Thursday, August 11, 2011

Land Of Plenty

                                         The road to victory is never won
                                          to the hungry and homeless there is none

                                         The land of plenty where wealth once grew
                                          is now barren and wealth is few

                                          A kneeling father is on his knees
                                          praying for a way to answer the pleas

                                          Of a hungry child that can't understand
                                          what it once had is not at hand

                                          A place to call home is a daily prayer
                                          a constant struggle and quite hard to bare

                                          So many lives torn and falling apart
                                          feeling misplaced with no where to start

                                          In the land of plenty where prosperity grows
                                          should be plentiful, it's not what they chose

                                          A fighting soldier dies each day
                                          for a better tomorrow and freedom's way

                                          His sacrifice in vain should never be
                                          let plenty prevail and win the victory

                                          Susie Swanson


  1. OH Susie! That is anotehr awesome poem that should be published as well. You are an amazing writer. I feel the cries of this fatehr and the hunger of the children. A mother of two daughters that barely get by this speaks to me in volumes. Thank you so much.

  2. ♥༺❀༻ ღ Wonderful write Susie ღ ༺❀༻♥

  3. "A kneeling father is on his knees, praying for a way to answer his pleas" poignant lines.
    Felt a strange ache and by the side a ray of hope emerging too.
    Wonderful piece!

  4. Awesome poem Susie, and so true,


  5. Thank you all so much, so glad you liked it. Asubject like this is heartwretnching to write about but it's there where we like it or not. A sad time for our country. I appreciate and cherish all of your comments. It means the world to me..Susie

  6. So very nice!! Do you remember the song that Loretta Lynn sang, "God Bless America Again"? It really should be heard by people now.

  7. What a heartwrenching poem... It tears at our heart-strings.... This is a sad time for our country... I hope we can get it back ---so that our ancestors would be proud of us and not upset at how we've become.

  8. Another beautiful share in your writings. You are so gifted. Impact is felt strongly.

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    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  9. Hi Susie, such a heartfelt poem! It was so beautifully expressed and written. I especially liked the line about how confused the child feels when suddenly, what he had is no longer there. It was a very powerful message.

    I hope you are having a nice weekend. I had to go into town on friday and get an IV infusion. I have to get this done every year. The side effects cause me to have some pretty bad bone pain and feel like I have a bad case of the flu for a couple of days. So I am laying low and resting on the couch, watching movies. Barkley is right next to me and is bringing me all of his toys. :) I should be up and feeling better by monday. Tony made shrimp and grits for dinner tonight. He did such a good job! It was his first time making them and he got them just perfect. We also had a big storm blow through a couple of hours ago and it cooled everything off a little bit. I hope you have a fun saturday night! With Love, Delisa :)

  10. @lil red hen, I remember that song so well and you are so right. Thank you for the comments..

    @Betsy, It is a sad time in our country, we can only pray. Thanks

    @Marydon, so glad you enjoyed it and I'll be happy to..

    @Delisa, thank you so much for taking the time to comment when you are in so much pain. Glad your husband is there to help and Barkley wants you to get well and You take care and you are in my prayers.. Blessings to all of you. Susie

  11. Wonderful poem, Susie... it brings tears to my eyes!

  12. Hi Susie, just thought I would stop by and say hello tonight! I hope you had a nice day. I am still moving a little slow but I am feeling so much better. The pain went down to it's normal level and the other side effects were better and I was up and able to get dressed today. We had another big storm blow through with lots of rolling thunder and crackling lightening. It rattled the whole house. It was cozy though and we sure did need the rain. I hope that you are having a fun and restful evening! Delisa :)

  13. Thank you Paula, glad you enjoyed it.@ Delisa, so glad you stopped by and it's good to hear that you are feeling better. I've been thinking of you alot. Glad you got rain, I'm so scared of those storms. I bet you're kind of used to them, Hopefuly Fall will be here soon. Take care of yourself ...Susie