Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In Memory Of My friend

Today we are mourning the loss of our dear friend and neighbor Helen Lowery.
After a four, month, courageous battle with Stage Four Lung Cancer her fight ended late yesterday evening, July 26th just two days before my birthday. Four months ago this beautiful lady was healthy as could be. She was going to the gym, walking her dogs, active in her church, on jury duty, etc.  We watched her pass by our house every day or walk in our door with that beautiful, trademark smile on her face that always cheered me up on my darkest days. She was always bringing me something or just stopping by to chat a while and it made my day. 

She’s always been one of my biggest supporters besides God and my husband throughout my long term sickness, my writing and anything else that went on in my life. She’s always been there to help in any way possible and bring sunshine to a cloudy day, even if it was to call and check on me or bring me something I could eat.

Besides my husband she was my biggest supporter when it came to my writing. Every poem or story that I’ve ever written has been passed by her after my husband read it. They were always my first two critics. She always called me the Poet Laurete of the Community, LOL. She always had so much encouragement and instilled in me that I could do anything I set my mind to do.

She taught school for 26 plus years in the state of Florida before she retired as she called it, but she never did retire. She kept on teaching all along her life’s journey. She helped many get their GED (High School Equivalency) for many years at our local community college and she even tutored others on the side and in her spare time. There’s no telling how many lives this lady has touched along the way in one way or another and all of her students including me will never forget her and the time she put forth to make us all feel worthy and deserving.

She was an avid supporter of my Blog and frequented it quite often and always sung high praises for my work. She was the one that proof read my first book and would have done the second one if I’d asked her. She always said, “I’m never to busy to help in any way I can.”

She was so active in her church and her community and gave God the Glory for everything in her life and was a huge inspiration to us all. After she found out she had Lung Cancer she encouraged us all by her words and her attitude. She told me she had laid it in God’s Hands and what would he think if she picked it back up. She put her full trust in him to handle it and that he did. The day she told me it gave me a different attitude towards my own sickness in ways I can’t explain.

She was so proud of her family and her face would light up like a Christmas tree when she talked about them. She loved all of them so much and was their biggest supporter. She loved her husband so much and stood by his side and they were like two, newlyweds. If she’d lived till September they would have celebrated their 58th Anniversary. What a blessing to have someone in your life that long.

 She talked a lot about her son Bryan and his untimely death and her daughter in law Belinda, her daughter Michelle, her granddaughter Jenny and her husband Daniel and her little, great granddaughter Zoe. Every time Jenny sent her pictures of Zoe in an email she’d forward them on to me to have copies as well. I have a whole folder of little Zoe from the time she was born till now. I’ve watched her grow so much in the almost three short years of her life and I cherish them so much. She and her husband Marvin have always said they thought of us as family and we’d tell them we felt the same. She was as close as a blood sister to me. 

We’re so used to seeing her pass by our house or knock at the door or hear her voice on the phone. It’s so sad and lonely not to have that honor anymore but we know she’s in a better place than us and her suffering and heartaches are over but our lives will never be the same without her.

Now her family needs us more than ever. She was such a loving wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, friend, neighbor and mentor and we’ll never forget her. She left a legacy behind and some mighty, big shoes to fill.
We’re all so Blessed God placed her in our lives to bring us so many blessings and happiness if for a time. I know our hearts are saddened today but I can hear her now, “don’t cry for me, rejoice and I’ll see you soon.”

We Love You Helen and we will see you soon and we are forever grateful for your friendship, love and examples you set before us. You taught us well my friend. 

                                    With Love Always, Susie


  1. This is a sweet tribute to your dear friend, Susie. Prayers for you and for her friends and family for comfort and peace.

  2. Susie, this is one of the nicest remembrances that I've heard. I'm sorry to hear about your dear friend, but it sounds like she had so much faith. What a great friend she was to you, especially coming over every day just to say hello. You are so blessed to have had such a special companion. Your words are beautiful, and I know you will miss her so. Thinking of you tonight, Susie, and your dear friend, Helen.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. Dear Susie, Such a lovely tribute for your dear friend. Keeping you and her family in my prayers. One day we will be reunited with our dear family and loved ones and what a glorious day it will be to see them once more. God bless you with peace and comfort my friend. Love you. xo

  4. Dear Susie, Such a lovely tribute for your dear friend. Keeping you and her family in my prayers. One day we will be reunited with our dear family and loved ones and what a glorious day it will be to see them once more. God bless you with peace and comfort my friend. Love you. xo

  5. Your writing as usual is beautiful. What a thoughtful and endearing tribute you have written for your friend. It seems like she left a very positive impression and very fond memories with you. May God grant her a beautiful place in Paradise. Hope that you find peace. My family's and my thoughts are with you, your family and hers. Please take care of yourself.

  6. What a wonderful tribute to a great lady and special friend. I know how much you will miss her. God Bless her family --and friends (including YOU)...


  7. I'm so sorry you've lost such a great friend. May God comfort you and her family.

  8. Susie, I am so sorry to read that your beautiful friend has passed. She is in no pain now. We rejoice in knowing she is with God, but our human ways make us long to keep them with us. She lives on in everyone's life that she touched. Condolences and hugs to you, dear friend. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s Wishing you a birthday filled with love.