Friday, February 4, 2011

Grandma's Quilting Side

There's an old patchwork memory
That lingers in my mind
And some old quilting frames
Long since left behind

I see her quilting there
With her needle in hand
Sewing every little stitch
So meticulous and grand

Moving this way and that
Quilting the whole day through
Creating a quilter's masterpiece
As only grandma could do

And those old quilting scraps
She never threw any away
She always made use of them
In the quilts she put on display

Each one became a symbol
Of my grandma's quilting side
Left behind for her family
To admire with love and pride

I miss walking in the door
And seeing her still there
Over behind grandpa's chair
Stitching every little square

My beautiful keepsake memories
Today continues to thrive
When I look at grandma's quilt
They surely do come alive

Susie Swanson


  1. In memory of my wonderful, quilting grandma.

  2. Wow Susie, This is truly beautiful, you have a lot of what poetry means to me, written with perfection !
    Thank you for following my other blog too, I hope to write with you some time.

  3. Thank you JL. I'm glad you like it and will be looking forward to it. Like I said in one of my comments, I have noticed that we write very similar. You will notice as we go along that I write about the past a lot.. I love it! Thanks again!!

  4. Susie, I also write about the past. I have many memories of my grandma. She also had a 'quilting hand.' She did most of her quilting before I came along, they said she sold them for around $2 each. Can you imagine. But, I guess back then, $2 was a lot of money.

  5. Oh I'm so glad I found your Blog. I can't imagine , but times were different back then. My grandma sold some but probably didn't get very much, mostly made for her family. Thanks for reading!!