Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Days Of Old

                                        I miss days of old
                                        when simple times were here
                                        walking down a country road
                                        not a worry or a fear

                                        Playing outside all day
                                        losing track of time
                                        rushing in to mama's cooking
                                        not a bite left behind

                                        When prayer was in school
                                        and the freedom to say
                                        going outside for recess
                                        learning mixed with play

                                        Neighbors helping neighbors
                                        through good times and bad
                                        the most loyal friends
                                        so willing and glad

                                        Looking forward to church
                                        spirit-filled revivals too
                                        fried chicken Sunday dinner
                                        and banana pudding menu

                                        Walking to the store
                                         a few pennies in hand
                                         buying penny candy
                                         thinking it was grand

                                        Wearing hand me down clothes
                                         feeling they were new
                                         getting a new pair of shoes
                                         to last the school year through

                                         The joy of Christmas time
                                          and waiting so patiently
                                          for that apple and orange
                                          under the Christmas tree

                                          Each night at bedtime
                                          saying a kneeling prayer
                                          thanking God for his blessings
                                          and tender, loving care

                                          Susie Swanson


  1. Yes life was simple then, as you say no worries or no fears, but life changes and with change comes the harsh realities of the world. With positivity however one can overcome many ovstacles.
    Loved the poem.

  2. Susie,
    Fantastic! This poem brings back many wonderful memories of the Good Old Days!
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  3. Thank you Yvonne,Yes we need to be positive about changes but sometimes I like to wander back in time. In my mind it's still so real. Thank you for the nice words..

    Thank you Brenda for your nice words. I love those memories so much.. Susie

  4. I LIVED in those days ... & love the memories of simpler times. Many time sI have written similar to this of yore, Susie. Just lovely, thank you.
    Have a beautiful Mother's Day ~
    TTFN ~

  5. Susie,
    Each of your wonderful poems are so beautifully written, you ooze talent my dear !!

  6. Thank you Marydon, Those times were the best... Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day also..

    Thank you JL, coming from the master that gives me the big head.. Susie

  7. Your poem is so lovely Susie. It brought tears to my eyes, and I especially loved the line about coming home to "Mama's cooking". How I treasure those memories. I was a child in the 1970's and although some of the things in your poem had already started to change by then, like school prayer, I do remember the freedom of running and playing.

    The sense of community and the togetherness of family and daily rituals that made my life feel safe in a way that children miss today. I'm so thankful that you and others continue to write about those times because nothing can ever get better, if all the good, beautiful, and innocent, things are forgotten. Your poems help to keep those memories alive. Delisa :)

  8. I have so many of those same memories, Susie, and they are precious to me. It was a simpler time - better in some ways, worse in others. But I loved your poem. You pictured it perfectly!

  9. The serene and true nature of your poems completely mesmerises the reader. The good old days and memories of past, very beautifully pictured. Love your words, coming straight from heart :)

  10. Thank you Muddling Through. I'm glad you can relate to it. Those were the good old days, but we didn't know it back then. Thanks for the nice comments..

    Thank you Monika, coming from someone with talent like you've got means so much. Thank you for the beautiful comments...Susie

  11. Thank you for the encouragement Susie ! I'm telling you though , there is one even garder than this one, we will try it tomorrow I think ..
    as always girl, Thank you for stopping in , we have something for you in the next post... look for it okay..
    BTW... can I put a song on your play list, and how do I get it on my blog???


  12. Loved your poem, you said it well. I remember those days, it was a much simpler and innocent time.

  13. Thank you JL. I can't wait to read it. Yes you can put it on here and if you want it on yours go to and create a playlist it's kind a like creating a fb account and follow the steps and put it where you want it. Usually at the bottom of the blog.

  14. Thank you Janet for the nice comments. Yes it was and I loved every minute of it. Very innocent!

  15. I like this it takes me down memory lane. I loved the handy me down clothes and the apple and oranges for Christmas. Great poem that takes me to a good place. THanks!

  16. Thank you Josh for the nice comments. Thanks for stopping by... Susie

  17. Susie you always lift me when I am lucky enough to visit your lovely site.
    I enjoyed this so much and thank you for sharing it with us today.
    Appreciate you coming by and checking on me as well. Thank goodness I am off today and tomorrow so I can somehow recoop. lol
    Have a wonderful Mothers Day

  18. Awww, Maggie you always lift me up too. Thank you for the nice words and for the visit. I hate what you're going through. Hope you get some rest over the weekend. Love Susie

  19. The old days were fantastic! I was raised in the 1950s. A wonderful time to be a kid :-)

    God bless and have a great Mother's Day :-)


  20. Thank you Ron, They surely were. I was raised in the 50s and 60s. Such a great time. Glad you enjoyed it...God Bless you ... Susie

  21. I miss those days too! :( Penny candy and Sunday dinners...and little technology!

  22. Thank you Lorely, I know what you mean. Times were so different and simple.

  23. You are awesome at painting a picture and taking one ther to the place you are sharing with us. Amazing.
    I thin I will have some fried schicken dinner and play out with the nighbors all night please.
    Thank you

  24. Awww, thank you Bethe, I'm so happy you liked it. I try to absorb the place in my mind while writing. Oh I love that fried chicken and come play with me outside after

  25. Most of today's kids don't have those sort of memories. How sad.