Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Unwanted Visitor

Every year about this time, I have unwanted visitors. The kind that stink and leave their stink behind. My daddy used to say it's because I live near a creek. Daddy always said they love the water and in the early spring is when they're the worse I have come to realize that daddy was right. The other morning I poked my head out the door and run to get back in. The whole morning long I was stuck in the house. I just wish  those stinky spring-time skunks would find a new spring-time home far, far away.

That Stinky Skunk

A stinky little skunk
Paid a visit to me
I never did see him
He didn't want me to see

But he left his mark
And he wanted me to smell
As he ran through the yard
He raised his stinky tail

Such a horrible scent
Drifting through the air
Couldn't stick my head out
It seem so unfair

That's what he wanted
And he got his way
He kept me in the house
And it made his day

I sure hope the next time
He's out of stinky junk
When he runs through my yard
That stinky little skunk

Susie Swanson


  1. I am so sorry you were stuck in your house, but your poem sure did make me laugh - right out louD!

  2. Thank you. I just thought I might as well turn it into a little humor but it sure wasn't funny at the time.. I'm laughting now.

  3. Enjoyed your stinky skunk tale! My cousin told me that my Grandpa McMillion used to have a pet skunk, though I find it hard to believe. He must have de-skunked it.

  4. Thank you Janet, I'm sure he de-skunked it or I don't see how he stood it.. (laughing)

  5. Oh, Susie, I know how horribly that stunk. Sometimes we have skunks that come by our house of the night. You know they are there even when you can't see them by their smell. Yes, I can relate to that poem.

  6. Havent seen a skunk in my area in a long time, but we have Raccoons, sneaky little devils !! I Loved this poem , and feel your pain LOL !

  7. I feel your pain too. With those beautiful flowers you have there. The raccoons come around my place at night and scratch the dirt out of my flower beds. Don't know which is worse