Sunday, July 31, 2011


                                               Today I saw an old house
                                               just sitting there all alone
                                               once filled with joy and laughter
                                               and the things that make a home

                                               It hungers for familiar voices
                                               that echoes in every room
                                               and all the beautiful flowers
                                               that covered the yard in bloom

                                               The tasty smell of meal time
                                               drifting through the kitchen door
                                               and those hungry, cheerful voices
                                               today it longs for even more

                                               There's that warming, old fireplace
                                               with the embers burning red
                                               at night while everyone lay sleeping
                                               tucked away upstairs in bed

                                               And that little mantle clock
                                               that ticked away the night
                                               such a soothing, peaceful sound
                                               and a welcome kind of quiet

                                               It loved to hear the rooster crow
                                               each morning at the break of dawn
                                               and the stairway that became so busy
                                               with the creaking sound that's now gone

                                               Oh those long ago busy days
                                                its useful heart loved so
                                                so much time for work and play
                                                the old house continued to grow

                                                So many wonderful, cherished memories
                                                a home it was determined to be
                                                its warmth always flowing and stirring
                                                like the smoke ascending from its chimney

                                                Today the old house looks lonely
                                                just waiting for someone to walk in
                                                it seems someone is already there
                                                nostalgia has become its best friend

                                               Susie Swanson


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  2. Sorry too many typos! What a beautiful poem Susie. Old houses are such treasures; only wish they could talk.

  3. I so love old home & barns, Susie. Often wonder what the walls have shared. Absolutely charming poem ... I love reading your writes.

    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Very pretty poem, Susie. It does make you wonder what all went on once upon a time in that house.

  5. Thank you all so much. Glad you enjoyed it. I love old houses and barns too. I wrote one about a barn a while back . I will post it soon. So much history to be found in lots of places when we look for it. Thanks Again, Susie

  6. I love this poem too, Susie. Wish these walls could talk!

  7. Your poem sent me back to the old gray house I grew up in. It's gone, but I bet the daffodils come up around the yard each spring!

  8. An excellent poem Susie. old house do have "A Certain Something" about them.


  9. Nice. Makes me think of the photo of Pap's old house that I showed recently.

  10. Thank you all so much. Wish those walls could talk to Mildred. What a story they would tell. I saw the house you posted last week Tipper of your Pap's. I loved it.. I bet those daffodils are still there lil red hen.. Thanks again .. Susie

  11. Hi Susie! I just love the new poem. I feel the same way when I see abandoned houses. There are a lot of old farm houses in our area that look just like your picture. They really spark my imagination too. I often wonder who lived there or what the family was like. Your poem just made it all come alive! I especially love how you gave the house "feelings", and how the house hungered and longed for familiar smells and sounds. It was really neat trying to imagine everything from the house's perspective! Hope you have a nice, restful evening ahead. Delisa :)

  12. Thank you Delisa. My imagination runs wild so to speak when I see one. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping in..Susie