Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year

Out with the old, in with the new. As we come to the end of another year I would like to wish all of you a Very Happy New Year, filled with Blessings galore.. It seems this year has flown by like so many others but when I think about all the things that's happened and the busy, fast paced life we're living in, it's no wonder one might say, where has the time went. A lot of good has happened this year.. I gained a new Daughter in law that I happen to love dearly.. I also gained another little great nephew that is sweet beyond measure... There's so many good things, they out weigh the bad.. I could never list all of them in a million years.. 
Two years ago this month I started this Blog, not knowing a single thing about blogging. And oh the joy it has brought.. So many wonderful friends that I'll cherish all of my days.. You've all made me feel at home in one way or another.. I know.. I get carried away sometimes with my poetry.. I go from one subject to another and  one never knows what to expect. Kinda like my mouth, I never know when to shut I may not get around to each of your posts like I want to but I enjoy them tremendously.. Ya'll have been such an inspiration to me in so many ways... I am eternally grateful for each blessing you've given me and for being my blogging friend.. So I wish ya'll a year filled with abundant happiness and Joy.. May God continue to Bless each one.. Susie

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When I Think Of January

                                                     When most people think of January
                                                      they think of the cold
                                                      winter's wrath has settled in
                                                      with a powerful hold

                                                      When I think of January
                                                       my heart dances to a song
                                                       I can hear the sewing machine now
                                                       as it hums on along

                                                       All of those quilts
                                                       I patiently piece together
                                                       will surely keep somebody warm
                                                       in January's harsh's weather

                                                       I can't forget those trips
                                                       I take to distant lands
                                                       in my mind I travel often
                                                       with my pen in hand

                                                       With every little poem
                                                        my spirit surely does climb
                                                        and I live every moment
                                                        in every little rhyme

                                                         So when I look out my window
                                                         and see the January snow
                                                         I don't mind at all
                                                         if time is moving kind of slow

                                                         I know it can't be long
                                                         until spring rolls around
                                                         and it doesn't matter one bit
                                                         if I stay house bound

                                                         Susie Swanson, 2012

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I figured I better get back into the Blogging business or you all would think I'd forgotten you. We had a busy but very nice Christmas, except for a few that's got the crud.. That stuff is really taking its toll on people around here.. It was a rainy Christmas and very unseasonable to say the least.. Here I am complaining about the weather when some of you are having far worse, with the tornadoes and blizzards going on in other parts of the country.. We were in the high 50's yesterday and today we're getting strong winds and snow showers. Go figure !!  A very unusual and curious winter for sure.. 

I posted a while back about the New Year's Eve Possum Drop that's  held in our little neck of the woods and how the Group that call themselves P.E.T.A. ( people for the ethnic treatment of animals ) was trying to stop Mr. Clay from using a live possum at the event.. Well they accomplished their goal some what.. It basically was between the Wildlife Commission and P.E.T.A. The Wildlife Commission was the one that issued him the permit each year to keep the possum in captivity and P.E.T.A. found a judge to side with them and he said no more permits would be issued but it's going to be under appeal.The Event is scheduled to go on without a live possum.. Mr. Clay will not say who or what the guest of honor may be but the Event has been held each year since 1994 . He was quoted in the local paper as saying,  The two questions he hears most, are we going over the Fiscal Cliff and are we Going to have a Possum Drop. He's a hoot, that's for sure.  It started out as a family and community based event and now it's grown so much and so many people attend that they have to park them at a near by Community College and run shuttle buses to get all of the people in.And it's just a little country store with a small stage set up beside it.. It's called, Clay's Corner. They have a Womanless Beauty Pagent and church groups sing and lots of clean fun before the big event and absolutely no alcohol allowed on the premises. Clay makes sure of that.They  come from all over the country, like New York, believe it or not.,  He said , I ain't breaking any laws. Knowing him,there's no telling what he may come up with.. This all started when the Media got involved. The CBS Morning Show and CNN has covered it and I don't know how many more.. Oh well, another possum has bit the dust. He won't get free meals and board. I guess he'll have to settle for persimmons or garbage cans if he's lucky..
I wrote a rather long poem/story about this but I'm planning on putting it in my new book and didn't want to post it at this time..But Mr. Clay plans on reading it at the festivities.. There's suppose to be some P.E.T.A. folks there to make sure everything goes by the book..Ha, Ha, I'll just end with this..........They're not going to be to happy that's for sure.

Getting back to the poem and photos above. I didn't make these this year. I'm starting on a Pinwheel Log Cabin pattern after the holidays if I can get my head on straight that is. Hope ya'll have A Happy New Year.. Blessings, Susie

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Christmas Card To You

                                                      Every name is a blessing
                                                      upon this list of mine
                                                      somewhere our paths have crossed
                                                      in another place and time

                                                      Perhaps it was years ago
                                                      or only yesterday
                                                      but every person on my list
                                                      has changed my life someway

                                                     A simple hug or conversation
                                                     a friendly smile or meal
                                                     a spoken prayer to God above
                                                     has helped me grow and heal

                                                     Perhaps God went through you
                                                     and wove his magic twine
                                                     in some small or kindly deed
                                                     to touch this heart of mine

                                                     You wished the gray clouds away
                                                     and prayed for rain instead
                                                     I raised my eyes to heaven
                                                     and found a rainbow overhead

                                                    Worldly things that trouble me
                                                     just seems to disappear
                                                     knowing you are always there
                                                     across the miles or near

                                                    You restore my faith, love and hope
                                                     a bond that will never cease
                                                     so many wonderful family and friends
                                                     brings to me an inner peace

                                                    Each day my list continues to grow
                                                    and each name I hold so dear
                                                    each one has brought Christmas joy
                                                    everyday of the year

                                                   This Christmas Card I give to you
                                                   is more than just a wish
                                                   it's a thank you to God above
                                                   for putting you on my list

                                                   Susie Swanson, 2012

I will be taking a break from Blogger until after the Christmas Holidays.. With so much to get done and so little time left to do it in.. I want to wish each one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.. May God Bless each one of you. I cherish your friendship more each day.. With Love, Susie

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Most Innocent

                                                 The most innocent life
                                                 is the face of a child
                                                 who has never known strife
                                                 and only knows how to smile

                                                With a smile so wide
                                                 it can melt any heart
                                                 so much love inside
                                                 can fill a waiting cart

                                                The gentle soul within
                                                 much joy does store
                                                 plenty of happiness without end
                                                 for a time and hopefully more

                                                The calmness of peace
                                                fills an empty soul
                                                comes from the most least
                                                and reaches its goal

                                                An angel God does send
                                                like a flower in bloom
                                                no knowledge of sin
                                                or darkness and gloom

                                               The more innocence lives
                                                the world will surely gain
                                                from what it will give
                                                to a world full of pain

                                               A glorious little life
                                               sent from heaven above
                                               to entertain all
                                               with unselfish love

                                               Susie Swanson, 2012

                                               May God be with them all..



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Miss You Mom

                                                     My heart is heavy laden
                                                     many tears I have cried
                                                     since you went away
                                                     my heart is so empty inside
                                                     You were my guardian angel
                                                     my best and dearest friend
                                                     you taught me lessons to live
                                                     and stood by me until the end

                                                     I miss our many talks
                                                     you made each day so bright
                                                     your courage and cheerfulness
                                                     was a gifted, shining light

                                                     The picture of your face mom
                                                     the memory of your touch
                                                     and so many other things
                                                     I've come to miss so much

                                                    You'll never leave my thoughts
                                                     or leave my heart behind
                                                     I'll always keep you close beside
                                                     and forever on my mind

                                                     Save a place for me mom
                                                     I know it can't be long
                                                     when soon I'll join you there
                                                     and I'll finally feel at home

                                                    Susie Swanson, 2012
                                                    In Memory Of My Mother, 04-19-27----12-13-97

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Miracles

                                                    Christmas bells are ringing
                                                    on every corner street
                                                    the little kettle she holds
                                                    against the snow and sleet

                                                    Her wrinkled hands are cold
                                                    on this sacred, Holy night
                                                    she rings her little bell
                                                    under the street corner light

                                                    Her mind wanders back
                                                    to that Christmas long ago
                                                    he held her ever so tight
                                                    and left in the fallen snow

                                                    Her one and only love
                                                    bid her a sad farewell
                                                    with a long and gentle kiss
                                                    while Carolers sang Noel

                                                    No letters did she receive
                                                    years of heartache instead
                                                    for the one she has lost
                                                    she fears is long since dead

                                                    She toils to help the needy
                                                    like every Christmas before
                                                    her home is now so empty
                                                    there's no one to open the door

                                                    She hears the Carolers singing
                                                    the songs she loves so well
                                                    time to go on home
                                                    with sadness she does dwell

                                                    Stepping from the street corner
                                                    the car blared its horn
                                                    laying crumpled upon the ground
                                                    this birthday, when Christ was born

                                                   A bright light did descend
                                                   two lovers did embrace
                                                   they rose towards heaven
                                                   so much joy upon their face

                                                   Two hearts joined as one
                                                   the place where it all began
                                                   where there's love God dwells
                                                   Christmas miracles does transcend

                                                     Susie Swanson, 2012

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.. I'm doing lots better and getting stronger each day. I wrote this one before I got sick and I've wanted to post it but didn't feel like it.. I'm sorry if I've neglected each of your posts and it looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do.. Oh how I've missed each one.. Thanks again, Susie

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Strangers Are Friends

                                                     God knows no strangers, He loves us all
                                                     The poor, the rich, the great, the small
                                                      He is a friend who is always there
                                                      To share our troubles and lessen our care
                                                      For  no one is a stranger in God's sight
                                                      For God is love, and in his light
                                                      May we too, try in our small way
                                                      To make new friends from day to day
                                                      So pass no stranger with an unseeing eye
                                                      For God may be sending a new friend by

                                                        Helen Steiner Rice

A quick update to let all of you know I'm still having health issues and trying to plow through some antibiotics . When I say plow through, that's just about all one can do.. They Are Rough..I Suppose to go this week and get some Dental work done and hopefully feel more up to par if the Antibiotics doesn't get me first. I will  visit your great posts when I can and I hope all has a Nice Week. Blessings, Susie


Monday, November 26, 2012

Nary A Rose

                                                     He hopped aboard a train
                                                     With no destination in mind
                                                     Only the clothes on his back
                                                     An old soldier left behind

                                                     Stored away in a boxcar
                                                     No one knows he is there
                                                     His stomach is mighty empty
                                                     His clothes are thread bare

                                                     He lives in a distant land
                                                     Far across the sea
                                                     Where mortars and shells
                                                     Are his only company

                                                    And the sons of mothers
                                                    Were his brothers more
                                                    He saw their bloodshed
                                                    All in the name of war

                                                    He prays to die each day
                                                    Has often questioned why
                                                    He was spared and left behind
                                                    To save them he did try

                                                    The images of their face
                                                     It seems, is here to stay
                                                    There's no room for living
                                                    He just tries to steal away

                                                    An old boxcar is his home
                                                    On every train he goes
                                                    He only finds the thorns
                                                    There's nary a single rose

                                                     Susie Swanson, 2012

I just want to let all of you know that I may be gone for a little while. I may be having some Dental Work done this week and needless to say I probably won't feel up to Blogging.. Hope everyone has a nice week. Blessings, Susie

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Christmas Cactus

                                                      My little Christmas cactus
                                                      means so much to me
                                                      sitting in the window
                                                      as pretty as can be

                                                      Those bright pink blossoms
                                                      are more beautiful than before
                                                      handed down from my mother
                                                      it's a treasure even more

                                                      Christmas is its favorite time
                                                      to bloom every year
                                                      it was also my mother's
                                                      she was so full of cheer

                                                       My mother and her cactus
                                                       they sure were a pair
                                                       Every time I gaze upon it
                                                       I can still see her there

                                                       Susie Swanson, 2012

The picture above is not my cactus but one similar.. Mine has not bloomed out enough to get a really good picture of it yet. And it is more pink than the one above. My mother had it for many years and I have the cuttings from the original one.. My sister and I have started several over the years.. The original was so round and beautiful. My mother surely had a green thumb.We always made a joke about how we'd get mom to plant our flowers and they'd grow for sure..I do think of her more this time of year and the cactus plays a big part but oh how she loved Christmas time..It was her favorite and she really did go all out.. Even after we were all grown she kept up the traditions of decorating, baking, cooking , etc.. I guess anyone that's lost love ones miss them more at the holidays.. But life does go on and we hold on to our memories and they keep us going.. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We got to spend our holiday with our son and new wife.. We really had a wonderful holiday. Now, it's time to get ready for Christmas..Wheww.. Susie

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Smoke Billows

                                                        It's that time of year
                                                        time to chug the fire
                                                        big billows of smoke
                                                        rising up near and far

                                                        Late in the evening
                                                        the sun is sinking low
                                                        every house in the distance
                                                        has a wood heater glow

                                                        Smoke covers the valley
                                                        a sure fire sign
                                                        when darkness takes over
                                                        the temps will decline

                                                        Frost is on the ground
                                                        waiting to greet the day
                                                        time to chug the fire
                                                        the smoke billows away

                                                        A big stack of wood
                                                        some kindling for show
                                                        the wood box is full
                                                        the wood heater is aglow

                                                        Susie Swanson, 2012

Even though we don't use wood for heat now, I can still look out over the valley at sundown and see the smoke rising from the wood heaters that some of my neighbors have.. It still brings back alot of memories of long ago when the whole valley would smoke up and everyone was chugging the fire or building a fire to knock off the chill.. There's not much smoke anymore as people have went to other forms of heat but I wouldn't mind in some ways having a fireplace or wood heater again.. We have an electric fireplace plus a furnace but I loved sitting by that old wood heater in the winter and listening to daddy and mama tell those old stories of long ago. Daddy could tell scary stories that would make the hair stand up on our neck. Mama always complained about the smoke and how it would black up her curtains and wall.. I remember us having to take down the curtains and clean the walls in the spring.. Spring cleaning was a hard task but we never stopped until every thing looked new.. I do the spring cleaning but it's not as bad as it used to be for sure. We washed and dried all the bedding and hung the clotheslines full.. On pretty sunshine days we'd drag the mattress out and let them sun  and the pillows too.. There's nothing that smells any more fresh than sheets that's been hung out to dry or mattress's and pillows that have been out in the sun all day. Those were the good old days for sure.

With the Thanksgiving week coming up  I will be taking a break from blogging with so much to get done.. I want to take this time to wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving and as we all gather together let's not forget to pray for the ones less fortunate and the troops that can't be with their families. They make it all possible for us to gather together and be with our families.. I have so many blessings to be thankful for I couldn't name all of them in a million years and I know you feel the same.. May God Bless Each One Of You..Susie 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Possum Drop

Here in our little neck of the woods in the Southern Appalachians, also known as Western N.C. an eighteen year old tradition is being threatened by a group that calls themselves P.E.T.A. Most of you have heard of them but for the ones that haven't it means People Against Ethnic Treatment of Animals...
Next to my community is a  small community called Brasstown  and each year on New Year's Eve a man called Clay Logan has an event called The Possum Drop. Now some may have heard of it since he has been on the morning shows in years past.. Clay owns a little country store known as Clay's Corner and right beside it, he has a little stage that's set up for the event. They have good, down home, clean fun. No alcohol what so ever on the premises . Clay sees to that.. They usually start off with good singing and picking and church groups come out and sing  then they have a Womanless Beauty Pagent. At the end of the night just before the clock strikes midnight they start the lowering of the possum and at twelve o'clock  the possum is on the ground in a Flexi Glass Cage. Weeks before this event Clay goes out and finds the scrawniest possum he can find, puts it in a pen and feeds it dog and cat food until its sides are sticking out.. He was quoted as saying he grooms it and bathes it, blows it dry with a hair dryer, all for the big event..The possum is taken care of so much and pampered that Clay said it didn't even want to leave after he puts it back out into the wild.. He also was quoted as saying, There's all kinds of possums running around on Brasstown holding up little signs that says "Take me this year".

Each year he goes by what the law says, he fills out all the necessary paper work and gets his permit that allows him to catch and hold a wild animal.. But P.E.T.A. has already been saying that it would be ok if he killed the possum and lowered its carcuse but not while it's alive. It scares it to much..Go Figure..
Well, today they finally found a Judge that agreed with them and he handed down an order that says Clay Logan can't lower anymore possums on New Year's Eve..

Now when one ponders on this , one would think there's a lot more pressing things in the country to worry about , like helping the Victims of Hurricane Sandy or helping to feed the needy and hungry. Before you go and jump to conclusions let me say this, I love animals to no end and they become our family. I would NEVER be mean to any animal or ever condone it...It's against my beliefs and the way I was raised. But if this is called being mean to an animal I'd hate to see what real abuse is..

As for Clay Logan, he said in the news paper that he would be having something but he doesn't know what .. Knowing Clay, he'll probably go out and get some Road Kill and puts it in a Flexi Glass Cage. I just hope he seals it really tight.
So our little Mountain Tradition will go on with or without the possum, it's not over yet.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thank You

                                                          They walk among us
                                                           in plain view
                                                           lay in vast graves
                                                           covered by the dew

                                                           The ultimate sacrifice
                                                           willing to give all
                                                           the stones a symbol
                                                           of the battlefield call

                                                           They walked into battle
                                                           with head held high
                                                           they fought for freedom
                                                           some had to die

                                                           They walk in heaven
                                                           the battle is won
                                                           mission accomplished
                                                           their job is done

                                                           Families are waiting
                                                           for love ones to come
                                                           walk through the door
                                                           then there are some

                                                           Respect and gratitude
                                                           let it so be
                                                           the price for freedom
                                                           they hold the key

                                                           One day of honor
                                                           once every year
                                                           the day of honor
                                                           is already here

                                                           They walk among us
                                                            a chosen few
                                                            let us be grateful
                                                            with a Thank You

                                                            Susie Swanson, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Showers Of Blessings

                                                    Each day there are blessings
                                                    sent from the Father above
                                                    For God is a great, lavish giver
                                                    and there is no end to his love
                                                    And his grace is more than sufficient
                                                    his mercy is boundless and deep
                                                    And his infinite blessings are countless
                                                    and all this we're given to keep
                                                    If we but seek God and find him
                                                    and ask for a bounteous measure
                                                    Of his wholly immeasurable offering
                                                     from God's inexhaustible treasure
                                                    For no matter how big man's dreams are
                                                    God's blessings are infinitely more
                                                    For always God's giving is greater
                                                    than what man is asking for

                                                     Helen Steiner Rice

This is one of my favorites from H.S.R. We surely can't thank him enough for his many blessings..

I may be taking a Blog break soon, as I'm working on my New Book. "The Echoes Of Time" I don't know for sure when it will be out.. The Publisher has it right now. I will give updates later and I'm so busy with other things going on.. Meanwhile I will be going to my son's much awaited Wedding Reception later this evening.. As I posted before, they got married August 14th in Key West Florida and waited until now to have their Reception.. I'm so looking forward to it.. Hope you all have a nice weekend, Susie

Monday, November 5, 2012

Letters From Home

Many years ago in a faraway land,
a soldier reads letters from an old mother's hand.
He felt her presence there though oceans apart.
 Every word came from a love filled heart.

Keep God in your heart and read your Bible son,
soon all trials of war you will have won.
And when you're down and out and need a friend,
just remember he'll stay with you until the end.

Daddy says hello and he loves you too.
 He's so proud of you in everything you do.
He walks to the mailbox everyday,
looking for a letter to come our way.

Son, just keep writing to us and do your best.
I sure do pray you're getting plenty of rest.
The family says hello and they'll all try to write.
Daddy still goes outside to work each morning before daylight.

He pushes the wheelbarrow up and down the hill.
 Maybe when you get home he'll finally be still.
I almost forgot to tell you Jane's got a new boyfriend.
 I wonder how long she'll go with this one before it comes to an end.

I wish you could see them, my roses are in bloom.
I'll try and get a picture and send one soon.
Emma's got a new cow. She gave us three gallons of milk.
Son I wonder, do you get any milk?

Since he got married, Bill thinks you're mad at him.
 She's a nice girl, you need to hurry and write them.
Remember that I love you and don't ever forget.
 I'll always be praying for you, don't you give up yet.

With words like that, how could he not survive.
With every letter it made him feel more alive.
No matter how hot or how long the days,
 they gave him hope in so many ways.

Those words of encouragement kept pushing him along,
 and helped him to forget that awful war, torn zone.
When he finally came home from the Vietnam war,
 only then did he see his mother's tears begin to pour.

A mother's love can reach across every sea
and come to rest where it needs to be.

                                                      Susie Swanson, 2012

I wrote and published this one in 2010 for my husband in Memory of his precious Mother. These are some of her own words in the letters that he brought back home in 1969. He had a whole stack of letters and after she passed away in 1991 we found a stack of letters that he wrote to her and his dad.. I hope you enjoyed it. Blessings, Susie

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Swirling Leaves

                                                 The leaves blow here, the leaves blow there
                                                 The leaves are blowing everywhere
                                                 They're tumbling, rolling, falling down
                                                 Upon the cool autumn ground

                                                 They clothe the barren garden path
                                                 Which soon will see the winter's wrath
                                                 They swirl across the country lanes
                                                 Where softly fell the summer rains

                                                 Beautiful are their colors too
                                                 A variety of rainbow colored hues
                                                 The leaves blow here, the leaves blow there
                                                 The trees are bare by brisk autumn air

                                                   Susie Swanson, 2012

The trees are almost bare here in my neck of the woods after this week's wind, just a few left hanging to fall another day. I'm so thankful that's all we got was the wind, could have been alot worse. I feel so bad for the ones that's less fortunate.. So much destruction and so many lives changed forever.. My prayers are with them. God Bless, Susie