Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank You

                                          They walk among us
                                           in plain view
                                           lay in vast graves
                                           covered by dew

                                          The ultimate sacrifice
                                           willing to give all
                                           the stones a symbol
                                           of the battlefield call

                                          They walked into battle
                                           with head held high
                                           they fought for freedom
                                           some had to die

                                          They walk in heaven
                                           the battle is won
                                           mission accomplished
                                           the job is done

                                           Families are waiting
                                           for love ones to come
                                           walk through the door
                                           then there are some

                                           Respect and gratitude
                                           let it so be
                                           the price for freedom
                                           they hold the key

                                           One day of honor
                                            once every year
                                            the day of honor
                                            is already here

                                           They walk among us
                                            a chosen few
                                            let us be grateful
                                            with a Thank You

                                           Susie Swanson      Copyright 2011



  1. This is a lovely tribute to those who have served, Susie. Nice job with this. :)

  2. The post certainly reminds us of the cause of the great soldiers who are not even afraid of giving up their lives for us. Adorable Susie, such a wonderful woman you are!

  3. A wonderful tribute to those who lost their lives for their country,


  4. Thank you Daisy for the nice comments and visit.

    Thank you Monika, you bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for your beautiful words.

    Thank you Yvonne, For the nice comments. I cherish them all.. Thank you all so much...Susie

  5. Sometimes our own personal words and appreciative thoughts, like yours here, are the best, heartfelt tribute. They say so much ...

  6. Thank you Joanne, Sometimes I find it hard to express how I really feel about something but I've learned to just write about it. Thanks for your visit.

  7. Beautiful poem, Susie. AND--it's something we all need to read over and over... Saying thank you to those who have served for our freedom is something we should do again and again. Thanks so much for the reminder... And God Bless the men and women who have served and are serving to defend our freedom.

  8. Thank you Betsy. I agree we can't say it enough. Thanks for the nice comments and visit..Susie

  9. Wonderful tribute Susie...Always look forward to your visits Susie. ~.^

  10. Well said. No matter who they are, we should show our appreciation while they are among us.

  11. Thank you Helena, I always look forward to your visits as well.

    Thank you Janet, I agree we can't thank them enough. Thank you for stopping in... Susie

  12. Susie you are spot on !!
    We all are in debt to the many who fight for our freedoms ! Thank you is only half, we need to support them all in every way possible !
    Great poem as always, thank you !

  13. Thank you JL.That's so true, we can never repay them for their sacrifices.Thank you will never be enough.. Thanks for the visit!

  14. Another beautiful poem Susie, your words are so heartfelt! I love reading your poems, they inspire such noble and gracious thoughts. I hope that you are having a lovely day and that you have a good evening ahead! Delisa :)

  15. Thank you Delisa, I love reading yours too. Thank you for the visit and nice words. Hope you have a nice evening too...Susie

  16. Susie,
    I love the last two poems, esp Decoration Day. Because that's what my family called it.
    Thank you for stopping by my post. It's been a busy few week with fam issues but I think I'm back to being more active on my blog. Hope so, anyway.
    Your pictures along the sides of your blog are incredibly beautiful. As you may have noticed I have not learned how to put pics on yet. But will when my daughter comes to visit next time. The tech savvy one!
    Blessings on this beautiful day.

  17. Thank you Barbara for the nice words and visit. I'm glad you like them. As you can see I'm still learning and trying to fiure everything out myself. There's so much to learn on here. Susie