Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Dahlia Memory

                                                    It speaks to my heart
                                                    this beauty that I see
                                                    a very special lady
                                                    and a dahlia memory

                                                    A garden so grand
                                                    pretty dahlias in a row
                                                    she planted them there
                                                    her favorite one to grow

                                                    A vision of spring time
                                                    so enchanted and divine
                                                    she and her dahlias
                                                    were a showcase design

                                                 In the summer they stood
                                                 so patient, proud and tall
                                                 waiting for a bouquet
                                                 a lovely gesture of fall

                                                 A centerpiece on my table
                                                 I can smell them still
                                                 the fragrant blossoms linger
                                                 in the air so real

                                                 This beautiful dahlia memory
                                                 of my mother I dwell
                                                 in heaven there are dahlias
                                                 and she's doing quite well

                                                Susie Swanson


  1. Susie I am going to try this again. I have tried to post several times now! I love this poem and the love and honro of the flower and your mom in her garden. It is wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing this I felt like I was enjoying the beauty fo the grand flower with you in her garden.

  2. Thank you so much Bethe, That means a lot to me. I have tried posting on yours and can't get through. Maybe blogger is on vacation again. Hope it returns soon.. Thanks Again, Susie

  3. Very nice! and dahlias are such beautiful flowers; wonderful memories for you.

  4. Such a nice tribute to your mother, Susie. Both the photos and the poem are quite lovely.

  5. Wonderful Susie both pics and poems. very refreshing to visit.


  6. Oh, Susie, this is such a beautiful poem. I love the photos of the dahlias. They have been a favorite flower of mine for a long, long time. This is truly a touching poem about your mother.

  7. Thank you all so much. Glad you enjoyed it. Dahlias were her favorite, in the spring when one failed to come up, she would run out and buy a replacement. Mama and her dahlias, why did I wait so long to try and write something.. Oh well.. thanks again for the comments and visits, it means so much to me..Susie

  8. Beautiful poem and beautiful flowers. Wish we could grow them here, but it's just too hot.

  9. How beautiful Susie! You know, I don't think I have ever seen dahlias growing in a garden. I don't remember seeing them growing in California, maybe it wasn't the region for them. Now that I am in out in the country here in south Georgia, we don't have too many flower gardens growing, because of the climate and the bugs. Your poem just made them come alive and jump right off of the page! I feel like the vase of flowers has been transported and is sitting right next to me on little table next to my chair as I write. Do dahlias have a fragrance to them? I know you mother would be very happy to know that you remember her favorite flower and her love for them! Have a lovely evening. Delisa :)

  10. So beautiful, Susie... memories of our mothers are very sweet and powerful things!

  11. Your poem captured the beauty of the flower indeed.

  12. I thankk each one of you so much. Glad you liked it. Dahlias are special flowers in so many ways. @Delisa, yes they have a fragrance to them. I'll never forget , every fall my Mom would cut a bouquet and give them to me in October for my anniversary. That was so special to me. That's why I put that little piece in there about the centerpiece on my table...Thanks again to each one of you. I cherish every comment..Susie

  13. Enjoyed your poem, Susie. Wonderful memories of your mom and her dahlias.

  14. Hi Susie, I was just thinking about you tonight and thought I would stop by and say hello! One of my dear friends is coming out from California for a visit tomorrow. She is going to stay for a week and I have been bustling about this weekend getting everything ready. I am really looking forward to seeing her. She is kind of like the little sister I always dreamed of having. :) We got a lot of needed rain the last couple of days and it filled up the pond and freshened everything up. I hope that you are having a nice restful Sunday evening. Delisa :)

  15. Thank you Janet, thanks for the visit and comments..

    Glad to hear from you Delisa, I bet you'll have a wonderful week with your friend..It's always good to see and visit with old friends.. Glad you got some wonderful rain. There is such a fresh smell in the air, it even helps one to breathe better. Hope you have a great week and it was so good to hear from you..Susie

  16. Susie I have left you a little award over at my blog. Please feel free to pick it up any time. Have a very blessed day.

  17. Susie-I love this one! Makes me think of my Great Aunt Ina. She always grew Dahlias. She was Mamaw's sister.

  18. Thank you Bethe, I am honored to accept it. Thanks my friend.

    Thank you so much Tipper, I bet she grew beautiful dahlias too. I can still see them so clear. Susie