Where the Bible was read many a night and day
                                            At home and school we bowed our head to pray

                                           And God was in the middle of our everyday life
                                           We learned to lean through all struggles and strife

                                            It may not seem like much to this world today
                                            I will cherish it always until my dying day

                                            I like to go back to the place I belong
                                           Where faith, love and principles built a home

                                           © Susie Swanson, 2014

Hope all of you are staying warm and cozy this cold winter. I'll be so glad when spring has sprung. I've been staying busy with my quilting, etc. Ya'll take care and have a blessed week. Susie

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

From A Quilter's Soul


Quilting is the life's blood of a quilter's soul
                                            passed down through the generations of time
                                            Knowledge is worth a mountain of gold
                                            to a quilter that's patiently waiting behind

                                            Each piece is linked with joy and pride
                                            and each stitch sown by a determined hand
                                            the patience for creation sits closely beside
                                            as only a quilter can understand

                                            The pattern can become so bright and bold
                                            and it doesn't matter the color or size
                                            it's there for the next generation to behold
                                            and becomes a beautiful and cherished prize

                                           To the heart of a quilter, it's such a joyous pleasure
                                           from the beginning until the very end
                                           it's an honor to make such a lasting treasure
                                           and a quilter is willing to do it all again

                                          But when a quilter's job is finally done
                                          and they lay their stitching down
                                          the quilting song has only begun
                                          to a future quilter, what a glorious crown

                                         © Susie Swanson, 2014

Thought to my soul, I would never get it done. This bug is about whipped my behind. Some might call this pattern, "Trip Around The World". My mom and grandma called it "Step Around The Mountain". 
We're having another Arctic Blast but not as bad as some. Ya'll take care and stay warm. Susie

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Those Who Seek The Highest

                                             The whole world is seeking one who understands
                                             A million prayers rise upward from the sod
                                             If they would only listen as they speak
                                             Out of the silence they would hear you, Dear God

                                             The sad who seek to find you through their tears
                                             The broken hearts crying out in agony and pain
                                             You've always been there through toil and strife
                                              Faith of a mustard seed is but a tiny grain

                                             Though mountains are high and valleys low
                                             There is splendor above and light over head
                                             You've heard each cry and saw each tear
                                              And every prayer that's been spoken or said

                                             The human heart you placed within the breast
                                              Set there to run untouched from birth to death
                                              Is where faith should dwell and laughter ring
                                              Every day and night as long as there is breath

                                             All the promises you made should stand above
                                             A world of despair and cries should not dismay
                                             You are the rock from which we should stand
                                             Those who seek the highest shall never lose their way

                                              © Susie Swanson, 2018

I'm sorry I haven't been around lately to visit your posts. I'm still battling this pesky flu like bug. I will get to you eventually, it may take a little more time but I'm gonna kick his behind...LOL. I personally think it will last till spring. That's what everyone is saying around here anyways... I hope all is well with you all. Take care and God Bless. Susie

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Wonders Of Nature

                                               A little deer standing by the roadside
                                               looking back and forth, to and fro
                                               wondering if it should run and hide
                                               and which way it should go

                                               A long neck crane standing in the creek
                                               an awesome sight to see
                                               attempting to grab food, it takes a peek
                                               then flys away with it's large, majestic wings

                                             A large hawk sitting in a tree
                                             looking around for its prey
                                             whatever that may become or be
                                             it'll never have a chance to get away

                                           A strange flock of birds fly in
                                           from some place faraway and unknown
                                           on nature's food they do depend
                                           they're here for a time and then they're gone

                                           A little rabbit sits in the clover
                                           everyday it sits in the same spot
                                           late in the evening when the day is over
                                           I can tell by the clover it never eats alot

                                           A large raccon visits from time to time
                                           searching for something to eat
                                           up the creek bank he does climb
                                           grabs what he can and runs back to his retreat

                                          A hoot owl makes his presence known
                                          in my yard each and every night
                                          he'll hoot until the break of dawn
                                          and then return again the very next night

                                          The squirrels are never a stranger and always there
                                           running this way and that
                                           hoping the birds will kindly share
                                           each day they grow more big and fat

                                          These wondrous sights my eyes do behold
                                           takes my breath away and fills my heart with pride
                                           to know that nature can be so bold
                                           in a place where I live and abide

                                          © Susie Swanson, 2013

 This is a repost and some may remember it. I have been battling some kind of pesky bug this week and hope to get back to blogging really soon. I miss visiting all of your great posts. Ya'll take care and I hope you have a nice weekend. Susie

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I Must Wait

Time has not kept its promise to me
It came and went like yesterday’s wind
I once was useful as could be
Now I sit here where grasses bend

Each day the voices still pleasantly ring
Of happy days that were well spent
 That old hayloft meant everything
The animals were always so content

A place to lay their heads at night
Those pesky chickens I miss more
 Many things were never far from sight
Coming and going through that big door

I lay hold upon many enduring things
Bitter winds and rain have come my way
Children’s voices still flies with earnest wings
And many old timers kneeled down to pray

Now I too, like any old timer must lie
In wait for someone to walk in
To tell my stories and not question why
So I can draw strength from it time and again

© Susie Swanson, 2013

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yesterday's Winter

The mountains will soon be covered by a white blanket, a change is coming. Ice crystals will hang like the morning dew, frozen in time across the wind swept hills of this beautiful Blue Ridge.

It’s apt to be a hard winter better carry in plenty of firewood and kindling to keep the fires going in each end of the house. Time to grab the water buckets and tote in enough water to last or do without. Soon the little spring will become frozen over until the sun shines warm and the birds start to sing.

Dragging out the many clean and still fresh line, dried quilts, making more covers for the beds knowing one could be buried underneath such weight and never be found again. Made by steady and meticulous hands on old quilting frames that hang down from the ceiling more often than not, especially during winter’s hardest wrath.

The thought of fresh hog meat hanging in the old smokehouse makes mouths water on a cold winter’s day along with the taters and cabbage buried underneath the ground in that big hole that took all fall to dig, especially for preserving winter’s grub. And those can shelves  packed so full of filled cans ready for many a big table spread . All part of summer’s bounty and will beat a snowball any day.

Sitting around an old oil lamp after dark and listening to the scary stories while the cold, north wind makes its whistling sound around the house with a vengeance.  Playing fox and the geese on a home made cut out game board until eyelids start closing and need toothpicks to prop open.

Bare feet running and jumping in the middle of the bed buried under the covers until the break of dawn. Waking up to knee deep snow, eyes shining like sparkling diamonds gazing through frost covered window panes.

The smell of breakfast drifting through the kitchen door, anticipating  hot biscuits, gravy, fresh ham or tenderloin and occasionally eggs is about more than a body can take.

Slipping out the back door having snowball fights and gathering snow for snow cream, anticipating the sweet, frozen taste of only one of winter’s many treats is sheer heaven.

In one door and out the other never taking the time to warm frozen feet and hands, made for a nice, enjoyable winter even if it was colder than the North Pole.

© Susie Swanson, 2013

The above picture is not here YET, and the above Post is just memories for now but according to our local weatherman, it's on the way. I know some are saying, we already got winter. We've had winter to but just not as cold as some places.
We used to have plenty of winter. It'd snow and we couldn't get out to go anywhere for two weeks or more at a time. Here in our little, neck of the woods we've been blessed in late years. Last winter was a warm winter and it rained almost everyday ..So I guess we're over due.. Good way to start the new year. I wish each one of you a Blessed and Happy New Year.