Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Old Barn

                                                 There's an old barn
                                                 sitting all silent and still
                                                 what a story it could tell
                                                 out there in that big, open field

                                                 Back when times were different
                                                 there were alot of things going on
                                                 to look at the old barn today
                                                 no one would never have known

                                                 It was very fond of the cows
                                                 that used to all gather in
                                                 when it came milking time
                                                 and the milk they were willing to lend

                                                 Oh those pesky chickens
                                                 they were always running around
                                                 looking to build their nests
                                                 for then they were homeward bound

                                                 It could never forget the horses
                                                 that each evening had to be fed
                                                 especially during the winter
                                                 before they were put to bed

                                                 Oh how it loved the children
                                                 when they used to come and play
                                                 up in that big, old hayloft
                                                 each and everyday

                                                 There the old rope is still hanging
                                                  they used to swing on that old thing
                                                  with all their child-like noise
                                                  what joy it did bring

                                                  The old barn surely did feel needed
                                                   in that other place and time
                                                   it seems so sad today
                                                   just to walk away and leave it behind
                                                   In my mind I'll hold on to the picture
                                                   when I walk through that big, old door
                                                   then it'll stay with me forever
                                                   and never be forgotten anymore

                                                  Susie Swanson      Published, 2010

This is another oldie folks, one of my first poems. I've posted it in the past and several people that have my book has already read it but I have several new followers now and decided to post it again. Hope you enjoy, Blessings, Susie


  1. It's sad to see deserted old barns going to pot, Susie. It seems like such a waste.

  2. Neat poem, Susie... I love barns ---and when I see one, I always wonder what went on at one time in that barn...

    I will say that it is sad to see so many these days not being used...

  3. Nice poem, Susie. Those old barns hold so many memories. :)

  4. I love seeing big old barns, and am glad to have one at the end of the street where I live. What life, and stories, took place in those walls. They definitely speak so fondly of another era ...

  5. Susie, this was the first time I read this poem and it was a lovely tribute. Thanks for the repost.

  6. Thanks everyone, glad you liked it. I hate seeing old barns fall by the wayside. So much history. I love the old time things, but it seems they're almost gone now.. I wish I knew all the tales they could tell..Life was so much more simple and better.. You all come again..Thanks..

  7. The barn loft! Oh how well I remember playing in the loft, jumping out of it, and then in the crib where we had a playhouse. Kids today just don't know what they're missing do they?

  8. Hi Susie, I just love this poem! I never grew up around barns living in the city, but they always held a fascination for me!. How happy I was when we came to Georgia and moved into an area where there are so many farms and barns to see as I travel along the road.

    I loved how you wrote the poem from the barn's perspective. You have such a gift of empathy! It just shines through your poems, a wonderful ability to feel what another person is feeling. It makes your poems come alive! I just wanted to press my cheek against the old wood planks and tell the barn that it was still needed and would not be forgotten! :) I hope you have a lovely evening ahead! Delisa :)

  9. How true. I love old barns and the memories they hold.

  10. Thanks Charlotte, I bet you had a great time jumping out of that hayloft. We had a barn but it wasn't big enough for a loft. The kids today are not as creative as we were and they find it hard to play outside even. We made playhouses too. What fun.

    Thank you so much Delisa, you are so sweet. There's something about writing (I know that you already know this)that puts you into the heart and soul of the subject. I love Old History and the things that came with it. It energizes me, so to speak. Blessings, Susie

  11. Looks a lot like the one I remember from my grandparents farm so many years ago. Barns will always hold a special, loved spot in my heart.

    I would love to reply to your comments on my blog, but you have your email hidden. Thank you for commenting!

  12. Wonderful!! I hate to see them in ruins.
    We call them sheds over here and I used to play in one as a child also.. Loved the smell of animal grains, old bags, scales and machinery.

  13. Thank you both so much. @Muddling Through, blogger is messed up for me, I can only post comments if I uncheck th esin in box.. So Sorry.
    Thanks Crystal Mary, they were a fun place to play. If those barns could only talk..

  14. Lovely poem and the picture reminds of an old barn I pass when going to church.

  15. Thank you Wanda and thanks for the visit..

  16. What a lovely barn and a lovely poem.

  17. Thank you so much for the comments and visit..