Monday, July 18, 2011

School Days

                                       I remember the old school house
                                       the place I used to go
                                       where I spent my childhood years
                                       and lived to learn and grow

                                       Those old familiar faces
                                       still linger in my mind
                                       each holds a piece of my heart
                                       we'll always be intertwined

                                       The classrooms set an example
                                       of what learning was about
                                       filling our minds with wisdom
                                       the things we couldn't do without

                                       Each morning from the Bible
                                       a verse the teacher would read
                                       we bowed our head and prayed
                                       a wonderful start indeed

                                       We said the pledge of allegiance
                                        while standing straight and tall
                                        although we were patiently waiting
                                        to go outside and play ball

                                        When the bell would ring
                                         and it came time to play
                                         we all called it recess
                                         our  favorite time of the day

                                         Then the day finally came
                                         but I knew in my mind
                                         that grand old school house
                                         I could never leave behind

                                         It shaped my tomorrows
                                         my dreams that were to come
                                         those long ago school days
                                         so much learning, growing and fun

                                        Susie Swanson

         The old school house where I went burned to the ground in 1993. It was a small school and I went from the first grade through eight. My mother went before me back in the 1930s and my son also attended it as well. When it burned my nephews and nieces were going there. It burned during the summer and it gave them time to pull in trailers until they could get a new one built. They built it not to far from the old one and the first day, they closed the road and all of the children walked to the new school to commerate it.     
 I have a lot of memories of that old school and I can still hear the echoes in the hallways and classrooms, They'll stay with me the rest of my life. Hope you enjoy..Blessings, Susie


  1. So nice that you have a picture ...We use to recite the Lords Prayer and here in Canada we also sang, God Save The Queen...So much has changed. Enjoyed this Susie.

  2. I enjoyed this so very much.

  3. Yes, it did bring back memories of my school. It was destroyed by a tornado a few years ago and the grounds are now covered in duplex apartments. But the houses across the street are still there.

    Love your music playlist. We must have similar taste in music.

  4. Hi Susie! Your picture looks like the little school house my mother went to when she was a child. I attended a very large elementary school in a big city, with hundreds of children. I always loved the stories my Mom would tell. It must have been so nice to grow up and learn in such a wonderful school environment. Your poem is beautiful, it really takes us another place in time that should never be forgotten! I hope you have a lovely week ahead! Delisa :)

  5. Yes, how we remember our school days, (Wished I listened more) but it seems the backbone of our future lives.
    Excellent poem and a joy to read.


  6. It's a shame the school burned down, but you captured lots of nice memories with your words.

  7. Wow, a great big thanks to you all. I cherish every word, so glad you all enjoyed it. Thanks for the visit also.I've been having trouble making comments on everybody's. Blogger is acting up again, but just want you to know that I read every post and enjoy them so...Susie

  8. Susie,
    I enjoyed this poem very much about the old school house. I like your photo a lot, too. It's hard to believe school will begin soon. Where did the summer go?

  9. Thank you Brenda, I appreciate it and the visit as well..Susie

  10. I enjoyed reading your memories of your old school, Susie. My old school was torn down --in order to put in a shopping center... I was sick about that.. My old school had a certain smell which I will never forget.. It had wooden floors which they seemed to oil or grease with something... AND--the heat was those old radiators which crackle and pop... Oh such memories!!!!! Thanks!

  11. Thank you Betsy, I know what you mean. I was sick when mine burned, and those old radiators I remember so well and the wooden floors. There was a lot of cracking and popping all day from the children walking in the halls. You know I should have put that in the poem. Oh well, there's a lot one can say about old history.. Thanks again, Susie

  12. What wonderful memories of generations that have shared that old school house.
    So beautiful captured in your writing. I so enjoy reading your poems as I feel totally transported. Thank you

  13. Thank you so much Bethe, I tried twice today to leave a comment on yours and blogger won't let me. I love the pic of you and your daughter..Thanks for the beautiful comments..Susie

  14. Enjoyed reading about your school memories. They turned the grade school I attended into a school bus garage around 15-20 yrs ago. They invited all former students to a get together before they did it and we got to put our hand prints and name on the cafeteria walls.