Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Vietnam Veteran

                                           I see him standing there
                                           so very large and tall
                                           my Vietnam veteran
                                           beside the Vietnam wall

                                           A wall so very long
                                           with names placed upon
                                           an astonishing sight to see
                                           just trying to be strong

                                           I slowly shed a tear
                                           as I gaze upon his face
                                           and for all the heroes there
                                           placed with dignity and grace
                                           War carried them away
                                            to that faraway land
                                            war returned their names
                                            only memories left to stand

                                            Being one of the honorable few
                                            his tears are shed inside
                                            for all of his fallen comrades
                                            that fought so hard and died

                                            The scars of war's wounds
                                             he secretly locks away
                                             and together hand and hand
                                             we walk another day

                                            Susie Swanson


  1. Ohhh, Susie! Bless you ... this is breathtaking.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. OH MY GOSH! Having friends and family on that wall makes me cry and era I will never ever forget! Words elude me! You have captured so much here.
    Should be published for all to see and read!

  3. Thank you Marydon, glad you enjoyed it. Bless you for the beautiful comments..

    Thank you Bethe, Sorry to hear that you have names on the wall. It was a sad era for so many. I'm just thankful for the ones that did come back. I'm trying to get it published. Thanks again, Susie

  4. Very touching, especially after the tragic events in Afghanistan this week. It just all seems so useless, doesn't it? to lose a loved one so young.

  5. Oh my, Susie. This is such a moving poem. Nice job with this really. Very well written.

  6. Hi Susie! I agree with Daisy the poem is so moving. It so heart felt. You have such a unique way with your writing of empathizing with people and expressing the emotions they have in a way that everyone else can understand and relate to. It is more than just imagination, it is really a gift and it makes your poems come alive and jump off of the page. I hope you have a nice sunday evening and a great week ahead! Delisa :)

  7. A most moing poem Susie, needless to say tears were upon my cheeks,


  8. Susie,
    What a touching poem. You captured the feeling, the way I feel, too. My brother is a Vietnam vet, too. You've done a marvelous job writing this heart-warming poem.

  9. Oh My Goodness... That poem is awesome. I lost a high school friend in the Vietnam war. He was a pilot who got shot down... I have not seen the wall --but would love to see it someday.

    Thanks for much for this one.

  10. Thank you all so much. So glad you enjoyed it. It was very moving for me while writing it. I have a picture of my husband standing in front of the wall and that was my inspiration. So sad that so many names are placed there. I thought of this when I heard of the 30 killed yesterday. So much and so many lives lost, Blessings, Susie

  11. Beautiful poem.I just love your poems.
    I was able to visit this wall and it heartbreaking to see it.
    Thanks honey for always leaving me sweet comments I really appreciate you

  12. Thank you Maggie, I appreciate that so much. We got to see it when the moving wall came to town a couple years ago.. It'll bring tears to your eyes...Susie

  13. Wonderful poem, Susie. My husband served during the Vietnam era, but wasn't in the combat. He has friends he went to school with whose names are on the wall.