Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome Back

                                                  Welcome back beautiful fall
                                                  so nice to see you again
                                                  with all your splendid glory
                                                  you are my best season friend

                                                 I love your beautiful dress
                                                 it covers everything in sight
                                                 spread out across the land
                                                 so elegant, colorful and bright

                                               And that lovely hat you wear
                                               of clear, blue skies each day
                                               a mix of cool, crisp nights
                                               are a welcome season display

                                               Those shoes are such a delight
                                               you place upon the ground
                                               the squirrels love them dearly
                                               frolicking in yellow, orange and brown

                                          Even the birds changed their tune
                                          and whistle now even more
                                          your fancy clad attire
                                          they simply love and adore

                                         Welcome back beautiful fall
                                         with your picture perfect glow
                                         you sure know how to dress up
                                         in a magnificent, landscape show

                                        Susie Swanson


  1. You've captured the glory of fall; God among us. Colors are so very beautiful at this time of year. I'm afraid, since it's been so dry, the colors won't be as vivid here this year.

  2. Thank you so much. Yes I'm afraid there may not be as much color this year. Hope it don't jump straight to winter.. You have a wonderful Fall day..Susie

  3. Ahhh, favorite season of all!! Loved your poem and the beautiful Fall pictures.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Thank you so much Sheri, fall is my favorite too. Glad you liked it, thanks for the visit and comments..Susie

  5. Hi Susie! What a lovely poem! I so enjoyed it, especially the line about fall being your best friend of all the seasons. I feel that way too! It is my most favorite time of year. Something just comes alive in my heart as soon as I feel that first cool morning of autumn. Autumn always feels like a fresh start. I love the shorter days, especially when the time changes. I love cooking and eating dinner when it is dark outside, watching the heat of my cooking pots steam up the windows. The days seem more restful, like the dark gives you permission to stop working and sit down and knit awhile. :) I hope you have a lovely evening ahead! Delisa :)

  6. Oh thank you Delisa, you make it sound so much more inviting. I can't wait for the early darkness and starting my quilts. With the time change it will be a long time to knit or quilt.. Susie

  7. I love fall, too. Your poem captured it all.

  8. Lovely poem, Susie. Fall is a magical time, isn't it. :)

  9. Beautiful poem, Susie!
    It's hard to believe fall is almost here... this year is really flying by!

  10. Well I've tried to leave you several messages from My home computer but it wouldn't work but just tried my I-phone and it works. Love your poems. This one about fall just brings joy to my heart. I tolerate summer just to make it to this time of the year. Thanks for joining my blog also. Have A blessed day.

  11. Your poetry is just beautiful and you are so talented. I enjoyed reading it very much. I have a friend in the United Kingdom that thought her poetry was not good and is now in the process of publishing her second book. You might like to check out her blog. Here is the link:

    Thank you for inviting me over. I will be back.

  12. Thank you all so much, @Judy I am already a follower of Yvonne's blog and she is an awesome writer. Thank you Randy , glad you were able to get through and your blog is awesome. To Daisy and Paula, thanks as well. Yes it's hard to believe fall is here, but I'm so glad I love it.. Hope you all have a great weekend..Susie

  13. You have captured Falls. radiant beauty and glow. Though you paint such beauty with your words one si never disappointed.
    Thank you for stopping by.
    It has been crazy and it appears it will be this way for about the next four months. Not sure what or how this is all going to work. Need lots of prayers and strength for the days and weeks ahead.
    Love and blessings my dear friend .

  14. Hi Susie! I hope you are having a nice afternoon, I just thought I would pop by and say hello. It looks like we are going to have a big storm blow through our neck of the woods in a couple of hours. The sky is every shade of gray, and our neighbor put her horses in the corral. I never have to even look at the weather report anymore, I know if I see her putting the horses away it is going to storm big! I'm having kind of a slow moving morning today and I just got done eating my breakfast for lunch! Barkley is also being lazy and is lying on his blanket next to my chair with his little stuffed lamb. I hope you have a lovely afternoon ahead! Delisa :)

  15. @ Bethe, thank you for the nice words. You hang in there and I will praying for you.

    @ Delisa, so good to hear from you. Hope that storm wasn't to bad. Storms make me nervous, I've been like that all of my life and can't help it. I bet they are worse in your part of the country. Hope you're feeling better and I 'll keep you in my prayers also. Hug Barkley for me for taking care of you.. Blessings to you both,Susie

  16. Fall is certainly inspiring for writing poems and for beautiful pictures, isn't it? Love your lovely poem and fall photos, Susie!

  17. It certaintly is Connie. Thank you so much for the comments and I love your beautiful poem about fall as well.