Monday, February 21, 2011

Older Mothers

They draw me to them
These women of old
A rare, polished gem
More precious than gold

Wisdom from the wise
Through the years have grown
So much certainty in their eyes
Long-suffering they have known

With a patient heart
Down through the years
To many burdens from the start
And they've shed to many tears

They've conquered many things
With such beauty and grace
Captured what life brings
Like the beauty of white lace

Such a gentle soul
And life's most loving friend
Caring they surely do hold
On them you can depend

Many have been their days
Through long countless time
They walk with God's praise
In heaven they will shine

When their life is at end
And they've drawn their last breath
An angel God will send
To walk with them in death

Susie Swanson      Published, April,2010  In memory of my mother


  1. You have such soul Susie!
    It is just beautiful !

  2. Thank you JL,I really love yout writings.It's something I can relate to.

  3. Very nice. Beautiful thoughts beautifully expressed.

  4. Thank you Penny! Funny how things happen, I've just been reading your blog and the info on the new poetry form and I like it..

  5. Susie,
    This is a lovely poem and wonderful way to remember your mother. You've expressed your feelings well and I relate to your poem a lot.

  6. Thank you Brenda.I know you do. My mother was my best friend and I miss her so much.

  7. That is so true of a lot of older mothers, not all - unfortunately. I'm glad you had such a good relationship with your mother.

  8. I miss my mom and Grandma so much. They were more precious than gold, but am happy to know they are walking with God now.

  9. Thank you both, yes we can rest assured they are in a better place. My mother was my best friend. I catch myself picking up the phone to call her sometimes and it has been thirteen years. We never stop missing them.

  10. You are so right, Susie. We never stop missing them. I, too, had a wonderful relationship with my mother and feel sorry for many who never got along with their mothers.
    When I have a crisis, I still wish I had Mother to talk with, to cry on her strong shoulders.

  11. Thank you Glenda for the kind words and for stopping by.

  12. Susie, Beautiful write! I also miss my Mom...I still catch myself thinking...I must phone Mom today...They have our heart, always... ~.^ Helena

  13. Thank you Helena, That is so true!

  14. Hi Susie, your poems are so beautiful and so meaningful. My name is Delisa and I live in Georgia. I love this one and it brings so much honor to our mothers and acknowledges their self-sacrifice and gentle strengths. I look forward to reading more! I hope you have a lovely day. Delisa :)

  15. Thank you Delisa for the nice and wonderful words and thank you so much for stopping by.