Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Little Footlog

                                                   A little path more traveled
                                                   I remember oh so well
                                                   the little footlog daddy built
                                                   on fond memories I still dwell

                                                   Walking was never a chore
                                                    it was the only way we knew
                                                    we had to cross the creek
                                                    it's purpose more and more grew

                                                   Walking to the school bus
                                                    we came to depend on it so
                                                    the footlog was our bridge
                                                    to wherever we needed to go

                                                    Each time the water rose
                                                    we'd find the footlog gone
                                                    daddy would build a new one
                                                    better than the one we'd known

                                                    On hot, summer days
                                                    when we were out of school
                                                    we'd jump from the footlog
                                                    and pretend the creek was our pool

                                                    But when the winter came
                                                    on the handpole we did hold
                                                    especially on a frosty morning
                                                    that creek was awfully cold

                                                    While many feet did trod
                                                     for many a night and day
                                                     the footlog was always there
                                                     to help us on our way

                                                    Today when I look at the creek
                                                     my memories are so real
                                                     I see mama walking the footlog
                                                     and saying "kids please be still"

                                                     Susie Swanson

This is so true folks. The little footlog is gone now, but when I look out my back window or door, I can still see it so plain, laying across that little creek. The creek used to be more full of water than it is now. Because of the dry weather there's not much water in it at the present time. What water there is,  is still spread out just like it used to be . The difference now is I'm living on the opposite side of the creek and don't have to worry about crossing it, except when we want to. When the creek gets up, that's a different story. We've only seen it under our house one time since we've lived here and that's been  near forty years.

We have a new footlog today that's built closer to our house. All we have to do is walk down our back door steps and walk across the creek. My husband built it several years ago and it is more higher than the old one.

Daddy had a time back then , trying to keep a footlog for us to cross, since we walked everywhere we went and the creek got up more and higher in those days. I guess it was because we had more and longer rains than today. I spent my whole childhood on the other side of the creek and what joy I had. The memories are overwhelming at times, but I cherish them all.. Thank you Daddy for the footlog and the hard work you put into having one and thank you and mama for all that you both done to raise us. What wonderful, loving parents, you shaped me into who I am today.....Susie



  1. What wonderful memories, Susie. It's so nice the things that stay with us, that we remember from our youth and take joy in now. Nice poem! Have a nice Sunday! :)

  2. So touching! We look back, and although we had much less materially, weren't we happy? Maybe because we didn't know any thing different and all our friends had no more than we had. I'm glad you have these memories; they brought some to me too.

  3. I'm a walker, and walk every possible place that I can, so I appreciate your verse about walking over the creek. So much of life, of contemplating and talking and seeing, happens while we're on the move on our feet. It's a great way to see and know the world.

  4. Hi Susie, what a wonderful poem! I just loved it. How thoughtful your father was to build this little walking bridge for his children. Our memories are such a gift. I know what you mean, I think about my mom and dad everyday and I miss them so much. I understand now in a way I didn't when I was younger, all the sacrifices they made for me. How beautiful it must have been for you to grow up in such a place and time and to have such a lovely walk each day! Have a wonderful sunday evening! Delisa :)

  5. Thank you all so much. You are so right the little things is what's important. Memories we can hold on to for a lifetime. Thanks for the comments..

  6. Thank you Delisa, Yes we could never thank them enough for what they done and it wasn't easy for them.. Glad you enjoyed it..

  7. Susie, I so enjoy your poems/shares/stories. They bring back many a memory of yore, in different ways, for me. I
    so enjoy your sweet tender words & the love that pours forth. Thank you for sharing.

    What a lovely wedding memory, Susie. Happy anniversary & many more blessings to come.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  8. Susie,
    I love hearing old stories about childhood, and your footlog story was wonderful. This past year I have decided to write short stories about the family when I was young so my kids can have them and pass them down to their kids. They really enjoy reading them. Wasn't it alot simpler back then, when all we had to do was cross a bridge or foot log? Your story touched my heart today. Thank you for that.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  9. Hello, I came over from Gorges Blog. I do love your poem. It took me back to childhood an our own creek on our farm. At one point we had a plank to walk carefully over and at another point a tree had fallen over it so we walked along that. Yes we walked everywhere and thought nothing of it.
    The other night I'd taken a shower and was sitting on my couch when my sixteen year old grandson phone me to go and pick him and a friend up, otherwise they had to walk home. "How far will you have to walk?" I asked. When he told me a kilometre or maybe two, I told him to walk it then..There is nothing better for health. Blessings to you, and thank you for the lovely memories.

  10. Susie what a wonderful host of memories you share with us in your beautiful poetry. You paint such vivid pictures of days gone by we are transported in time.
    Thank you for sharing these with us.

  11. I thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart. This means the world to me. I love writing and reading about the past also and will try to post more of them. I enjoy each one of your posts and will visit often. Thanks for the comments and visits..

  12. Footlog - a long time since I've heard that term. Yes, we had one when we were a kid and no hand rails. It was fun to walk across balancing ourselves with our arms held out to our sides.
    Thanks for this wonderful memory.
    Blessings, Barb

  13. Thanks Barbara, glad you enjoyed it..

  14. Susie

    What a wonderful post-you are such a talented writer. I remember crossing old footlogs-I liked to think about all the fee that had passed over them before me.

  15. Thanks Tipper, glad you enjoyed it. So many feet and so much history..

  16. Enjoyed reading your story. I enjoy writing about family memories, too. Put them down on paper and they will never be forgotten.

  17. Thanks Janet, glad you liked it. I'm trying to write down everything that comes to mind. Working on another story now..We have to keep them alive for our family..

  18. Hi Susie! I hope you are having a nice day! It rained and rained today, but it was good for our pond and I know the fish will be happy! :) I was happy to get a lot of my housework done. I hope you have a lovely evening ahead! Delisa :)

  19. A beautiful story and poem. We all have so manny reasons to be grateful to our parents. That little foot log was as a symbol of more than a way to cross the stream. You awaken sleeping memories I haven't pondered in many years. Yes we had a footlog too! God bless!

  20. Reading your words I could almost see myself along the creek. Beautiful tribute Susie.

  21. Thanks everyone, glad you liked it. @Delisa, so glad you got rain. Thanks for sending it my way, hope you have a nice evening as well..

    @Randy, it surely was and the feet that passed across. That's what keeps us going, is our memories. Worth more than gold.I bet you enjoyed that footlog as much as we did.

    @Wanda, so happy you could see it like me. All I have to do is look out my window and the memories come pouring back. We crossed that little footlog my whole youth and then some.. May God Bless you all..