Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Best I've Ever Seen

                                                    Come sit with me
                                                    Beneath the weeping willow tree
                                                    We'll talk away the hours
                                                    In summer's peaceful tranquility

                                                    We'll watch the beautiful sunset
                                                    Sinking low over the horizon
                                                    Feel the breeze blowing gently
                                                    As the whispering branches liven

                                                    A bright full moon is shining
                                                    Casting shadows oh so bright
                                                    What more could we ask for
                                                    On this perfect summer night

                                                    Come sit with me
                                                    On the treasured, old porch swing
                                                    We'll swing away the hours
                                                    Listening to the crickets sing

                                                    The fire flies are dazzling
                                                    A perfect summer time show
                                                    Smell the honeysuckle blooming
                                                    With sweet fragrance to grow

                                                    We can listen to the whipper wills
                                                     As they make that unique sound
                                                    They never fail to please
                                                    My home is their stomping ground

                                                    Come sit with me
                                                    At the break of a new dawn
                                                    Say hi to the morning glories
                                                    Hear the birds sing each new song

                                                    The roses are cascading
                                                    A round every curve and bend
                                                    Pretty flowers are covered with dew
                                                    The mornings so happily send

                                                    Apple trees are blooming in the lane
                                                    Oh how sweet they can be
                                                    Decked out in pink blossoms
                                                    Waiting for you and me

                                                    All the cows are in the pasture
                                                    Nibbling on the fresh, green grass
                                                    Happy as can be in the sunshine
                                                    Basking in the warmth in high class

                                                    Come sit with me
                                                    On the bank of the little creek
                                                    We'll sip on a tall glass of lemonade
                                                    Then jump in with both feet

                                                    We'll enjoy every moment of the day
                                                    The nights are wonderful too
                                                    Here in my simple, country home
                                                    I promise it will all come true

                                                   There is splendor all around me
                                                   The sky is big overhead
                                                   I live in a heavenly paradise
                                                   Oh what a beautiful spread

                                                   The taste of heaven is sweet
                                                   The air is cleaner here
                                                   If you reach up your hand
                                                   On tip toe heaven is near

                                                   Come sit with me
                                                   In my paradise so green
                                                   This summer time country living
                                                   Is the best I've ever seen

                                                    © Susie Swanson, 2016

I may be stretching it a little with the summer heat baring down so hot and dry as a bone but I sure can't complain.. Some are being flooded out and I pray for them everyday. Dog Days began the 3rd of this month and they go through the 11th of August..All the older generation always said if ye don't get any rain during Dog Days it's gonna be a dry summer. I hope not cause I'm afraid it'll be a wet Fall and I love the bright, blue skies and cool, crisp nights . Oh well, it's a good thing we can't control the weather. Hope ya'll are having a nice summer and staying cool in your neck of the woods. 


  1. This is a wonderful poem, Susie, and it really sounds like summer days talking about the old porch swing and the fire flies and the jumping in the creek, and oh those roses! Your summer days growing up sound very much like mine, Susie. What great memories we had.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. This sounds like summertime at its finest. Sweet poem and wonderful memories, Susie. :)

  3. Love your poem Susie. We had a down pour in the early hours this morning. Then the day turned all muggy hot. I did go to the event in town , but did not stay long. Blessings for a nice weekend, hopefully you'll get a bit of rain if needed. Blessing to you dear friend, love, xoxo, Susie

  4. I gottawholelotta maximum poetry... and I dont care if you copy. Love you. Cya Upstairs...