Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Those Who Seek The Highest

                                             The whole world is seeking one who understands
                                             A million prayers rise upward from the sod
                                             If they would only listen as they speak
                                             Out of the silence they would hear you, Dear God

                                             The sad who seek to find you through their tears
                                             The broken hearts crying out in agony and pain
                                             You've always been there through toil and strife
                                              Faith of a mustard seed is but a tiny grain

                                             Though mountains are high and valleys low
                                             There is splendor above and light over head
                                             You've heard each cry and saw each tear
                                              And every prayer that's been spoken or said

                                             The human heart you placed within the breast
                                              Set there to run untouched from birth to death
                                              Is where faith should dwell and laughter ring
                                              Every day and night as long as there is breath

                                             All the promises you made should stand above
                                             A world of despair and cries should not dismay
                                             You are the rock from which we should stand
                                             Those who seek the highest shall never lose their way

                                              Susie Swanson, 2013


  1. "If they would only listen..." wonderful poem, Susie.

    You mentioned rain in your comment to me ~ no, we're not getting anything other than enough to dimple the dust, far and few between.

  2. Thank you. Awe, I was hoping you would get some this year to help with the drought. If I could send you some I would. Praying for Ya'll.

  3. I love this poem...It speaks to my heart. Love and God's Blessings always shine upon you Susie. xo

  4. Lovely poem, Susie. Very inspirational.

  5. Susie, This is truly a beautiful poem. Makes us think on God , which makes me feel good. xoxo,Susie

  6. If they would only listen...so true. This is a beautiful inspirational poem.

  7. How lovely Susie...reminds me of the song "He's got the whole world in His hands". You write so many beautiful poems, you really have a gift:)

  8. Susie, how absolutely perfect for me today! Thank you. Glory to God! He is faithful. Always.

    1. Thank you. He sure is faithful. Hope you have a blessed Sunday.