Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let's Start Over Again

                                                       A little boy walked to school
                                                       ready to face the day
                                                       just like the morning before
                                                       in his chest a heavy heart lay

                                                       His clothes were worn and tattered
                                                       ragged shoes upon his feet
                                                       he walked quietly through the door
                                                       and slowly took his seat

                                                       With all eyes upon him
                                                        the children snarled and grinned
                                                        it was the usual daily routine
                                                        each morning they started again

                                                        He was the black sheep of the class, he knew
                                                        because he was less fortunate to be
                                                        wearing new clothes and shiny shoes
                                                        for all their eyes to see

                                                        This day was a lot different though
                                                         he could feel it in his heart
                                                         he raised his hand to speak
                                                         it was tearing him apart

                                                         The teacher gave her permission
                                                         and he walked to the front of the class
                                                         ready to take on the world
                                                         each one looked as he passed

                                                         I know that you don't like me
                                                         my clothes are worn not new
                                                         you see my mom don't have the money
                                                         to buy things she needs and wants to

                                                         I haven't told my mom yet
                                                         because it would make her so sad
                                                         she works hard everyday to feed us
                                                         she's the best mom I could've ever had

                                                          My dad is not with us anymore
                                                          he lives very faraway
                                                          I can't see or touch him
                                                          but in my heart he'll forever stay

                                                          He died several years ago
                                                          while fighting in the war
                                                          and each day that he's gone
                                                          I miss him more and more

                                                          But heaven is his new home now
                                                          although he would've liked to stay
                                                          a little longer with us both
                                                          to watch me grow up and play

                                                          I talk to him everyday
                                                          and each night when I say my prayer
                                                          he tells me not to worry
                                                          that he'll always be there

                                                          He tells me to hold on
                                                          and he'll never leave my side
                                                          I know he's here with me now
                                                          I can feel him deep inside

                                                          He looked across the classroom
                                                          and saw tears in every eye
                                                          he said , don't be sad for me
                                                          someday we're all going to die

                                                          You see I'm not different than you
                                                           I just want to be your friend
                                                           my dad taught me to love everyone
                                                           now let's all start over again

                                                        Susie Swanson

This one was hard for me folks, it took alot out of me to say the least. I tried my very best to do it justice. When I started writing it I can honestly say I didn't know which direction I was going, but this is what it turned out to be.. Hope you Enjoy.. Blessings, Susie


  1. Very moving poem, Susie. Reminds us to try walking a mile in someone else's shoes. I'm glad it had an uplifting ending.

  2. OH My Heart, Susie... This is heart-wrenching... I did cry! That little boy shared some wisdom that all of us need to hear over and over... It's not just about a little boy who is different... It's about society --and how we all treat others who are different in my ways from us. Great message --and well-written. Now---let me get my hankie!

  3. Thank you Daisy, sadly that is happening more all the time, especially with children and I had to give it a happy ending..

    Thank you Betsy, that is so right. Society has fell by the wayside.. Chidren are smarter than their years now days. It has always hurt me to see a child made fun of by what they wear or just being differnt in some way. I remember that happening in school way to much..Thanks again to you both.

  4. I believe God gave you the direction and the words and the compassionate heart to put this together. Good job and a great lesson for us all in the story. May God bless!

  5. I was this child, only not as brave, so no happy ending, to tell you this is perfect Susie gives it no justice to how moving it is.
    You are so gifted !
    Your hard work on this one paid off...
    I have asked before and it has always been yes, so I'm guessing its ok for us to share this right...
    Love you my sweet friend, thank you for being you !

  6. Hi Susie, what a heart stirring poem! I was bullied quite a lot when I was growing up and I can really understand the fear the child in the poem had, facing each morning with the uncertainty of not knowing how others were going to treat you that day. You really captured that feeling very powerfully. Thank you for your empathy Susie and your kind heart, you are a dear person! Delisa

  7. Thank you so much Randy. I have come to the conclusion that God had a hand in it as always. We can't do anything without him. So glad you enjoyed it.

    Jl, I'm so sorry for what you had to go through. To a child there's not to many happy endings, but you came out on top. That may be the reason I wrote this, like I said God has a way of leading us in the right direction. Thank you my friend, you feel free to share it.

    Delisa, like I told Jl, God is in control. I'm so sorry for the heartache you endured, but you made it and that's the best blessing of all.. Love you all and thanks again..

  8. Touched the core of my heart.No words today!

  9. Very moving Susie and a joy to read.

    Take care.

  10. Thank you Monika and Yvonne..So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the visit..

  11. Thank you Helena and Charlotte, so glad you enjoyed it..

  12. Hi Susie! Just thought I would stop by and say hi! :) I have been working hard doing laundry and folding clothes all morning. I also have been organizing my closet and putting away some of my summer clothes and thought I would take a little break. It sure is a pretty day and the temperature has cooled down again. I spent some time last night reading through your lovely book again. I will always treasure it! I keep it in my knitting basket right next to my chair.

    We took Barkley to the groomers and he looks so pretty. I was getting a little concerned because he was starting to look a bit chubby but after he came back and all the mounds of fluff were trimmed off, he looked like his normal self again! :) Tomorrow Tony is going to continue with his cooking lessons and we are going to make apple pie from scratch. Last week he made bread. He is getting really enthusiastic and ultimately it will sure be a big help to me. Well, I guess I better get back to work and finish my projects. Have a wonderful afternoon! Delisa :)

  13. That poem really touched my heart, Susie, as my dad passed away over twenty years ago. He lives in my heart every day. Children are so special, and they truly do teach us things too.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  14. Dearest Susie, Your poem touched deep inside my heart. I was teased and bullied by the kids in my school when I was young. My parents did not have a lot of money either. Many of my cloths were from goodwill. I was also terribly shy. I could go all day and not say a word till I got home from school. Kids would pick on me and bully me. For the most part I have outgrown my shyness. Sometimes though that timid girl comes back. Love your poems dear Susie. Thank you and God bless you always. xoxo