Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Little Bit Of History


Everybody knows by now that I'm a History buff when it comes to digging up stuff from the past.
I've had alot of folks ask me about this old church and I dug a little deeper to find some info .

It's called the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church and it's located in Lincoln, County just east of Bloomville Wisconsin.
It was settled by Estonian immigrants around 1900. They built it around 1914.. 

It was still in use in the 1950's and after that the young people moved away and the older folks died off, so the community was essentially gone by the 1960's..


                                           Happy Fourth Everyone and God Bless!! ~Susie


  1. Interesting history, Susie. That old church has a lot of character. Hope you have a nice 4th of July weekend!

    1. Thank you Daisy. Hope you have a nice 4th as well.

  2. Susie, It is just too bad that the church could not be saved and turned into something , anything. It is sad to see old buildings left to ruin. Our old school , which was a one story long building with a gym/cafeteria attached , is now a huge church. The gym is the body of the church and the old classrooms and just that still. It did my heart good to see it was not being torn down. Blessings to you sweet Susie. Hope your 4th is filled with family fun and lots of love. Be safe. xoxo,Susie

    1. So true and it breaks my heart to see the old things gone.. Thank you so much.

  3. wow Susie, that is one old church with a lot of history. It's sad when townsfolk leave and the community is no more. My aunt has been Lutheran her whole life. Thanks for the history on this church, it was so interesting.

    Happy Fourth of July, precious friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Hi There, I love history also ---but didn't appreciate it when I was young... These days, I love it!!!! Beautiful little church... Gorgeous setting... It really looks to be in pretty good shape these days. Is someone or a group helping preserve it?

    Hope you had a Happy 4th.

  5. What a beautiful old church. I loved the history of this lovely place. I hope you had a great 4th of July.