Thursday, June 9, 2011

From A Poet's Heart

                                        I have felt the thrill of passion in the poet's rhyme
                                        and experienced the feelings of emotions intertwined

                                        I have flown on the wings of an eagle's flight
                                        and stood in darkness when the sun was shining bright

                                       I have crossed oceans and learned how to sail
                                       with the wind's mighty force of a powerful gale

                                       I have faced battles and learned how to fight
                                       but when I looked around it was there in plain sight

                                       I have heard the small voice in my mind's ear
                                       and rose to the challenge with an eager cheer

                                       I have waited patiently for the beckon call
                                       and with pen in hand tried to capture it all

                                       I have traveled far and back again
                                       held on to journey from which I had been

                                       The creation of poetry can be a powerful blend
                                        to a poet's heart a calm peace it does send

                                       So I'll leave it to the reader to capture the warm flame
                                       with the thrill of the moment they'll never be the same

                                      Susie Swanson     Published, April, 2010


  1. Susie that is so beautiful.

  2. Thank you Beth, I've been trying to leave comments on your and it won't let me, Susie

  3. I admire you so much for the way you can put your feelings into rhyme.

  4. Writing is a beautiful process, isn't it? I love how you connect it to the reader at the end, words do have the power to change us, definitely.

  5. Thank you so much lil red hen, I love to try sometimes it may not come out the way I planned. Thank you for stopping by.

    Thank you Joanne, writing is beautiful. I find it so relaxing and satisfying at times. Thanks, Susie

  6. Very nice poem, Susie. Writing really does come out of us intertwined with our emotions. That's what makes it good writing, I think. Have a nice weekend! :-)

  7. Thank you Daisy, I agree it's hard to do it any other way sometimes.

  8. Lovely Susie. Writing for me is like magic...something manifests from nothing almost like magic...

  9. I admire this poet's rhyme. Beautiful. Of course this one will again be captured with a warm heart and its thrill will keep on flowing in the reader's mind.

  10. Thank you Helena, writing is magic for me too, when I can pull it off. Sometimes I just don't know. You are very magical in your writing.

    Thank you Monika. I admire your poet's rhyme and you certaintly have the gift of magic. Blessings, Susie

  11. That is why we write. We capture the present and the past and put it to paper for all to see and remember.

  12. Thank you Janet, that's our way of preserving it for future generations.