Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hope's Brightest Ray

Alone beneath the wind’s white drifting
A lonely, yet not surprising sadness stirs his heart
For a time when life served him so much more
Oh how he longs to go back before it all fell apart

When loved ones were close beside and never far
And laughter sounds a stronger note than tears
He sits on the park bench and questions why
His aching heart longs for those lost yesteryears

 A more simple time moved much slower back then
And a home meant joy within his boyhood breast
To hear those old familiar voices calling him back
Would give him a new song filled with joy and rest

His eager youth could never find a way to hold it
Although his yearning heart tried so earnestly
The wind’s directions pulled at his heart strings
But life’s lessons unfolded bitter and so strongly

A young man in his prime set out to do his duty
To conquer the world and see a magnificent place
Fighting for freedom, his homeland and country
But war’s wounds can never be forgotten or erased

The cold‘s sting, the wind’s own flying breath
Stirs more so, the old hurts his mind has bore so long
And that long ago boy that fast became a man
Wonders how he’s suppose to live and carry on

There’s been to many days of anguish, nights of pain
Since the hands he held in his, long loosed their hold
Through the summer’s heat and winter’s wrath
After a while a lonely heart tends to lose all control

 If for one brief moment he could see a friendly smile
It would help his mind find a stillness of it’s own
Such a thing is worth it all and would last for quite a while
And has the power to lift one from a combat zone

If he could tell his stories of how he grew and lived
Working hard to feed his family, he’d welcome it in
And how he missed out on an education cause life was slim
He’d forget about his lost years and smile once again

He grew up knowing what he had to do and how
Oh the things he could tell, what joy it would bring
And the wisdom he learned down through the years
Common sense will take you far and means everything

Maybe if listening ears could spare a little time
And relive an old man’s life, what knowledge they’d gain
It would shed new light on a past that’s never gone
For the ways of the old, time well spent is never in vain

Till then he’ll sit and wait for the spring birds to sing
Perhaps the sun’s warmth might brighten his day
Bringing joy to his lonely heart and food for his soul…and
  Loneliness might be left smoldering in hope’s brightest ray

© Susie Swanson, 2015

I know this is a sad poem but I found this picture and this is what I came up with...

Please pray for our family as we lay my sweet brother in law (my husband's brother) to rest tomorrow.
He was an old soldier that served his country in World War 11.. He was a giant of a man and has left Big shoes to fill.... We lost him on Father's Day and  he's up there where both Fathers and Mothers shine and our loss is heaven's gain.
Most of the old soldiers are all gone now, not many left around from his era. He lived to be 94 years old (same age as my daddy) and oh what stories he could tell... I never tired of hearing him talk about his yesterdays, the Great depression, etc.. Like so many old Soldiers his mind was filled with so much knowledge of times that we can't even imagine and hardships that made for strength and determination.

He and his wife raised a family and shared over 50 years of marriage before she was laid to rest back in 2001.. He grieved for her everyday but he made his way on through. There was nary a day that he didn't get up in the morning and go to the Senior Citizen's Center where he met up with old friends for Lunch, socializing, etc. He did this on up till two days before he was hospitalized.. 
He set an example for all of us to live by and everybody else that knew him. He knew his Bible from front to finish and lived it everyday..He has received his reward.... Our hearts will forever be void without him but the path he paved for us will forever be shining bright for all to follow........ I'll be back to catch up without ya'll's posts soon as possible... God Bless ~Susie


  1. My heart goes out for your family. Our prayers will be with you all.
    Your brother in law must have been very strong to have dealt with the experiences of his life. He lived an accomplished life. May he rest in Peace.

  2. Susie, Your poem went with the photo so well. It touched my heart. I think we all need to look at poor souls in a different way. Some truly can't help their situations I also read the tribute to your father. That is a lot of how I felt for my father too. He worked when he was not well some times, because he knew he must take care of us kids growing up. I miss him so much. I will pray for your families today. As we lose our older generation, there goes much history too. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

    1. Thank you Susie. I've always had a special place in my heart for the older people. I guess that's why I write about them so much.

  3. What a beautiful poem, Susie. I'm sorry to hear about your dear brother-in-law. How special that he was married for 50 years, and it's nice to hear that he read the Bible often. I would have loved to hear some of his stories.

    Thinking of you and sending my love,

  4. So sorry for your loss, Susie. This is a beautiful poem.

  5. Susie I haven't been on here much, so I missed this. Lovely poem and so true, even if it is a little sad. I'm praying for your family. You have more treasure in heaven, but it still leaves a big hole here on earth.

  6. Beautiful poem, Susie~ and prayers to your family over your loss. He sounds like a true hero.