Thursday, September 22, 2011

From A Quilter's Soul

                                            Quilting is the life's blood of a quilter's soul
                                            passed down through the generations of time
                                            Knowledge is worth a mountain of gold
                                            to a quilter that's patiently waiting behind

                                            Each piece is linked with joy and pride
                                            and each stitch sown by a determined hand
                                            the patience for creation sits closely beside
                                            as only a quilter can understand

                                            The pattern can become so bright and bold
                                            and it doesn't matter the color or size
                                            it's there for the next generation to behold
                                            and becomes a beautiful and cherished prize

                                           To the heart of a quilter, it's such a joyous pleasure
                                           from the beginning until the very end
                                           it's an honor to make such a lasting treasure
                                           and a quilter is willing to do it all again

                                          But when a quilter's job is finally done
                                          and they lay their stitching down
                                          the quilting song has only begun
                                          to a future quilter, what a glorious crown

                                        Susie Swanson


  1. Did you write this just for me? ;) Quilting is a joyous pleasure from beginning to end.

  2. This is nice, Susie. It really captures what quilters feel and think. Very pretty quilt in the picture too!

  3. A beautiful verse, filled with the quilting passion. I don't quilt, but it seems quilts are an art-form so filled with story, both with the creating of the quilt and the visual, each square a chapter in its story.

  4. What beautiful thoughts to match the beautiful quilt at the top of your post.

  5. Hi Susie, I just love your poem today, especial the line about the quilter "stitching with a determined hand". I feel the same way when I am crocheting an afghan of granny squares. Especially when I am using pieces of scrap yarn, because like the quilter, I can remember each piece of yarn and what I used it for, what I made and the person I made it for. When it is done, it is a tapestry of memory.

    Quilting really links us to our grandmothers and many of the beloved women of our past. There is something so comforting in knowing that our hands are moving as their's did, "determined" and sure of themselves. We are part of something that never dies, that binds us all together like the entwining circles of a wedding ring quilt.

    Despite all of the conveniences in this fast-paced, modern age, women at their core are often lonely and isolated from meaningful communication with other women. The quilting bees of the past really served an important purpose. Having a quilter's heart means so much more than just liking to make stitches, it is a self-less and beautiful thing and you expressed that so wonderfully in the poem! Have a lovely afternoon! Delisa :)

  6. Thanks everyone for the great comments and yes Charlotte I wrote it for you and the many other quilters out there as well.You are so right Delisa, it has linked our family together. I just wish I could quilt as good as my grandma and mother..Thanks agin to all

  7. I can remember as a child romping through my grandmothers house and she would be sitting patiently stitching away or piecing together scraps to make the most beautiful quilts. It was not until many years later that I realized it was much more than just a piece of cloth. It was a labor of love as your poem so beautifully describes. Thanks for taking me back to cherished memories of a very special person. May God bless!

  8. Your very welcome Randy, so happy you enjoyed it. Thanks for the visit..Susie

  9. Susie, I've had so much enjoyment meandering through your beautiful poetry and reliving the past. Lots of what you write strikes a chord in my memories.

  10. I really like the quilting poem. My sister sews, crochets, knits, and loves quilts. I think it is such a talent when one know how to do that. Your poem was lovely, and I'm going to tell my sister to come visit and read it.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  11. Reading this poem reminds of my grandmother, who made a plenty of clothes.

  12. Thank you so much Elaine, Sheri and Wanda..Glad to be able to share them with you Susie

  13. Such beautiful words, inspired as you quilt...
    Your talent for poetry and quilting are an inspiration to those of us who can only admire :)
    Thank you for stopping by my place, I hope that we can visit back and forth often !

  14. Thank you Jo, so glad you enjoyed it and your blog is wonderful. I will visit often. Thanks for following mine..