Friday, July 15, 2011

I Remember When

                                               I threw a rock at my brother
                                               and I got there before it did
                                               and so did my mother

                                               We bought penny candy at the store
                                                now they're not worth a dime
                                                and you can't even flip them anymore

                                                I bite into a crab apple one time
                                                it took a whole week
                                                for my jaws to unwind

                                                We rode the back of daddy's truck
                                                 going five miles an hour
                                                 we felt like jumping off and running beside the truck

                                                 When it came hog killing time
                                                  the whole neighborhood gathered in
                                                  it seemed everybody was your neighbor or best friend

                                                 My brother milked the cow
                                                 until it went dry
                                                 we had to drink powered milk, thought I was gonna die

                                                 The neighbors stole our chickens from the roost
                                                  then one night with his shot gun
                                                  daddy decided to give them a boost

                                                  When company came
                                                   I had to sleep at the foot of the bed
                                                   with the smell, I'd much rather been at the head

                                                   I rode an old bicycle out the road
                                                   I didn't know what brakes were
                                                   until I plowed the garden that daddy just howed

                                                  We slid down the hill in the snow
                                                   on an old car hood
                                                   when we got to the bottom there daddy stood

                                                   When they said a man had landed on the moon
                                                    we ran outside and waved
                                                    thinking he'd wave back from the moon

                                                    Mama used to say during dog days snakes went blind
                                                    my brothers believed every word
                                                    they'd catch everyone they could find

                                                    We walked to the store to fill mama's list
                                                     she'd tell us to pick up some candy
                                                     we'd say ok if you insist
                                                     Susie Swanson

                                                     Well folks I'll stop while I'm ahead.
                                                      Some of this is fiction and some is true, I'll let you figure
                                                      it out. Hope you enjoy... Blessings, Susie





  1. I enjoyed this so much Susie!

  2. Most pleasurable to read Susie,

    Enjoy your week-end.

  3. Susie, this is so amazing write. Loved every part of it. Made me wonder at some times, left me in a deep thought at others.
    So enjoyed this!

  4. You've captured lots of sweet memories in your words, a pleasure to read :)

  5. Thank you Mildred and Yvonne glad you enjoyed it

    Thank you Monika and Joanne, made me wonder to if I should even post it, but I'm so glad you all like it...Susie

  6. Hi Susie, Love reading your poetry... Hearing about all of the memories just makes me smile. It also brings back memories of me and my life... Thanks so much.

  7. Thank you Betsy, glad you liked the memories. Some of these were just made up but the ones that are real hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for stopping by..Susie

  8. These are wonderful memories you've shared with us. Ahh - country children - haven't we had a great life!

    Thank you for your comments about "My Hands" and also, I don't like pictures of myself either.

  9. Thank you lilred hen, country life is the best. Glad you liked it..Susie

  10. For sure a lot of it was true for me. We just didn't have snow but once in a great long while. Wished for it, just never had it.

    Your quilts sure are pretty!

  11. Thank you Elaine, glad you can relate to it. I love your quilts too. They are beautiful...Susie

  12. Enjoyed your poem, Susie. I have many of the same memories!

  13. Thank you Janet, I was just scribbling with this one but most of it is true. Glad you enjoyed it..Susie

  14. Very cute and clever poem, Susie. Made me smile. :)