Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today I saw an old house
Just sitting there all alone
Once filled with joy and laughter
And the things that make a home

It hungers for familiar voices
That echoes in every room
And all the beautiful flowers
That covered the yard in bloom

The tasty smell of meal-time
Drifting through the kitchen door
And those hungry, cheerful voices
Today it longs for even more

There's that warming old fireplace
With the embers burning red
At night while everyone lay sleeping
Tucked away upstairs in bed

And that little mantle clock
That ticked away the night
Such a soothing, peaceful sound
And a welcome kind of quiet

It loved to hear the rooster crow
Every morning at the break of dawn
And the stairway that became so busy
With the creaking sound that is now gone

Oh those long-ago busy days
Its useful heart loved so
So much time for work and play
The old house continued to grow

So many wonderful, cherished memories
A home it was determined to be
Its warmth always flowing and stirring
Like the smoke ascending from its chimney

Today although the house looks lonely
Just waiting for someone to walk in
It seems someone is already there
Nostalgia has become its best friend

Susie Swanson


  1. My this is great... just the nostalia of it all ! LOL

  2. I'm learning too, I only started January 3rd of this year...
    So Glad you like the Book of Love , I have all the poems in there too, when I can afford the 32.00, I will buy one... it will be my second picture book and first one the poetry ...

  3. Thank you JL. That is wonderful, I know it will be a good one. Your Blog looks so beautiful and I like it. maybe I'll get the hang of it soon.

  4. Susie Beautiful Nostalgia! There will come a day when the silence is deafening I'm sure....When you get a chance read my X-Crossed Oranges Poem...I was thinking of the empty years ahead...

  5. Thank you Lorely, I agree with you and I'm going to read yours now. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. I enjoyed the poem,Susie. I often write of the old days, too. My poem, Recipe for Warm Memories, was accepted for the Winter 2011 edition of Holler. This poem is about our ancestor's cooking habits.

  7. Thank you Janet. I would love to read that poem. I'm wondering if it might be on your blog. I get so excited when an inspiration from the past comes along. Can't wait to read it