Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Small Miracle, In Honor Of My Great Grandson

                                             A baby so very small
                                             a remarkable miracle is he
                                             giving to it his all
                                             breathing his way to be

                                            A strong and loving child
                                            that plays a child's way
                                            with a sweet and tender smile
                                            but not yet this very day

                                            He clutches her finger tight
                                            as if to say I'm here
                                            the bond is a cherished sight
                                            it slowly brings a tear

                                            No other arms can hold
                                            except her loving embrace
                                            a longing touch is his goal
                                            and it shows upon his face

                                            Against all odds he came
                                            in a world he's yet to know
                                            a mother's heart is never the same
                                            in her arms he'll continue to grow

                                            Into a fine young man
                                            and he'll never remember at all
                                            the part of God's master plan
                                            from which he came so small

                                               Susie Swanson

 When I started on Blogger last December, this was my second poem. Our little miracle Bentley was born December 5, 2010. weighing only 1 lb.10ozs.  Not knowing much about Blogger at that time, I didn't even post a picture with the poem. Well here he is today, almost a year old weighing over 15lbs. He crawls, and stands up,holding to things but he can't sit alone yet. The doctor said he had more strength in his legs than his back. He has two teeth and is learning to say words. Pretty good for a baby born into the world at 23 weeks and not expected to survive. God surely had big plans for him.
So this is why we call him our little miracle from God, and what a joy he is.. Thank you God for blessing us with an angel that's gonna fly high....Blessings, Susie


  1. How beautiful the poem!
    How handsome the ladhe is!
    Such a gift from heaven.
    Thank you for sharing this precious blessing from heaven above!

  2. How very sweet. God bless him.

  3. A wonderful poem for a wonderful occasion.
    My grandaughter was born 10 years ago weighing 2 lbs 10 week early, now ten years later a proper tomboy she is. she was born on my birthday.


  4. What a beautiful verse about this little, yet huge, life! The line that struck me was how a mother's heart is never the same. Love has that kind of power.

  5. Thank you to each one, he is certaintly a miracle from God. He's grown even more now. These pics were taken in August. I will post more later, as we have some coming.. God Bless each one of you..

  6. Hi Susie, I answered this on FB, but just wanted you to know how happy I am at the progress of your little Great Grandson. Thank God for doctors and miracles..... Bentley is a cutie.

  7. Well he is a miracle-and adorable one!! Your poem is just perfect too : )

    (you won my spread the love giveaway)

  8. Awww, thank you so much Tipper, I am in total shock. Love your posts. I look forward to them. I learn something new everytime I visit . You are an open History Book when it comes to The Applachians.Your family's music is wonderful, I will cherish it forever..Thanks Again..Susie

  9. Hi Susie, what a lovely poem! I am so happy that your great grand-son is doing well and has grown strong. What a priceless miracle! He is such a beautiful baby. I also loved the poem on the previous post about your Grandma's quilt! My Grandma Ruby used to make quilts for all her children's beds, and although I never actually saw one, I heard my aunt and my mother talk about them during my childhood. Hand stitched with pieces of flour sack material and bits of old clothing into patches that looked like butterflies. By the time I was born the quilts had worn away with time, but the story lives on. I never had a chance to meet this dear Grandmother, she past away before I was born, but I grew up loving her and feel like I know. Your poem brought all those happy memories to life! Congratulations on winning your prize! What a special gift. I have had a busy monday, with several errands and chores. I also decided to give my Barkley dog a bath this afternoon. I don't know who is more tired now him or me! I have never had a dog who loves to take a bath the way he does. It is so cute. I'm grateful because bathing a 85lb. dog is a big job if they aren't enjoying it! :) I dried him with my blow dryer, he is so fluffy and soft, like a big golden teddy bear. Have a nice evening Susie! Delisa :)

  10. He is truly a miracle! God must have a plan for him.

  11. What a wonderful poem and glad to see that he is doing well.

  12. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem and photos of your precious little miracle baby, Susie!

  13. Little Bentley is a miracle baby!! What a blessed story about a beautiful baby making it in the world. I think I needed that today because I just found out that my daughter's co-worker got into a car accident and didn't make it. Life is so fragile, and it's time to hug our loved ones. Loved your story today, and thank you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  14. Thanks Delisa, I can just see you giving Barkley his bath..It's good that he likes baths. Glad you like the poem.

    Thank you Janet and he surely does.

    Thanks Country Whispers, that he is.

    Thank you Connie, so glad you enjoyed it..

    So sorry for your loss Sheri, I will keep everyone in my prayers.. Life is to short, we never know when something may happen..
    Thank you all for the visit..

  15. Susie, Bently surely was an early holiday gift to you and your family. Our grandson was born several weeks early as well and he turns 5 years old on Dec 4, a day ahead of your great grandson's birthday.

  16. What an amazing story, Susie! Bentley truly is a wonderful blessing!

  17. Wow that is amazing Beatrice. Those little fellows will go far..Thank you
    Thanks to you too Paula, that he surely is...He's our little angel sent from God..