Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best Friends

                                                        He was a special dog
                                                        and Toby was his name
                                                        from the very first day
                                                        things were never the same

                                                        He was daddy's best friend
                                                        he'd go everywhere he went
                                                        daddy would grab the walking stick
                                                        and Toby would grab the hint

                                                    When I saw Toby coming
                                                     I knew daddy was behind
                                                     always bringing up the rear
                                                     while Toby was on time

                                                    He could tree a squirrel
                                                    the best I've ever seen
                                                    chase it straight up a tree
                                                    and my cats in between

                                                    When it came meal time
                                                     a crown he did earn
                                                     for laying on the ground
                                                     and waiting on his turn

                                                  Every morning at sunrise
                                                  he could be found on the hill
                                                  curled up in the sun
                                                  warming up the morning"s chill

                                                 Old Toby is gone now
                                                 and his best friend too
                                                 sometimes I still see them
                                                 as they walk on through

                                                 Daddy finally became first
                                                 with Toby bringing up the rear
                                                 they're both together again
                                                 I can see the walking stick clear

                                                             Susie Swanson
I would like to dedicate this poem to two very special people, my neighbors and good friends, Marvin and Helen Lowery. After daddy died Toby seem so lost and  didn't know what to do. He wasn't satisfied at my house or anybody's for that matter until Marvin and Helen came along with their three wonderful dogs, Goldie, Molly and Bear. Toby and his sidekick Skunky started  visiting them quite often until the day came they just decided to move in . They were happy to have them and we sure didn't care. Toby seem so much happier and he even started gaining weight, something he hadn't done since daddy died.
So that became his home until he died a year or so ago.
I want to thank the Lowerys on behalf of all my family for the tender, loving care they gave to daddy's best friend . I know Daddy thanks you too.


  1. Wonderful poem, I used to have a dog .....16 yrs old when we had to part with her,


  2. What a nice tribute to Toby and your father, they sound like they were quite a team together. Sometimes those animal bonds are so very special.

  3. Thank you Yvonne. Toby was around 14 when we lost him. He died of old age, but lived a long, good life..

    Thank you Joanne. ANimal bonds are so touching sometimes. My Dad and Toby sure were a team..

  4. Pets can become so much a part of our lives, expecting nothing from us really except our love -- and food. I miss my cat terribly -- his affection and companionship.

  5. Aw, what a sweet story and wonderful tribute both to your Dad and to his companion, Toby. Pets that we have owned have always been a part of the family.

  6. Thank you both, glad you enjoyed it. Toby was a very important part of our family for a long time. Thanks for the visit and comments.

  7. Lovely tribute Susie. Our pets become such an important parts in our lives.

  8. What a sweet and sad story. Dogs are truly man's best friend.

  9. Hi Susie, your poem about Toby really touched my heart. My Mom used to have a little dog we all loved so much named Sparky. When he died it just about broke my Mom's heart. My older brother said we needed to get her another dog for her right away. I wasn't so sure...but he was determined. Sadly she was so sick by then that she just could not take care of the new puppy the way she would have liked to. So the new dog Misty became my Dad's best little friend. That gentle, sweet dog was such a comfort to my father when my mother died. She slept every night curled up behind his legs. Dad ended up marrying a dear lady that was a good friend of the family about a year and half later named June. When Dad died from a sudden illness, three years later, Misty the dog became June's companion. Misty the little dog spent her whole life being a loyal friend to grieving people. Dogs can bring such friendship, comfort and joy into our lives and you expressed that so beautifully! Have a nice evening! Delisa :)

  10. Old Toby is gone now
    and his best friend too
    sometimes I still see them

    as they walk on through

    Lovely lines, and a very touching poem/tribute.

  11. Melt my heart, Susie. This is so warm & tender. What a sweet write of beautiful loving people & your precious Daddy's pal.

    I wish to thank you for your sweet note, it means a lot to me. I'll continue to hope for the best.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  12. I thank each one of you so much.I cherish every comment. And your very welcome Marydon, I'll be praying for you.

  13. What a beautiful tribute to Toby and your dad. There's a special place in heaven for our special 4-legged friends. Hugs!

  14. Oh Susie,
    That wasn't a picture of the girls when they were little - just something I picked up along the way, and I thought it was cute. Dogs are so special, aren't they? I was thinking of doing a dog post in the future. Your poems are so touching. Oh, I just noticed the red rose on your side bar...oh my gosh, LOVE IT!!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  15. Oh what a great poem. and I'm glad Toby found a new home too. He was grieving for your Father and finding them helped. I'm glad you're Dad had such a great dog.

  16. Thank you Mama-Bug, yes there sure is and I know he is there. He was such a kind and considerate dog. He would lay down and wait until the other dogs all ate ,then he would eat. It was more important to him to see that they were fed ove him..

    Thank you Sheri, let me know when you do the post. I'm glad you like the rose, they are so special to me. I wrote one about roses a while back. May repost it again soon..

    Thank you Tipper, yes he was and that's what it took for him to pull out of it and live his life. He loved being with those other dogs and the Lowerys. They were so good to him.. Thanks again to all..

  17. Susie, very lovely tribute to an obviously much-loved dog. Toby and those he loved and who loved him were so fortunate to have had each other share their lives.

  18. There's something indescribable about the depth of the soul of a canine creature...someday perhaps we'll understand...