Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tribute To A Soldier

                                   A brave and determined soldier
                                   in a lonely, distant land
                                   with his gear on his back
                                   and his weapon in his hand

                                   He follows his instincts
                                   although the elements are rough
                                   with a hunger in his stomach
                                   he's grown patient and tough

                                   He knows his job well
                                   and does it best as he can
                                   he hasn't slept in quite a while
                                   sleep's not part of the plan

                                   His mind wanders back
                                   to his home faraway
                                   those beautiful, smiling faces
                                   are the highlight of his day

                                   That sweet little baby
                                   he hasn't even seen it yet
                                   he longs to hold it so
                                   and knows its grown quite a bit

                                   Then back to work he goes
                                   with war there's no end
                                   he'll hold on to his thoughts
                                   until he sees them again

                                   The determination in his heart
                                   has become mighty strong
                                   to fight for what he believes in
                                   and everything he's known

                                   The price for freedom
                                   he's willing to give his all
                                   in the eyes of his country
                                   he's a man quite tall

                                   His reason for being there
                                   the old red, white and blue
                                   and that makes him a soldier
                                   through and through

                             Susie Swanson         Published  April 2010


  1. Very nice job with this Susie. Excellent tribute, and it portrays the life of a soldier well.

  2. This really touched me, Susie, as I lost my father in WWII when I was 3 months old. Nice writing.

  3. Excellent tribute, very tastefully written.


  4. "That makes him a soldier through and through", This poignant piece really touched me. Imagine the plight of a young man, serving his country and there at his home, his new born yearning to be in his arms. How his spouse must feel- sad as he is away or proud of the very fact that he is fighting for the nation. A difficult thought indeed.
    A wonderful post thanking such bold men. Hats off to you ma'am.

  5. Wonderful Tribute Susie...I wish they could all read this.

  6. Very well done. A wonderful tribute.

  7. Such a poignant tribute .... lovely.

  8. PS - did you make those quilts I see to the right - Gorgeous!

  9. Thank you all so much. I'm trying to pop over to each blog with a thank you now. Thanks to my good friend Helena.. I always wandered if anyone really came back to find a thank you.

  10. What a wonderful tribute, Susie... Your poems are fabulous. We don't EVER want to forget those men and women in the armed services who have done and are doing so much to protect us and give us the freedom we love. Thanks so much!!!

  11. A moving tribute, it's nice to get inside the soldier's thoughts in your verses. To see his family and to know that in some way, seeing them again helps to keep him going.

  12. Hi Susie, what a moving and heartfelt poem. You have a real knack for being able to empathize with someone and feel what it must be like to walk in their shoes. It was the same when you wrote the poem a couple of months ago about the homeless man. They live lives, very different from your own yet you are able to reach in, and imagine what they feel and touch the very human emotions that we all share in common. I hope you have a lovely evening ahead. Delisa :)

  13. Susies,
    This is a touching poem. My nephew served two tours of duty in Iraq and my brother is a Vietnam vet. Glad you shared this poem with us.