Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Country Side

                                   The Roses of time 
                                   bloom around me today
                                  The honeysuckle is prime
                                   in its sweet,fragrant way

                                  The wild rhododendron
                                   is putting on a show
                                   Soon the ivy will come
                                   the rhododendron will go
                                   He loves me, he loves me not
                                   the daisies are here
                                   Black-eyed Susie's hit the spot
                                   and make my heart cheer

                                   Blackberries are on track
                                   plenty of blooms in sight
                                   The whipper wills are back
                                   I here them every night

                                   The turtle doves are soothing
                                   to my heart there's no end
                                   The red cardinals are singing
                                   and being selfish again

                                   I've been watching the creek
                                   for wild ducks to swim
                                   Today I took a peek
                                   I saw a woodpecker on a limb

                                   My garden is green
                                   a summer's bounty will be
                                   Tall sunflowers in between
                                   the birds are waiting patiently

                                   Each day I look around
                                   there's so much to see
                                   I'm waiting for lightning bugs to abound
                                   it's a treasure to me

                                   Oh the beautiful country side
                                    so much living I've sown
                                    To live else where I've tried
                                    but there's no place like home

                                 Susie Swanson     Copyright, 2011


  1. What a pretty poem, Susie. I love all the wonderful images. Great picture too. Red, white, and blue appropriate for this weekend. :)

  2. I agree with Daisy, all of it is wonderful !
    You always know how to bring all the sences to life !

  3. An appealing description of country side! How true, no place like home, and a home so beautiful. Reading the poem, all I want to do is go and watch mother nature, sleep in her laps, admire the beauty spread all around us.

    Thanks Susie!

  4. What a lovely poem Susie, It takes me back to my country home while growing up...Sweet memories of summer...thanks for the memories ~.^

  5. Okay I need to coem to your country side of all that kvieky beauyty spring up everywhere. I was transplanted there. Now I must go back home to reality!
    Great poem.

  6. Ahh yes! All these lovely things we can enjoy in the country. I don't believe I've seen any lightning bugs yet, and whipperwills, well, they make me feel lonesome for some reason. This was a very good descriptive poem for summer.

  7. Oh Susie---that is wonderful... Not only do I love the photo with all of the colors, but I also love your poem. If one reads that, he/she could not help but LOVE this time of year....Thanks so much for sharing.

    Happy Memorial Day.

  8. Hi Susie, such a beautiful and descriptive poem! I love the lines about the whipperwills, the black eyed susans and the lightening bugs. Summer will soon be here in full bloom. The old timers in our area, said their used to be lightening bugs everywhere here in our part of Georgia, but sightings of them are rare today. Having grown up in California, I had never seen one. Then last night my niece came running in and said she saw some lightening bugs in the back meadow. We all ran out and sure enough there they were! They were so beautiful! Such surprising little sparks of fairy light! Your poem is wonderful Susie and I hope you have a lovely evening! Delisa :)

  9. Oh, Susie, what a beautiful description of the country, our mountains, and this time of year. You've used so much beautiful imagery in this lovely poem. It just makes me feel so good to read it. This is one of your best poems.

  10. Thank you all so much for the beautiful words. I love this time of year and there's so much to admire and write about... Susie