Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Barbed Wire And Roses


                                                      The beauty is twined along the fence
                                                      Where roses grow amidst the wire
                                                       Across the green meadow
                                                       In greenbrier

                                                      They appear in spring so luminous
                                                      Kissed by the morning dew
                                                      In sweet insistent wind
                                                      Refreshing and new

                                                      One single red rose among the thorns
                                                      Placed with love and certainty
                                                      A rose of crimson red
                                                      Bright and lovely

                                                      A young girl's heart is mesmerized
                                                      For a thing of beauty so strong
                                                      She stands breathless
                                                      Such beauty strewn

                                                      Across the years and distant shore
                                                      My grandma smiles upon me
                                                      The red roses she placed
                                                      Lives in my heart
                                                      Through eternity

                                                      What shall we leave behind when gone
                                                      For those who follow behind
                                                      Twined in barbed wire
                                                      Roses so divine

                                                      © Susie Swanson, 2015

These  are a few of my grandma's roses from last year.. Some call them Seven Sisters. She planted them all over the community. Every year when they bloom I think of her and her love of these beautiful roses and all flowers. She sure did leave a beautiful legacy behind for all to enjoy.. Blessings to all... ~Susie


  1. They are beautiful; we have them growing along fences in the pasture. I don't know how they got there; maybe a bird?

    1. Thanks Charlotte. It probably was a bird. Roses spread fast it seems over a period of time but I'm amazed at how long these have lasted. My grandma died in 1960 and she planted them years before that.

  2. Your grandma did a "Sawab - e - Jaria" continuous blessing. Generation to come will enjoy.
    I hope that you are taking care of yourself. Your poems and your posts make us all feel so good. I thank you for the gift of reading I get from you.

    1. Thank you so much dear friend. I thank you for your sweet words and your visits...

  3. aahh, there's nothing like the smell of sweet roses, Susie. You will always have the special memories of these roses and your grandma. How nice that she planted them all over the community. Everyone can enjoy them through the years now. This is a very nice poem, Susie.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Susie, I bet nothing smells as good as those wild roses. I love that your grandmother planted them everywhere. We should all do something like that. Blessings, hope you are feeling better. xoxo, Susie

  5. They are so pretty, Susie, and what a wonderful way to be remembered!