Tuesday, May 28, 2013

If I Wrote A Letter

                                                     If I wrote a letter to myself
                                                     I'd say be friendly and kind
                                                     When you're the only one left
                                                     Life ain't worth a dime

                                                     Be more considerate of others
                                                     Smile every now and then
                                                     They're all your sisters and brothers
                                                     If you can't smile than grin

                                                     The man you passed on the street
                                                     Needs a few pennies in hand
                                                     If he buys wine the gesture was sweet
                                                     Remember to do all you can

                                                     Don't straddle the fence to long
                                                     You're either this way or that
                                                     Go for your dreams and move on
                                                     Life can be gone in a second flat

                                                     Don't fret over how you look
                                                     God's plan was to be only you
                                                     Not someone on the cover of a book
                                                     Someone that's not honest or true

                                                     Self conscious is your biggest flaw
                                                     Get rid of those hang ups galore
                                                     Wrinkles are not against the law
                                                     You're not a young chicken anymore

                                                     And don't lose confidence in yourself
                                                     That's the worst thing you can do
                                                     After a while there's nothing left
                                                     Worthless as an old, worn out shoe

                                                     Stop worrying so much and live
                                                     A bit of happiness is never small
                                                     Focus more on what you can give
                                                     God said he'd take care of it all

                                                     Live like there's no tomorrow
                                                     You never know what lies ahead
                                                     The world is full of so much sorrow
                                                     Be thankful you got out of bed

                                                     And please always remember
                                                     Give the flowers while you can
                                                     Christmas is not only in December
                                                     A token of love is so grand

                                                     Never forget where you came
                                                     Your mom and dad were the best
                                                     What they taught is still the same
                                                     Now they expect you to do the rest

                                                     Those poems you love to write
                                                     There's memories in every rhyme
                                                     When you're gone they're still in sight
                                                     It's your way of leaving them behind

                                                     Just like those quilts you've made
                                                     They're keepsakes for many a home
                                                     On each bed so cherished and laid
                                                     Maybe someone will carry on

                                                    And that precious family you love
                                                    Spend as much time as you can
                                                    A treasured gift from heaven above
                                                    All part of God's master plan

                                                    Take time each day to pray
                                                    Blessings are more than you know
                                                    Talk to the one who'll stay
                                                    Close beside you wherever you go

                                                    But before you go let me say
                                                    Stop talking to yourself all the time
                                                    I heard you answer back one day
                                                    And that's a bad sign

                                                    Sometimes you get long and windy
                                                    With these pep talks in mind
                                                    Listen and don't talk constantly
                                                    This letter has gotta end sometime

                                                    Susie Swanson, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Heroes Among Us

                                                     There are signs of freedom
                                                     Clear across this land
                                                     The battlefield scars are many
                                                     A fighting soldier's brand

                                                     They wear the armor proud
                                                     So honored and glad
                                                     To serve this great country
                                                     They are patriots of bravery clad

                                                     The stones a constant reminder
                                                     Of brothers who are gone
                                                     When the bloodshed was over
                                                     They were left to carry on

                                                     Some have marched into battle
                                                     So earnestly and young
                                                     Many wars there have been
                                                     Much fighting they have done

                                                     They soon became a man
                                                     A fighting soldier's creed
                                                     To defend this great land
                                                     They all took the lead

                                                     Freedom sails on wings
                                                     They paid the ultimate price
                                                     We should never forget
                                                     Their courage and great sacrifice

                                                      Let the bells of freedom ring
                                                      For the red, white and blue
                                                      There are heroes among us
                                                      Let's wave old glory too.               

                                                      @ Susie Swanson, 2013

                                                      Like father

                                                     Like son.

                                                     Happy Memorial Day, Blessings, Susie

Sunday, May 19, 2013


                                                    Everyday is very special
                                                    In my life, it seems to be
                                                    Rising in the morning 
                                                    Is a blessing just for me
                                                    Each day that I am given
                                                    With my health and even more
                                                    Is more than I was promised
                                                    Than the day I lived before

                                                    My wonderful, loving family
                                                    Surrounds me each day
                                                    God's great treasured gift
                                                    Sent from heaven my way

                                                    A home filled with happiness
                                                    And joy abides within
                                                    Sewn with the thread of love
                                                    On that I can depend

                                                    When I'm in the valley
                                                     My friends are always there
                                                     To lift me up and carry me
                                                     Because they truly care

                                                    The beauty of a sunrise
                                                    Sparkles on the morning dew
                                                    Awakens my soul
                                                    And warms me through and through

                                                   A picture perfect blessing
                                                   Of  a night time sky
                                                   With the stars shining brightly
                                                    Is a blessing from on high

                                                    My little flower garden 
                                                    Means so much to me
                                                    I planted it there
                                                    God grew it for me

                                                    Even the little birds
                                                    Singing in the trees
                                                    Warms my heart 
                                                    With their sweet melodies
                                                    The days of my youth
                                                    Are no longer here
                                                    I'm more grateful for each blessing
                                                    Now that older days are here

                                                    So every morning when I awake
                                                    And my feet hit the floor
                                                    I thank God so very kindly
                                                    For giving me one more

                                                    Susie Swanson, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Decoration Day

It's that time of year again, Decoration Day here in our little part of the world.. I've been busy making tombstone wreaths and flower arrangements for the up coming Decoration the Saturday before Memorial Day.. Then we have another one coming up in June.. It takes me back to long ago memories when I was a little girl and I went every year with my little Ma (as we called her) to Decoration and Dinner on the ground.. My mom and dad went alot too and when they couldn't go I always went with little Ma.. We called her that because she was so little and my other grandma was bigger. We called her Big Ma..lol... Eveybody always said if it came a good, stiff wind she'd blow away. 

Times were so much different back then.. We made flower arrangements from my Little Ma's roses that I've wrote alot about or we made them from crepe paper.. We knew those flowers didn't last very long on the graves but as Ma used to say, they'll last, long as they last. As for the Dinner On The Ground, I never could quite figure that one out.. They always had the food spread out on big tables, either at the church or over at the preacher's house, who happened to be my little Ma's brother.. Everybody made sure they brought  Little Ma's favorite dish, Chicken and Dumplings. They'd be so many bowls I couldn't count them all.. I was just a kid but I remember it as if it was yesterday.. It was a big Homecoming where everyone came from far and near and they looked forward to it every year.. My little Ma never wanted to leave, she just kept staying until sunset. She knew everybody there and they all knew her and all were her kin one way or another... She could talk for hours on end and my dad was always like that too. Everybody always says that's who I get it from..lol.. But the kid that I was I enjoyed playing with the other kids. Time meant nothing to me, even if I was so tired I couldn't play another lick.. I always looked forward to that new, little dress mama made me each year, especially for Decoration.. She made about all of my dresses that I wore to church or school.. I was the oldest in the family and there were no hand me downs for me except from friends and I cherished them. I handed mine down to my one and only sister, who happened to be almost ten years younger than me.

Each year when I get busy making these flower arrangements I think about it all and how the times have changed.. People don't go all out like they used to and it's kinda sad in a way that certain traditions have fell through the cracks. I know when I put these flowers on those graves they're not gonna know anything about it but it's for me to honor their memory. My mama once said , when I'm gone don't throw my old body in the ground and walk away and never come back around... I knew what she meant and she knew we wouldn't do that.. It's just that she saw so many people that did it.. 

 I also want to add that I've been slow to keep up with your posts lately and I'm sorry. With garden season in full swing and planting my annuals and making flower arrangements it's been a busy time , needless to say.. I thank each one of you for the sweet comments and visits to mine and I will get around to your posts soon.. I really enjoy each one... I almost forgot to mention that I'm working on my new book as well. I'm doing the editing now and hopefully it will be done soon.. Hope Ya'll have a nice Wednesday and God Bless, Susie

Friday, May 10, 2013

My Mother's Prayers

                                                      My mother prayed for me
                                                      And I felt every prayer
                                                      With a humble, loving heart
                                                      She placed me in God's care

                                                      She never ask for riches
                                                      Or material things and such
                                                      To her those kind of things
                                                      Never did matter much

                                                      She only ask for prosperity
                                                      And happiness without end
                                                      Peace for my very soul
                                                      And love as my true friend

                                                      She ask God to walk with me
                                                      And stay close by my side
                                                      Shelter me from life's storms
                                                      And his presence always abide

                                                      She prayed so earnestly
                                                      As only a mother can do
                                                      With a mother's faithful heart
                                                      In the only way that she knew

                                                      Even when her life was at end
                                                      Before her final breath
                                                      She ask God to comfort me
                                                      Then closed her eyes in death

                                                       @ Susie Swanson, 2013

                                                      Happy Mother's Day everyone!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Memories Never Age

                                                       From the time she was a little sprout
                                                       She walked with a happy song
                                                       Old dirt roads were the common route
                                                       Where so many feet traveled upon

                                                       Walking hand and hand together
                                                       Her little grandma by her side
                                                       Eight short years seemed forever
                                                       A happy little girl with joy and pride

                                                       She came to learn so much more
                                                       As she listened along the way
                                                       Visiting many, walking to the store
                                                       Was the usual routine each day

                                                       Or sitting on an old fence rail
                                                       Eating an apple under the tree
                                                       Grandma gathering apples in her apron tail
                                                       The taste of that apple, what a memory

                                                       Skipping along, looking for a pretty rock
                                                       Running through the creek, busting it wide
                                                       Hardly a shoe, never a sock
                                                       Stumping her toes, she never cried

                                                       Her mouth running ninety miles an hour
                                                       Asking questions, curious as could be
                                                       Grabbing a crabapple, oh how sour
                                                       Her grandma warned her aimlessly

                                                       Walking to church many a time
                                                       And Decoration Day an annual event
                                                       Dinner on the ground a sure fire sign
                                                       The whole day they rejoiced and spent

                                                       So proud of her pretty, little church dress
                                                       Her mama made, especially for the day
                                                       And those pretty roses were the best
                                                       Sitting on the graves in a big bouquet

                                                       Carrying that little doll her grandma gave
                                                       With piercing eyes blue as the sky
                                                       The smallest things are worth the save
                                                       Worth more than money can buy

                                                       So many memories for a small girl
                                                       Tucked away of a few short years
                                                       Her grandma wasn't long for this world
                                                       Golden memories wipe away the tears

                                                       In her mind she'll never lose sight
                                                       Of her grandma on that distant shore
                                                       Her voice she still hears each night
                                                       Go to sleep now, tomorrow we'll do even more

                                                       Today she smiles with a happy heart
                                                       Turning back time and each cherished page
                                                       She and her grandma will never part
                                                       Although she's grown, memories never age

                                                       @ Susie Swanson, 2013

This is for my grandma with much love.. A few short years together seemed like a lifetime of memories and I hold them so dear. I think of her more often this time of year when her pretty roses are in bloom..

I will be taking a short break from Blogger next week. Taking my computer to the Computer Doctor for a tune up. Hoping that's all it'll be.. To the ones that I miss visiting your posts, I'll apoligize now and catch them later. I do look forward to each one of your posts and appreciate your sweet words and visits to mine. It means the world to me and I thank each one of you ... May God Bless, Susie