Saturday, September 21, 2013

Soon It Will Be Knocking

                                           Soon it will be knocking at my garden gate
                                           It fills me with grief that has no name
                                           The remaining marigolds stands so straight
                                           Their brilliant orange warms them like a flame

                                           Bathed in the clear light of an autumn sky
                                           The lovely dahlias they too, will soon go
                                           When the evening comes and the winds die
                                           Oh if only there were an aftermath glow

                                           Pretty morning glories will close for good
                                           As the ice crystals cover each tiny stem
                                           The berries are already red on the dogwood
                                           As they welcome the little squirrels in

                                           Pretty flowers that have dotted the land so bold
                                           Will bow and make a grand exit like the rose
                                           As autumn's shadows turn to winter's cold
                                           My oh my how swift this beautiful season goes

                                           Though it may seem sad when all is gone
                                           And old Jack Frost covers instead of dew
                                           So much beauty known is yet to be shown
                                           When the spring returns and all is brand new

                                           © 2013, Susie Swanson

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Fall weather. Fall officially begins tomorrow but it already covers the landscape everywhere. And with the cooler weather and cool nights the leaves will be turning fast. I love Fall  and dread winter. How is the weather in your neck of the woods. Susie

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Vietnam Veteran

                                                      I see him standing there
                                                      So very large and tall
                                                      My Vietnam veteran 
                                                      beside the Vietnam wall

                                                      A wall so very large
                                                      With names placed upon
                                                      An astonishing sight to see
                                                      Just trying to be strong

                                                      I slowly shed a tear
                                                      As I gaze upon his face
                                                      And for all the heroes there
                                                      Placed with dignity and grace

                                                      War carried them away
                                                      To that faraway land
                                                      War returned their names
                                                      Only memories left to stand

                                                       Being one of the honorable few
                                                       His tears are shed inside
                                                       For all of his fallen comrades
                                                       That fought so hard and died

                                                       The scars of war's wounds
                                                       He secretly locks away
                                                       And together hand and hand
                                                       We walk another day

                                                        Copyright, 2013 Susie Swanson

Soon to be released in my new Book, "Echoes Of Time". To my husband with love!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Life's Picture

                                               Our life is a picture we leave here on earth
                                               We start painting the day we are born
                                                In the end some may leave a canvas of worth
                                                While others are tattered and torn

                                                Childhood days are so carefree
                                                Makes the background so serene
                                                In youth we make strokes boldly
                                                That we wish would never be seen

                                                While growing up may cause shadows
                                                And it paints a darker part
                                                The picture may not always be a rose
                                                Lessons learned, it can be a work of art

                                               Raising children makes for beauty
                                               In each scene they have their own, little place
                                               The canvas becomes so bright and lively
                                               By the joy on each little face

                                               Often times children cause the painting
                                               To take a different direction and hue
                                               We must have patience and understanding
                                                For not every sky is always blue

                                                Hearts sometimes hurt and are broken
                                                To each viewer that imparts
                                                Emotions shattered, words unspoken
                                                Lay buried deep within our hearts

                                                But the Lord instilled a goodness
                                                In the hearts of all humankind
                                                His canvas of life is ageless
                                                To be remembered when left behind

                                                We paint our own path and destiny
                                                Whether it becomes colorful or gray
                                                With the help of his great mercy
                                                 The colors grow more vibrant each day

                                                 Then when our picture is completed
                                                 Blessed with long life, we can see
                                                 Although vague but never depleted
                                                 We shall know it was all meant to be

                                                  Copyright, 2013 Susie Swanson

The above picture is my Wave Petunias back earlier in the summer before all the rains came and they faded away. I've never seen the flowers fade as fast as they have this year. To much of a good thing some places , not enough in others. I've planted more Mums this year so maybe the yard will have some color for a while. 
Looking forward to Fall. Hope ya'll are enjoying some cooler days and nights like we are. God Bless.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Autumn's Glory

Autumn whispers, do you remember me
with all my splendor and glory
Skies so clear vivid and blue
mornings crisp with sparkling dew

When summer fields are tan and lean
it is autumn that appears upon the scene
In its fancy suit and season attire
spreading farther and more higher

Splashing hills with red and gold
a lovely picture so bright and bold
Tall maple trees along the lane
wear rainbow halos in autumn's domain

The mighty oaks stand proud and tall
when autumn's foliage turns to fall
Even the ivy climbing each tree
turns a crimson red generously

The golden rod in the meadows bright
a canvas of yellow, a glorious sight
Orange pumpkins lay in the field
a splash of orange seals the deal

A sunset's flame of crimson red
wonders never cease, its beauty spread
Leaves us breathless wanting more
as summer goes softly, shutting the door

Every head bows in praise and prayer
amidst autumn's glory everywhere
No other journey is so grand
as when autumn takes us by the hand.

Copyright, 2013 Susie Swanson

My favorite season of all. I can feel it in the air and see it more each day.
 Hope ya'll had a nice Labor Day!!