Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fears Hidden Away

                                                It happens so often
                                                a small, whimpering voice
                                                heard in the dark
                                                without reason or choice

                                                With an empty stomach
                                                 a body that's bruised
                                                 no where to turn
                                                 and everything to lose

                                                 Such an innocent place
                                                 where childhood lives
                                                 is slowly taken away
                                                 by the hand that gives

                                                 A small spirit is broken
                                                 the pieces are gone
                                                 never to be replaced
                                                 but innocence goes on

                                                 Running and jumping
                                                 so happy at play
                                                 with a smile on its face
                                                 and fears hidden away

                                            Susie Swanson       


  1. Very emotional poem!! Well written.

  2. Childhood is such an integral part of our lives, much of it staying with us in thought through the years. What a moving source for our words.

  3. Thank you all so much. It's painful to think about let alone write about, but sometimes we have to put it down on paper, the inspirstion is to strong. Thank you for your comments and visit..Susie

  4. “Child Abuse can cast a shadow that will last a lifetime.”-Herbart Ward

    The truth must be set free! Wonderful write on such a disheartening, difficult subject to talk about. We must give these children a voice. When I wrote my prose “Fragile Eyes” I felt a sense of relief.

  5. Susie, that is so very touching - because obviously it is so real to you. That's what comes through. It's real for me, too. Not a great place, but we have overcome and come out on the other side.

  6. Thanks for your support, have now found the solution to my problem.

  7. I have just read your poem it is very good and imaginative.


  8. This is touching and very sensitive. Childhood lays the moulding of a person's life, which determines the further shaping of his future. How sad it is that, sometimes those little flowers even before blooming are abused and injured only to live wounded forever.
    How thoughtful of you to think of such a daring issue and bring it into light.

  9. Very powerful poem, Susie. So sad that young lives are bruised in this way.

  10. Thank you Helena, I totatly agree, they need someone to speak out for them and your poem was my inspiration for writing this.
    @ Muddling Through, I have never been abused, thank God, but know some that has. I had to live through it some to write this,can't imagine how one must feel that's experienced it. Thank you.
    @ Yvonne, glad you found the problem, I don't want to lose, you're a good friend and thanks for the comments.
    @Monika, thank you so much, couldn't have said it better myself..
    @ Daisy, thank you, it is very sad...Susie

  11. Wow! What a powerful poem, Susie. This is so sad, yet a subject that needs to be addressed. You have written about abuse in such a great way.

  12. Thank you Brenda, I appreciate it so much..Susie

  13. But innocence goes on...isn't that just like a child...glad you had the courage to write...the photo is so indicative too...beautifully sad...

  14. Hi Susie! I agree with Lorely, the poem is "beautifully sad". It is so deeply moving and really reaches in and touches the heart with it's truth. Delisa